1. Mario12345

    Lx450 lift kit problems ..

    So I’m trying to lift my lx450 about a 4-6 inch lift and everyone’s telling me i cant do it because no one has the driveshaft which is needed for the lift .... i called Slee, arb, old man emu, iron man, and other company’s i wanna lift it about 4 inches does anyone know where i can get a...
  2. Dirty Koala

    For Sale  5 x Very Clean Landcruiser OEM wheels & Toyo MT's 265/75/16

    I have a set of 5 OEM Landcruiser wheels in very good condition wrapped in 265/75/16 Toyo MT's. The Toyo's have about 30% tread remaining. The wheels and tires are located in Midvale, UT. $500 for all 5 wheels and tires.

    New Lexus LX450 OEM Factory Head unit re-installed

    Hey everyone.... thanks to @asutherland I was able to get a new OEM Lexus LX450 head unit, and had my local Toyota Dealership install it. Here are the before and after pictures..... Really happy with the look and the center stack is slowly getting lit up, and will seen hopefully look like it did...
  4. Str8Razor

    97 LX450 Flashing Check Engine Light/ Vibration

    Truck has 195k miles on it and s***ty valve seals, Left for work this morning, accelerating through the gears and all of a sudden i get a heavy vibration and the check engine light starts to flash, truck was not happy and vibrating considerably over 2100 rpm, seemed to go away or calm down a bit...
  5. D

    For Sale  1997 LX450 with Lockers

    Just purchased (2) LX450's One has lockers and one does not. Bought for the soul purpose to resale. I presently own 1996 LX450 and have loved it for 10 years. Found these at an estate sell and could not pass up. The non-locker unit has 168K and the locker unit has 179K. I am waiting for the...
  6. Miamedia

    After market parts vs. Toyota parts

    Once the head gasket on my LX450 is replaced repaired and the head is machined + a valve job, I plan on having the following parts installed: -Radiator -Water Pump -Fan Clutch -Power Steering pump (it's a reman that has never worked right, according to the previous owner's records) and it...
  7. JohnnyFish

    For Sale  97 LX450 - triple locked - $12k

    SOLD SOLD SOLD on 11/2 =============== 1997 Lexus LX450; triple locked; 244k miles; I'm the 3rd owner. 2 1/2" Iron Man lift with their higher-end gel shocks. Marks part time conversion with Asin hubs from Slee. I haven't done the pin7 mod yet, so center diff only locks in low range. Front...
  8. Jprice

    Rear Axle Help FZJ80

    Regrettably, my first post on here is not as positive as I would have hoped. I recently purchased a 1997 LX450 with a bit of a rust issue. It turns out that it is a bit worse than I originally thought. The shop that I have it at, just informed me that the entire rear axle needs to be replaced...
  9. Unrealbarracuda

    For Sale  1997 LX450 80 Series Land Cruiser

    This particular 80 series land Cruiser is well maintained and had the same owner for 19 years. It still retains the new car smell, the wood trim is untampered, and the leather seats are plush. Unfortunately there’s no lockers however shifting to 4 low is no issue and smooth. Slight under...
  10. Miamedia

    LX450 Potential Head Gasket leak / Cracked Head

    I bought a well maintained ‘97 LX450 from a neighbor a few weeks ago. It has 188K miles, just had an oil change and it was running like a top before I took it to a local Midas yesterday for new belts (a/c, alternator and v-belt). Midas also replaced the fluid in both differentials and my...
  11. ski4run

    Wanted  WTB Hanna Quality rear bumper 80 series

    hello! This is a long shot because people love these bumpers, but I am interested in buying a Hanna quality bumper for my 96 lx450 (80 series landcruiser) shoot me a pm if you have one you are willing to part with! Must be in good straight shape. You can also email me at...
  12. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Lexus LX450 Flares and Side Moldings

    SoCal All are available, however, local pickup is highly recommended for the larger pieces as shipping is expensive. Please Message me with what you are looking for Front Flares with attached molding $75 each Rear Flare half with attached molding $50 Rear Flare half that does not have moldings...
  13. M

    SOLD  97 LX450 geared, 3x locked NC *Reduced* 13,000

    1997 Lexus LX450 185,000 miles 3x locked Asking $13,000 obo - Slinky long travel 75mm suspension with icon 2.0 shocks, Caster Correction plates, Double cardin front drive shaft, Adjustable front and rear panhard bars, extended buumpstops in the rear, 11mm extended HD rear lower control arms...
  14. J

    Wanted  LX450 Parts

    Hey Guys new to the forum, just bought in Auction a 97 lx450, locked that needs to be taken care for. Can find to many on junkyards around me so I would give it a shot here. Shipping to 33172 Hey, looking for several parts for and lx450, interior has to be lx450 OEM Rear bumper corner PS rear...
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  Land Cruiser or Lexus 100 120 series set of 4 wheels

    SoCal Set of 4 factory wheels in very nice condition. Only one cap is available. $160 for the set of 4 wheels. 16" Shipping is possible
  16. catfishhands

    SOLD  1996 LX450 Grove, Oklahoma

    1996 LX450 166k Miles Open diff New 37” Cooper STT Pros New 17” FN bronze wheels New 2.5” Dobinsons lift with Slee front and rear sway bar drops Slee extended stainless braided brake lines all the way around Dobinsons 3 degree caster bushings Fresh birfield rebuild New wheel bearings new...
  17. JacksonOverland

    Wanted  WTT FJ Cruiser for FZJ80 in WA STATE

    Looking for an FZJ80 here in WA state (or PNW in general). Currently have an 07 Fj Cruiser (total chaos long travel w/ icon shocks and coilovers) and I'm interested in doing a trade. For more details on the FJC, please visit the craigslist listing 2007 FJ CRUISER Long Travel (Fat Julie) Hoping...
  18. J

    What to Do to My AWD 1997 Lexus LX450?

    Hi, I am BRAND new to this forum, so if I am posting in the wrong thread or am infringing on proper forum etiquette please let me know. My questions are regarding the AWD ‘97 Lexus LX450 (currently with roughly 150k miles on it) that I just purchased, and since I did not see a thread for Lexus...
  19. coxinha

    For Sale  [NY] Scion Head Unit T1808 (+ all parts for install)

    Bought all necessary parts in 2 months ago to replace my LX's original head unit with the Scion T1808, but haven't had time to do it, and would just rather sell everything to someone else who wants to do it now. Here is the main thread with all information: Definitive Scion HU into LX 450 setup...
  20. Kamran Khan

    For Sale  FZJ80 Lexus LX450 Emergency Brake Shoes

    I have got emergency brake aka hand brake aka parking brake shoes set for Lexus LX450. It will fit FJ80 from 1995 to 97. It may fit other years also but please do your own research before buying. Price is 68 Dollars with free expedite shipping to all 50 states. Only paypal trasaction is...
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