1. kengalbraith

    FJ62 Sputters out when given gas

    Hi All, Recently rescued an FJ62 from a slow death in a friend's yard. Hasn't run in about 7 years but PO said ran when parked. So far, I have changed coolant, oil, spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel pump (dropped and cleaned tank) and battery. Finally got her to turn and idle (surprisingly quite...
  2. B

    2016 LX with the "Lean". But its AHC!!!

    My wife drives a 2016 LX. When we have the Easy access mode turned on, the car leans as you would expect. It leans to a predetermined height then it stays there until the car is restarted. All is good there. The issue is when the easy access mode is turned off. If the truck is turned off...
  3. Randy88FJ62

    Severe Cruiser Lean 4" to Driver's Side

    I recently changed up the leaf packs front and rear. The cruiser is still leaning to the driver's side both front and rear. No rust, no obvious frame damage or tweaking. Where to start to determine lean? I always thought normal cruiser lean was to passenger side?
  4. C

    97 fzj80 strange issue, engine cooling, system lean

    Alright guys my name is matt ive had my cruiser for a year now no issues when i got it. 167,000 miles all maintenance maintained. Runs 15w40 cold air intake and high flow exhaust. Dual battery So the issue is a get a system too lean code po171 and she runs around 190°f coolant and 90° to 100°...
  5. Rolocado

    LX 470 Lean w/o AHC

    I have a 2000 LX470 that I took the AHC system out (before I knew what the hell AHC even was, unfortunately) and put Bilstein shocks in, front and back. Car drives wonderfully, however, I have noticed that it leans to the left an inch or so to the right. I have also noticed and measured that it...
  6. AustImages

    Correcting a KDSS lean

    Here's a quick and easy fix for the dreaded KDSS lean. Shown on a LandCruiser 200, but the same method should work for a KDSS-equipped Prado or 4-Runner. Web page with written instructions: http://www.project200.com.au/kdss-balance-lean/
  7. grishw1

    OME install and got the lean toward the driver side.

    Went to pick it up and the new OME 2.5 lift and its leaning toward the driver side. Its too much to ignore. He said the A and B springs are fitted correctly. Any things you guys have done to straighten it up?
  8. SoCal6084

    Install a Spacer to prevent lean?

    Hi all, would anyone recommend installing a spacer to boost up the driver side lean on my 60? I don't have the money now to buy new springs and don't know what kind of lift it has on there. Any thoughts?
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