1. VAPny54

    1998 4Runner fuel sensor repair

    Hi Folks - I've taken an interest in my family's 1998 4Runner SR5 (only 137K miles), it's clean, runs smooth, all the maintenance is up to date and no rust at all. I noticed the fuel gauge either reads empty or full. My conclusion is that the fuel gauge sensor in the tank needs to be replaced...
  2. offroadvegan

    Mileage Update

    I have been tracking my 80s MPGs since the rebuild. Interesting to see the trend slowly increasing over time. We plan on driving the rig from Mt. Hood to LA next week, so I am interested to see how some highway-only fillups affect this data. Red dots show prior to rebuild. Average is 12.35...
  3. M

    How many miles can you expect before engine fails

    Considering a “high” mileage (300k plus) 100 series LC or LX470. Any one out there have 300k plus on there vehicle? How many miles did you put on it before it failed? And for those with high mileage engines that havent failed how many miles do you have on it currently? Anything I should...
  4. Iceaxe

    80 Mileage Check- How Many Miles Do You Have On Your Rig?

    I have 260k...
  5. PDPerry

    ARB Bumper, air dam?

    Getting ready for the annual summer trip from Sacramento, CA to Winter Park, CO and back. Always think of this while tooling-along and watching the scanguage read-out the rapid drop in MPG whenever the speed gets above 70mph... Has anyone configured an air dam for their ARB front bumper? I...
  6. bw86newman

    When to perform knuckle rebuild? mileage or year interval

    I recently bought an FZJ80 from the original owner with complete service history going back to 2004. Truck currently has 125k on it and has been a city car/babied all its life. Last knuckle rebuild was only 20,000 miles ago. Although, that was 8 years ago. I plan to take a trip from Florida...
  7. LeRoy Cordova

    For Sale  1977 FJ40 Clean low mileage example

    Available for purchase is a 1977 FJ40 with 57K on the ticker. I have done my best to preserve this FJ40. What can I say? Everything works! I have spent a lot of time working to preserve an original FJ. I have taken extensive pictures to document the preservation process. This vehicle was towed...
  8. Bankska11

    For Sale  LOW mileage '04 LX in SC

    57k miles. One owner. Dealership in Greenville, SC has it. I looked at it this morning. Very clean, but has a STRONG smoke smell...
  9. S

    AHC Globe Life Expectancy, Age or Mileage dependant?

    Is there a conclusion on what the primary reason for AHC globe failures are? Is it the charge seeping out of the rubber over time? Or is it the constant exercising that come with mileage? Im looking at two car this weekend that are VERY different so the question is AHC specific. One is an 02...
  10. S

    Transmission mileage threshold?

    I am looking at lx470s as a beach cruiser/kid hauler. I am an avid wrenching so i dont mind a bit of a project especially since i am looking for a steal around $7k 130k miles ish. I am in the northeast (Philadelphia) so beutyfull rust free examples arent in my future. I have friends in...
  11. tplane2

    Wanted  08-13 SoCal. Not afraid of miles. 25-45k

    Keeping the "Wanted" threads going here in the for sale section. Looking for a stock, rust free, well maintained, higher mileage (<150k) LC. No LXs at this time. Prefer black, green (yeah right), mag grey then white. I actually tried to snag the mag grey 160k LC in Phoenix but it was pending...
  12. bblx

    High Mileage Advice

    Hi there - I have a 2000 LX470 with ~270k miles. So far it's been trouble free aside from a few minor fixes here and there over the years (this forum has been a huge help with those BTW). Just curious for those of you with high mileage 100's... is this even considered high mileage for these...
  13. D

    For Sale  Low mileage 80 Orlando

    Toyota land cruiser It's in Orlando. 74k on the clock, I just looked at it today. The guy seems firm at 4500$. Here is the deal, interior is in great shape, small tear on the right side of the driver seat, that's it. No lockers. Rust. Lots of it. There was some gear oil underneath, didn't...
  14. H

    High Mileage PM

    Hey Everyone. Just picked up a new-to-me 2001 Land Cruiser, 230k miles. I have had a 98', and an 03', before, I simply cannot stay away from the Cruisers. This is the highest mileage one, that I have had, and while not new to Cruiser's, I want to get everyone's advice on whether there is...
  15. packetstormin

    For Sale  Low Mileage Af343

    Hi, I have a low mileage AF343 for sale. It has 121 thousand miles on it. I am asking $300 or best offer. I can also get freight quotes if this needs to be shipped.
  16. P

    For Sale  1987 FJ60 2nd owner- original except paint, "low" mileage

    Hi, Just got on here. Selling an 87 FJ 60 I have. Prefer local pickup- pls contact me with any more specific questions you might have. She's in good shape. Pics are old because I haven't been able to catch her on a good day here in Chicago, but will be taking more when it clears up a bit...
  17. W

    Cost of Ownership for High Mileage 100 Series?

    Greetings all! Trying to leave no stone unturned, how does the cost of ownership of a high mileage 100 series compare to a mid-sized reasonably reliable SUV (think 4Runner)? Thanks for any/all input!
  18. R

    Looking at 200s

    Hi all, Looking for some advice/guidance from the collective wisdom here. I've been reading threads and searching CarMax,, CarGurus and AutoTrader for relatively low mileage 2013 or newer - love the black exterior with sandstone interior but there just doesn't seem to be enough supply...
  19. DWHeigher

    Mileage Observations from 3 rigs

    There have been many discussions on here regarding mileage with larger tires gear changes, etc. During our trip to Moab starting near Sacramento, CA, two friends and I took made some mileage observations between our three different rigs. Rig 1: 1997 LX450, naturally aspirated, stock gearing...
  20. OptimusPrime

    Buying an 80. Need help deciding if this is the right one.

    Hi All, This is my first post and I hope I'm in the right place. Since moving to Utah a few months ago, I've been planning on buying an FZJ80 as a second vehicle for weekend mountain trips, and I've located a 97 LX450 in the exact config I'm looking for for sale by an independent dealer in...
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