lift gate

  1. LC2015

    Rear gate annoyance - any easy fix?

    About 50% of the time, the cable that supports the lower rear gate gets closed into the gate. See pic. A little annoying - is there an easy fix, or does nobody else have this minor issue?
  2. eagleeyes170

    Lift gate handle

    Hi everyone. I have replaced my rusty lift gate handle with a new one (part number 69090-60020), and I am waiting for the plastic cover to arrive. I had to remove the plastic trim on the interior of the lift gate, and disassemble the mechanism (the metal posts and such). Now that I have put...
  3. Bluetribal

    For Sale  94 Land Cruiser - Green Body Parts - Murrieta, CA

    Shell is gone it has met it's demise at a SoCal junk yard. Hood $200 Rear lift gate with glass $400 - SOLD Frame is also available, Cali rig minimal rust if any! $500 obo Rear Cargo sliding glass. Passenger side has the rubber and the Drivers side the rubber was no good. I will have...
  4. mrjordann

    Replacement Rear Liftgate Struts?

    Hi. I am thinking about replacing the old screw-tight arms that currently hold up the Liftgate on my 73 fj40. Any recommendions for automatic struts that would fit? I found some on eBay but I'm not really interested in spending $190. Thanks!
  5. BnvS

    Rear lift gate strut cylinder

    Hey Team, Does anyone know where I can get the rear lift gate strut. My rear lift gate just isnt staying up now as it drops unexpectedly which obviously is annoying as you get thumped on the head. Any good alternative to the OEM one? Part Number 6895069057 which is a little bit expensive.
  6. gahi

    Lift gate latch parts?

    Has anyone been able to source parts, or just complete lock assemblies? My latch stopped working, and it looks like a small plastic piece is the culprit.
  7. H

    Need help with tailgate (lift gate)

    Hello everyone. I'm having trouble with the tailgate on my 91 LC. The lift gate handle is broken and I'm trying to replace it but I'm not sure how to get to it to remove it. I was able to open the loft gate and tailgate from the inside the removed all the covers to access the inside of the...
  8. A

    Head/dome/tailLights come on when I lift the rear lift gate

    Any suggestions were to start chasing this down ?
  9. Beau Diddly

    Issues removing the lift gate on a '94

    My lift gate is rusting through just below the window, so I've picked up a donor off of a '91 with the same color. I'll keep all components and wiring harness and replace it in the donor lift gate. I removed the lift gate with no problem from the donor truck. However, I have a problem getting...
  10. 4Cruisers

    Replace FJ60 Rear Lift Gate with FJ62 Lift Gate?

    I'm in the later stages of switching over the wiring harness from my '89 FJ62 donor vehicle into my '86 FJ60 project vehicle. The initial plan was to move the internal wiring, along with the power lock mechanism, from the FJ62 rear lift gate to the FJ60 lift gate. Yesterday afternoon I started...
  11. G

    Landscape Trailer w/ Liftgate

    Hello All, I joined this forum because I am baffled. I have been searching for months on the internet to find information about installing a liftgate (like a Tommygate) onto a landscpe trailer; like a 14' landscape trailer. I cannot find ANY information about this subject. I can't find any...
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