1. N

    FJ80 Headlight Housing LEDs

    Hey everyone, I just stumbled across this picture the other day after doing an LED conversion for my '97 LX450. Even though it won't offer any more light on the road I find it an ingenious way to give an LED rig a little more character. However, I can't seem to find anything on this particular...
  2. Bardiya

    Help with getting rid of dark spots-LED Cluster

    I’ve just changed my 6 cluster illumation bulbs to 3 sided LED’s and I’m getting dark spots between the tach and speedometer but also the speedometer needle. I’ve found that some have found solutions to this while searching the forum but no explanations on how they fixed it. I’d appreciate any...
  3. HJ47

    SOLD MN - OEM FJ40 Light Set LED Panel (Turn, Rear, Side Marker)

    MN - FJ40 LED Panel Light Set (Turn, Rear, Side Marker) $150 shipped CONUS (includes near new OEM turn signal lenses and gaskets and near new rear light OEM gaskets worth over $100 alone) $170 shipped with OEM new in package rear lenses included ($30 plus value) All OEM turn, rear, and side...
  4. sunrk

    Options to replace std flasher relay with one to suit LED lamps

    Tridon (a local Oz-based automotive aftermarket place) lists a *lot* of different LED flasher relays, and they all claim to be 'load sensitive' and have a 'failure alarm' which is something I've never come across before. Flasher Relays - Electronic | Tridon I want to replace all my external...
  5. Tony Slick

    Element LED off road lights - any experience?

    I've been following the Instagram for Element, and I happen to see their lights on other trucks around the internet. Does anybody have any experience with them? They have a really good price point and comes with a lifetime warranty. Seems like a no-brainer... any thoughts or experience? I'm...
  6. Ramayo84

    lets see those LEDs!!!

    looking to change my headlight/ turn signals/ side markers/ and tail lights all to LEDs. post your pics if you have LEDs installed , I'd like to see how it looks before I make the switch! thanks!
  7. Gxme200

    Xenon Bulbs to Leds

    Ηειιο all. Recently, I upgraded my land cruiser 2010 headlights to 2013 headlights. The one with Projector Low beams. I got into a problem of not having the OEM ballasts for the xenon bulbs. And the ones available are fairly expensive in my country. My question is, instead of using xenon...
  8. Bill F

    FYI - 9005 LED Bulbs - Black Friday Spl on AMZN

    I recently replaced my dome light with an LED from O'Really's and was impressed enough that I spent this morning on the Sylvania website looking over replacement bulbs and fishing around for them on Amazon, and buying a bunch of stuff, and bought these on a Black Friday deal, 20% off...
  9. hamishpotter

    Mounting 6 LED pods on FZJ80 ARB bull bar..

    Hello All, I used "search" and after not finding anything (yet) I figured I would not try to reinvent the wheel ask the forums. I picked up a couple of affordable 6 LED light pods on Amazon and hope to mount them low on my ARB bull bar, I'd prefer low and behind the bar so they project low and...
  10. Honor

    Installing PFRAN LED's Dome Light - 100 Series

    Installing PFRAN LEDs 100 Series Dome Light Toyota Land Cruiser / Lexus LX470 - UZJ100 1999 – 2007 I don’t claim to be the brightest bulb, but I have figured this out. I had difficulty understanding how to install the led panel for the dome lights in my land cruiser. It is really simple, but...
  11. M

    Recommendation for LED Light Bar in 2017

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying a 30-inch light bar to mount on my JK's hood, and wanted to get everyone's opinion on some options: 1. Rigid Adapt: Looks pretty cool and I like that they can change the beam pattern instantly. Looks kind of expensive though. 2. Rigid RDS: Curved bar should...
  12. Captain America

    Question for Truck-Lite Owners

    Hello Gentlemen, I've been trying to put LEDs in my 60 for quite some time now. A while ago, I bought some "Lifetime LEDS," only to find out about the reverse polarity in the headlight wiring in the 60s. I've done my research, and it seems that the Truck-Lite LED Headlights are the only LED...
  13. Too Tall Ted

    PFRAN LED's great interior light kit & support is AAA+

    I can't say enough good things about this company. I installed the #3 kit & backup lights in my 80 series a while back and can't say enough good things about how bright this kit it! Such a big help when camping out of the 80 at night. So bright it brings the friends around asking about the kit...
  14. K

    help finding LJ70 LED light bulb replacement options on Amazon.com

    Hi, I'm trying to find LJ70 LED light bulb replacement options on Amazon.com (in the US). When I look up the parts numbers it looks like the bulb OEM # would be something like 90981-13015, but that's not leading me anywhere helpful. Thanks for any assistance you can give!
  15. Tareq

    LED headlights dont fit

    Hello, I just installed these in my LX, 2003. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B072R4Y6TF/ref=pe_3034960_236394800_TE_dp_1 H1 for low beam and H3 for fog lights. I love the look, true bright white, no blue hint whatsoever. Makes the LX look modern :) But the problem is that I cant close the bulb...
  16. marsh

    Very Special FJ60 headlights woes

    Here is one for all the sparkies! The situation is I currently have no low beams on either side (0 volts at connector), and high beams rights side only (~5 volts left, ~11 volts right). When high beams are selected the high beam indicator does not turn on. Combination switch contacts are...
  17. T

    For Sale Rigid Industries 40 inch Amber light bar - CA

    I have a new Rigid Industries 40 inch E- Series Amber light bar for sale. It has a couple small chips on the side from when it was sent to me. I attached a photo of them. The model is 140332. MSRP is $1,299.99. I'm asking $650. Located in Jackson, CA. I could ship for around $30 I'm guessing.
  18. Not A CJ

    Light for Headlight Switch

    I am in the process of switching all of my lights over to LED on my 1978 FJ40. I learned through MUD that there is a light in the headlight switch. I ordered a BA7 bulb, thinking mine was just burned out. WRONG! The housing that holds the light bulb is missing. My question is where can I...
  19. KLF

    LED interior lighting upgrade

    Having owned several Toyota/Lexus vehicles, I've always thought they dropped the ball on the interior lighting. They are just not bright enough, especially compared to competitors. The 200-series has a lot of lighting, but the weak incandescent bulbs need improvement. No idea if they have...
  20. overlandcruiser

    For Sale LifeTime 50'' LED Light Bar. New

    I have a Lifetime LED 50" light bar that I won at a raffle during an offroad event in NC. Below is the link to the light. It is new in the box. 50 Inch LED Light Bar | 300W Led Light Bar | Led Lights | Led Light Bar | Lifetime Led Lights * $275 + $10 Shipping = $285 **Interested in trades...
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