1. RFB

    For Sale  Landtank LCAs

    SOLD I have a set of used LANDTANK lower control arms for 4in and above lifted 80 series, I bent one slightly on metal masher in Moab, once the new ones came I realized after they were out that the bend didnt disrupt the spacing or alignment of mounting holes, these have OEM bushings in them...
  2. abuck99

    For Sale  100 Series Metal Tech Lower Control Arms

    I have a set of take off MT LCA's for a 100 series. Installed August 2016 (6,000 miles ago). One LCA has some minor rock rash that I touched up. These are straight, and in perfect working condition. These sell for $375 new. Asking $250 + Shipping. Shipping from 30350, DIMS: 32 x 9 x 3 : weight...
  3. Javelin

    For Sale  FS TrailTailor LCA Skids 100 Series

    Selling my set of Rear LCA skids for 100 Series. I've already primed and painted them with rustoleum texture black. $50 shipped Costa Mesa, CA
  4. 1973Guppie

    FREE  Stock 80 Series LCA with angle iron (socal)

    located in carlsbad, free to pick up, no ship, bushings are old, these are the stock lower control arms that I welded some angle iron on to beef up. They have lasted many years and can take a beating with the best of them. I thought I would offer them up to those building a budget truck. If they...
  5. FJP971

    Front LCA Bushing Press Tool Loan?

    Anyone in the Portland, OR area have a bushing press tool I can borrow? I have a press but not the tool. Can't find a socket that fits and don't want to wait a week to get the tool from Slee. I'm replacing the 2 bushings/per LCA with caster adjustable bushings. Thanks in advance. Jason
  6. Sanchez

    Bad bushing on Slee LCAs UPDATE

    Well this just happened. I purchased the Slee LCAs sometime last August and just a few weeks ago i noticed a clunk underneath my feet. After further inspection I found out that the rubber part of the bushing had broken loose from the metal and the control arm is just sliding back and forth...
  7. 0

    Wheeler Offroad "Superbumps" installed.

    So after reading on a few forums about Wheelers Offroad bump stops I found that the part number that fits the FJ Cruiser is also compatible with the LC100/LX470 chassis. Over the LCA there are two positions where you will find the OEM bump stops. You could mount the Wheelers "Superbumps" in all...
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