1. ckennedy

    Newbie hit a roadblock- Running rough

    I bought my 1994 FZJ80 about two months ago. Previous owner thought he threw a bearing therefore needed a motor swap. He provided a 'running' replacement 1fz-fe in the price. I knowingly bought it as a project and a learning opportunity. I haven't run into any roadblocks swapping the motors in...
  2. AdamRonaldson

    Rod Knock on rebuilt 2H engine

    I recently (3 months ago) rebuilt my 2H engine on my 1989 60 Series Cruiser. Complete rebuild, sleeves to OEM oil pump. Everything on STANDARD spec. decent parts REASON FOR REBUILD: poor compression noticeable from tappet cover breather and sludge buildup in motor oil. Also intend to supercharge...
  3. theeconomist

    1KZTE - mysterious jingling knocking sound and check engine

    Hey guys, We've been travelling the world in our old but gold (kind of) Land Cruiser Prado for the past 2.5 years and never had any problems with the engine (had lots of others to compensate). Until recently, unfortunately. So it goes like this: We're driving and everything's fine. Engine...
  4. PanchoLedezma

    I know some of you will have the answer to this (VIDEO)

    Hi, I am searching for an answer, after doing everything a i could, and changing every part around the problem, (thread: 80's People this one caught me off Guard... this is what i found VIDEO ) when i was getting out of answers, i found this, check this out The knocking sound that i was...
  5. TheWhitefox

    3FE Discouraging tale (valves, oil galley, and knocking)

    So I want to hash out the tail of the past year from the beginning to get feedback on where you all think I should go next. I have learned a lot about this truck and this engine but I'm lost as to what is happening in my engine that is causing the problem. Thanks for all the help thus far! Big...
  6. Ezra

    Drum brake knocking

    My 73 has stock drums all around. I know one of the front right shoes has a bit of a chip in it, replacements are on the way. I also suspect the front right drum itself is a little warped. What I am noticing - very slight oscillation on the brake pedal at higher speeds when braking. When...
  7. S

    1kzte loud knocking. struggling to start

    HELP. I hav problem with with land cruiser Colorado 3.0L. the engine is struggling to start with a lot of grey n black smoke, with it does start for a second there is a loud knock/rattle on revs, then in stalls
  8. S

    loud knock rattle

    the car was running fine then suddenly stalled, after I got recovered home the car was struggling to start and smoking bad, wen it does start there is a loud rattle on revs, Iv changed th injectors but still the same, please help
  9. FJacob

    96' FZJ80 Engine Knock

    Recently over the past month and half my 96' started very quiet knock that grabbed my attention this past week as it got noticeably louder. I've been learning my way around vehicles as I work on this thing so my knowledge is limited. The engine is believed to have 130,000 miles, so still pretty...
  10. Tofel

    Hot engine & rattling noises (far from home)

    Hi! Need your advice badly on this as I´m thousends of miles away from any car mechanic I know and trust. Hope that some of you had similar problem and managed to fix it. For the last 1800 miles I´ve observed a strange behavior of the engine noises. When the motor is cold everything sounds...
  11. Rusty72cruiser

    Fj40 weird engine noise.

    Hello, I have been on this site researchingfor awhile now and decided to now join. Anyway I recently bought a 1972 fj40 for a project and hopefully restore. Im usually good with engine work but this noise has me stumped doesn't sound like rod bearings or anything from the bottom end also not...
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