1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - Knuckles for FJ80, Spindles, hubs, shafts, etc

    FJ80 with ABS Knuckles $125 driver side, $75 passenger side. FJ80 without ABS Knuckles $125 Driver Side, $75 passenger side Steering Arms, etc. FJ80 Spindles, Hubs and axle shafts. 4.10 Ring and Pinion NO THIRD MEMBERS, NO AXLE HOUSINGS All parts can be shipped in USPS flat rate boxes except...
  2. Bripars40

    SOLD  FJ62 Front Hub Assemblies

    FJ62 front hub assemblies in great condition! Just disassembled this weekend. Comes with Aisin locking hubs, calipers, slotted rotors. Great for FJ40 disc brake swap or upgrade to large pattern knuckles. I have the FJ62 axle housing, steering arms and linkage as well. I took this apart to...
  3. Fj80oregon

    Newbie doing knuckles

    Hi just dropped some money at cruiser teq bought a knuckle rebuild kit and going to attempt this in the following weeks. I have read multiple threads and watched Otramms video and think I can handle it any tips or unforeseen problems would be great info. Thanks for the help in advance.
  4. Crinkler

    Wanted  Wanted, fj40 or FJ60 disk brake front axle housing

    wanted, fj40 or FJ60 disk brake front axle housing or complete.
  5. TomOsborne

    Front axle play/movement in park on jack stands

    Hey guys it's been awhile. Read everyday but have learned enough to not ask stupid questions and figure things out for myself, for the most part. BUT I'd like to run something by yall if you would be so gracious. Taking a fairly regular trip tomorrow- couple hundred miles each way. About 2k...
  6. S

    SOLD  $800 FJ80 Hellfire Knuckles BRAND NEW

    Brand new pair of Hellfire knuckles for a FJ80 front axle. Link to same product: FJ80 Knuckle Kit Hellfire Fabworks Taken out of box but never installed or mocked up. Bought them and then decided to run fabricated axles. $800+ shipping.
  7. NeverGiveUpYota

    Knuckle Shims

    I know this has been gone over a multitude of times but here I go... Passenger side had a thick and thin on the top and a thick on the bottom. Driver side had none on top and three thick on the bottom. I’ve got the SST tool (@reevesci, via @Jaric00n) but I let anxiety get the best of me...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Brake Calipers, Rotors, Back Plates, hubs, spindles, knuckles

    SoCal FRONT ONLY FRONT ONLY FRONT ONLY Please specify year of your FJ80 since 91-92 uses a different system. Also have axle housings, steering arms, etc. Prices range from $40 to $125
  9. K

    For Sale  FZJ80 ABS front steering knuckles and rear full float hubs

    I swapped to hell fire knuckles. So I have the stockers. THey have new (but installed/removed) timken trunion bearings and both steering arms that INCLUDES THE OVERSEAS one for a front-side tie rod. I will ship them out for 200 to within the 48 states. OBO if its up for a while. REAR FULL...
  10. Bripars40

    For Sale  [AR] 6 Stud Knuckles and 4x4labs Hi Steer

    SOLD I have a set of 6 Stud Knuckles w/ OEM studs, 6 shooter 4x4 Labs High Steer arms w/ 1 ton TREs. Includes drag link, tie rod and ends Asking $500 shipped
  11. sandj527

    Looking for FJ 60 knuckles

    Looking for a set of FJ60 knuckles to put on my FJ40 for a up grade.... Scott
  12. OTRAMM

    80 Series, Head Gasket, Super Charger, Knuckles and Terrain Tamer Brakes

    This truck started out as a Supercharger and preventative head gasket install. Turns out the head gasket was already leaking and the head was really warped. Head is at the machine shop still being trued up. In the mean time we figured if we're going to make it faster, we should make it stop...
  13. bwalker16527

    Fair price for 1980 Landcruiser outer knuckles

    What is fair price for outer knuckles from 1980 Landcruiser? Complete with original Aisin Solid Axle locking hubs. Looking to use these for front brake upgrade on 1974 FJ40. Any info you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks
  14. 3

    Should I buy '97 FZJ80? Sell the 2010 4Runner Trail?

    Hi All, first time post... Always wanted an LC and I have an opportunity to buy an 80 from a family friend. Ive been looking for a low mileage 100 for months now and haven't been able to find. This would not be my daily driver and would be used for weekend beach trips, Eastern Sierra, Mojave...
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