1. Antarctican

    Volunteer positions

    Cascadia Expodition is looking for volunteers for the following positions. If you or anyone you know might be interested, have them drop me a line. Social Media manager (a few hours a week) Secretary (mostly once a month, meetings are in Langley or Pitt Meadows) Sales Rep (available to contact...
  2. sunrk

    1HZ diesel engine valve shim job

    1HZ diesel engine valve shim job. I have a genuine Toyota tool for it (thanks to another 1h8mud forum member), have read up quite a few guides on doing it. My 1hz now has 630 k km's on it. Cannot currently afford to replace motor with a rebuilt 1hz or 1hz+t or 1hdt and fuel usage is going up...
  3. Mighty690

    Another 1HD-T BEB job

    Just under 237,000km (147,000mi) on this recent JDM import. I wanted to do the BEBs and see how things look in there. I was pleased. And the job went well.
  4. Paydday

    Brake Job

    Any suggestions for front rotors and pads in Fort Worth? Thanks
  5. Lil'John


  6. G

    Help Wanted  Alaska, HI, Japan and Korea job postings

    Our company is looking for electronics technicians to live and work in these regions. Military veterans with electronics maintenance experience preferred. If interested please PM me for details and don't hesitate to apply!!! Search Jobs | BAE Systems | United States
  7. G

    Help Wanted  (SC) job opening

    Hey thought I would post up here to see if anyone is interested. My company is looking for a person who can help inspect deliverables on our program. Electronics background with the military is a major plus!! Please don't be put off by the overly formal job requirements. If anyone is interested...
  8. G

    Job posting

    Hey guys, thought I would post up if anyone is interested. Our team is looking for a quality assurance type person. If anyone is looking or knows any veterans or mechanically/electronically inclined people please let me know. Office is located in Summerville. Feel free to call me for details...
  9. DirtScaresMe

    1/4 way through a knuckle/inner axle job - first time

    So back in ~December I had oil leaking out of my knuckle joint and came on here to be told (a) I need to do a knuckle/axle rebuild and that (b) I could/should do it myself. We got pounded this winter so I've been waiting to tackle it, smelling gear oil in my snow cakes driveway the whole time...
  10. divemedic

    Purists look away, LJ78 hack job

    a friend in Okinawa is cutting the trunk section. It's awesom in my opinion. I've contemplated this a few times...
  11. Diesel Cruiserman

    Some days my job rocks..

    We hunt for Geo ducks, some days on the water suck but most are this island.
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