1. reznunt

    100 Series Ditch Light Mount Kits

    A run-of-the-mill rigid ditch light mount can’t compare to the near-infinite adjustability of our Massive single/dual ditch light mount kit. Full rotating design paired with slotted mounting holes allow for almost any desired orientation. Run a single ditch light pair or switch to quads in...
  2. BigBlackCruiser

    Bumper Mount Dimensions Help

    Hi guys, my first post etc etc Anyway straight to the point, Im in the process of restoring my ‘83 FJ40. The current bumper set up is a bit of a mess and I’m wanting to take it back to stock. I have access to a full fabrication shop at work so have decided to manufacture my own mounts to save...
  3. reznunt

    Massive Metal Shop - New 100 series parts!

    Hey everyone, I've started my own little online shop with new parts coming out soon, mostly geared towards 100 series cruisers. I dubbed it Massive Metal Shop (wishful thinking). My goal is to put out high quality parts that people want and enjoy using, but I am tired of dealing with...
  4. sunrk

    Upgrading swaybar chassis links from early to later style

    I've revitalised the front swaybar - swaybar itself has been fully repainted after physical cleanup with the three-step POR-15 process (with two coats of POR-15 gloss black not just one). Chassis links replaced with later ball-joint style instead of retaining the earlier link pin and bush style...
  5. F

    Engine crooked

    Interesting development. I just dropped in the stock rebuilt 2f into my 87’ FJ60 and noticed it is sitting crooked. At an angle. The motor mounts went in just as I took them out. It seems the front of the engine is sitting closer to the driver side which makes it noticeable. There’s only so much...
  6. hamishpotter

    Mounting 6 LED pods on FZJ80 ARB bull bar..

    Hello All, I used "search" and after not finding anything (yet) I figured I would not try to reinvent the wheel ask the forums. I picked up a couple of affordable 6 LED light pods on Amazon and hope to mount them low on my ARB bull bar, I'd prefer low and behind the bar so they project low and...
  7. MAO

    Wanted  jack rod mounts brackets fj40

    hello I need a couple of the brackets where the jack rod mount on a fj40, they're sort of a pressure clip on for the rod. let me know if you've got any thanks
  8. Strait Cruisin

    Square vs. round motor mounts with a SBC

    I think I finally figured out I reused the stock motor mounts when I converted it to a SBC. (Thanks who ever posted a picture of the stock mounts). For some reason, I can't remember what I used back then. Anyway, I see the updated stock mount is square. Are there any issues with it as a...
  9. sunrk

    Damaged front seat rear outer mounts

    Might have mentioned this in the past, but while doing Resomat install recently I had to take the front seats out, and I re-discovered the ugliness of the damaged front seat rear outer mounts. They were broken in previous ownership and it would be next to impossible to repair with new original...
  10. ColoradoCarlisle

    For Sale  100 series Gamiviti Mounts (6)

    Great shape Using a different rack with mounts 6 of them Its missing one bolt that attaches it to you roof of you 100 series Awesome mounts These are 150 for 6 of them How about 110 shipped
  11. K

    Raised shock mounts

    Does anyone make front raised lower shock mounts or front lowered upper shock mounts to get all the travel from the shocks after adding front bump stop extensions. Same question for the rear. Anyone make rear lowered upper shock mounts.
  12. FeralOne

    Various Mounts and Hatch Door Issues - 1974 FJ40

    Looking into installing fresh body and transmission mounts on my rig. Hoping to reduce the decibels of noise inside so I don't have to wear earplugs...can anyone provide advice or pitfalls of my plan? There are aftermarket poly and stock rubber-is one material better than another? I'll probably...
  13. S

    Photo Favor Req? Air Box Resonator Mounts

    Hoping someone may be willing to snap a couple of photos of how the Air Box Resonator, Hose Toyota (17875-50190) is mounted to the manifold. The mounts on mine are broken, the mounting point closest to the firewall has a threaded post that the leg of the box fits over but I don't know if this...
  14. Graniteone

    For Sale  Con-Ferr 60"x67" with floor and 6 mounts -Colorado

    SOLD, SOLD! I have decide to throw my RTT on my 60 vs a rack so I have decide to sell my Garvin Wilderness (Con-Ferr style) 60"x67" rack and it comes with 6 brackets. It is super solid rack but could use some paint or stripped and powder coated. I got this rack only a few months ago so I have...
  15. LuckySomer

    Wanted  Front body mounts located next to radiator brackets (FJ80 series.

    I'm working through a Roger Brown 1' lift and found my front frame bolts seized to the Front Body mounts. So much for the bolt sliding out. I'm looking for a pair of Front Body Mounts. Pictured is one pulled and the location of the other. They look very similar to the front mounts on the...
  16. btbowie

    For Sale  LabRak floor mounts for 100 series. (4)

    Hey Everyone, I'm putting my 100 back to stock to sell, I have 4 LabRak mounts I used for my 3/4" floor. They're low-wear items so they're basically new, powedercoating is fine etc. I'll sell all 4 for $60 with free shipping. (New they're $50 for two.) I'll try and get a few shots this week, put...
  17. Tireguy87

    For Sale  [AR] Assorted motor mounts

    Pic pretty much says it. There's also an early alternator (I think) bracket in there. $5/each plus shipping.
  18. curtislow

    Wanted  jack bracket that mounts under fj40 drivers seat

    Looking for a jack holder bracket that mounts under drivers seat,also jack rod holders that mount under jumpseat.
  19. MAO

    Wanted  F2 motor mounts

    1976 F2. Need front engine mounts, clutch fork and spring (4sp), thermostat housing, oil filter base, alternator mounting bracket and alternator upper tensioner, F2 valve cover I Think I posted this ad twice but not sure...
  20. MAO

    Wanted  F2 motor mounts, other accessories

    1976 F2. Need front engine mounts, clutch fork and spring (4sp) thermostat housing, oil filter base, alternator mounting bracket and alternator upper tensioner, F2 valve cover
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