1. shack

    Bosal Y-Pipe 4 year review

    I'm writing to share my experiences with the bosal brand y-pipe available all over the internet. I installed this part back in Feb of 2013 and paid $198 shipped. You can see what has just recently occurred in the attached picture. Fortunately for me this item is under warranty and I will be...
  2. saleach

    Radiator leak after replacement

    Hey everyone! I tried searching and although there a quite a few coolant leak threads, I couldn't find what I am experiencing. So I am having a slow leak from the radiator dripping off the lower bolts on the passenger side. I first noticed it about three weeks ago along with a small crack at...
  3. Stevo1981

    3B Injection pump missing o ring? and very oily diaphram

    Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has run into this problem... I had a bad oil leak coming from in between my injection pump and the back of my front cover. Upon removing the engine and then injection pump I found there to be no o ring in between there whatsoever, when the manual clearly shows...
  4. F

    Coolant system leaks.

    Question : If you have a leak at the heater control valve/hose connection point under the hood, would it be normal that this would leak when you have the heat on but not leak when you have it off ? Background: Due to a loose water pump belt I replace the belts and tensioned to spec (yes...
  5. G

    1HZ diesel pump leaking from lhs timer cover

    Hi there, the pump on my 1HZ engine (1993) is leaking. It appears that the diesel is dripping fro the left hand side time cover, thus accessible without taking the pump out. I have had a look into manual and suspect that the two o-rings behind the timer cover are worn out. I have the o-ring...
  6. J

    recognize this fluid leak from bolt connecting intake/exhaust manifolds?

    Hi, '74 FJ40 with original F155. I just noticed a fluid leak from or near one of the bolts connecting the intake and exhaust manifolds together. The obvious thought is gasoline, which it smells like gasoline, but it doesn't evaporate like gasoline should (no, i haven't put a match to it)...
  7. Bluegrass40

    High oil pressure and oil blowing out by filter after B-12 in crankcase and oil change :/

    Here is what happened... It's unfortunately a bit of an 'I told ME so'. It was time for an oil change on my 78 with a stock 2F. I was debating if I should try to clean up the crank case a bit with sea foam or B-12. I was leaning toward no, but then decided to do it. I used less than...
  8. Katsarata

    Oil Leak

    Hi Guys I have a drop of oil at the junction between box and bell housing any thoughts ?
  9. Formulaonehd

    Coolant leak under exhaust manifold!

    Lets start with a sigh... Another problem surfaces with VX Reborn... I guess that's how it works, fix one thing another presents its ugly face. Anywho calling on your expertise again, I have a substantial coolant leak which is a real pain to pin point without taking off the exhaust manifold ...
  10. H

    A/C free-on hose leak

    yet another question, so my a/c coolant/free-on hose has a leak in it so when I charge my a/c she will run good for about 1-2 days and then will go back to blowing room temp air. I have tried the indicator and sealant which worked well for a couple of days but eventually failed me. I took it to...
  11. N

    Roof leaking, I feel like there's something missing here. On both sides.

  12. W

    Stall at start/vaccum leak

    So long start short I my car just Rieves and stalls when starting unless I absolutely floor it and hold the rims at 3000 for 30 seconds, also found this vaccum leak, help!!!
  13. andythieman

    Steering Gear Box Leak

    Three years ago, I replaced my very leaky, original 1996 steering gear box with a reconditioned OEM replacement. Professionally installed. Cost me about $900 for parts & labor, but no more leaks. Everything was fine, until a few weeks ago when I had a 2.5" OME lift kit installed, along with 35"...
  14. B

    Fuel leak

    There is dripping fuel around the tank. Visible. It's at a shop and they're saying I need new fuel lines. There are 4 (?) on the vehicle. Does anyone have any experience with this type of issue?
  15. rking

    Oil leak found

    Need help figuring out this leak. Back side of the engine.... how big of an issue is this?
  16. AimCOtaco

    Coolant Leak Trivia Time

    Hey folks, I know the 2UZ motor pretty well, did a timing job a couple of years and ~30k mi ago. Today I noticed a little driveway spot an a quick inspection and taste test confirmed a coolant leak. So the trivia question of the day is: "What looks like a blown water pump and soaks coolant...
  17. ariff

    Fixing rear sliding window leak video

    Thought I'd post a quick video of one way you can fix your leaking rear windows.. Hopefully this can help others..
  18. E

    Coolant Leak after TB R&R

    I recently had my WP and TB replaced. I've been smelling coolant, but assumed it was just burn off from the coolant drain and refill. Open the hood today to service the fuel filter and noticed coolant leaking from the top neck. I can see pink and white fluid that has leaked down the serp belt...
  19. Kenneth Ferro

    Intake Manifold Coolant Leak issue

    Hey guys, 87' 22r intake manifold leaking coolant (slowly) seeping from lower section of manifold. It seems to be leaking from the gasket between manifold and plate below. What is the name of the plate it is leaking from so i can properly find the gasket needed? Also, what is a good website to...
  20. R

    Don't get stranded...change out those t-connectors now

    Took the kids for some fun in the dirt this morning and as we pulled back onto pavement, I noticed the temperature gauge start to spike...then the check engine light flipped on. I quickly pulled over, popped the hood and found what looked like a radiator cap blew. Except the radiator cap was on...
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