iron pig

  1. Ward

    For Sale Boulder Colo 1966 FJ45LV and 1976 FJ55 wagons

    1966 FJ45LV- nice unrestored original truck with disc brake axle upgrade and 5 restored 16" split rims. Mostly complete truck minus the backseat. comes with very nice and complete 2nd LV tailgate, 2 repop NOS tail light lenses, NOS headliner. Some rust in backseat floorpan corners and drivers...
  2. Skillet Liquor

    For Sale ***TENTATIVELY SOLD*** 1974 and 1970/71 FJ55 Iron Pigs - Albuquerque, NM

    I am selling my FJ55 project. This sale contains two pigs, as follows: 1974 FJ55 This pig ran when parked, but will need some work to start again. It has the usual rust and sports a very fetching faded desert tan rattlecan job over the original pumpkin/cygnet two-tone colorway. Original 1F...
  3. Murk

    For Sale 74 FJ55 on BaT!

    V8-Powered 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55
  4. BisonCruiser

    craigslist Not Mine* Project Pig (1972) in Loganville, GA $3,000

    1972 FJ55 toyota land cruiser cadilac 500 motor(8.3L), freshly rebuilt turbo 400 transmission, 1973 transfer fj45 transfer case 4w disc brakes, 411 gears with lock rights. Ive got a new gas tank and radiator not installed but the truck will keep getting further along with time as its a...
  5. cruiserjunktion

    Pig Party 2018 T shirt Sale

    Although the design hasn’t been 100% finialized, I’m now taking orders for Pig Party ‘18 shirts. You do not need to attend the event to buy a shirt. Shirts are $10 each delivered to the event or $15 each + $3 shipping to those who would like a shirt(s) mailed to them. I will leave this poll...
  6. Toyotacollector

    1973 FJ55 project

    I don't know how this happened but over the last year my wife and I have purchased 3 old Toyotas; an 84 van, a 4wd tercel, and most recently an old FJ55. I wasn't really planning any of them but Craigslist is a dangerous thing... About a month ago my neighbor Gary asked me if I was interesting...
  7. SnowSquatch

    For Sale (Sold) 1970 Land Cruiser FJ55 (Texas)

    Hi guys and gals, I'm tossing around the idea of selling my pig i fixed up all of last year. Its a 1970 fj55 with 43k miles on the odometer. Has the original F engine that runs phenominal. 3 Speed tranny that shifts well and runs well on the highway (55-60). I'm wanting to save up for a down...
  8. Murk

    For Sale 1974 FJ55

    1974 Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser with a freshly rebuilt 350 chevy motor and an automatic TH350 Trans with a B&M Shifter. Daily driver with the standard roof rust of these generation cruisers. All the windows are intact and work including the electric tailgate window. Has all of the original tools...
  9. Kilowog

    For Sale 1974 FJ55

    Hi guys, I've got a '74 FJ55 (Iron Pig) that I have to sell and not sure what it's worth and realistic to ask. Here's a breakdown of what has been done, along with a few pics. Appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thanks. It starts and runs well, however it is over 40 years old and has not...
  10. V

    Oil Change on the Pig

    I have a 1972 Fj55 and am going to do my own oil change. Wondering if anyone could recommend what type of oil I should use! Thank you!!
  11. Mikescruisers

    Parting Out 76 FJ55 Pig-Franktown CO USA

    Hello all- Have a cancerous 55 that has a lot of good parts! Complete -running/driving. Doors, glass, interior, sbc, running gear, front disk axle, 4 speed tranny, transfer case, vintage roof rack, stock stereo and a "nice" tailgate handle! Please let me know what you need, so we can keep the...
  12. Bucky'sRig

    MUDShip Iron Pig from Houston to Hancock, Maine

    Looking for help moving my running FJ55 from Houston 77027 to Hancock 04640; to leave before the end of April. Prefer trailer vs bumper tow, but covered is not important. Also looking for carrier recommendations; I don't even know where to start! Thanks,
  13. Murk

    Picked up my first Pig!

    I'm more of a video guy than a photo guy, so I did a quick walk around. Excited to get going on this project! Direct Link:
  14. pkelly72

    For Sale Iron pig skid plate 80 Modesto CA

    I've got a never installed iron pig skid plate for the 80. Seen here: FJ80 Skid Plate $320. No shipping but could meet as far as Stockton. SOLD
  15. theamigo

    FJ55 Newbie trying to understand the spectrum of rust available for purchase.

    Hi Everyone, I've got a wanted ad in the classifieds looking for an FJ55. Been at it for a month or two now. I've seen many types of rust in various places, but would like your feedback on what awaits me. These photos are from a single example. Your responses will help me understand what's...
  16. theamigo

    Wanted FJ55 for full restoration project.

    UPDATE: Found an FJ40 instead. Hi, I'm in the Seattle area and am looking for an FJ55 to restore. I intend to do a frame-off restoration myself, and to get my kids involved. We homeschool so yeah we're weird like that. :) I'm looking for something around $5,000 depending on quality. I looked...
  17. greendale surf

    New Zealand 1976 FJ55 Rebuild

    Hi Guys I had a thread in the 45 & 55 series tech but seams this is the best place for information on rebuilding Iron Pigs. I been busy with work so not much progress, the body is looking sad in the paddock. Also blew the front diff in...
  18. J

    For Sale 1975 FJ55 Landcruiser LS Conversion Project - $5,500 firm

    - This truck is a steal at this price. Need to get it moved ASAP. First come first serve. - In Thousand Oaks, CA - Interior in REALLY good condition (headliner, dash pad, back seat, door panels, etc... are perfect; one minor tear on front bench) - LS Engine conversion has been started - Has a...
  19. greendale surf

    1976 FJ55 Rebuild

    Hi Everyone I recently acquired a 1976 FJ55 and have decided to restore it to is former glory and use it as a hunting wagon and for camping trips. These are such awesome old machines. I down heaps of work on Toyota Surfs, but never attempted a restoration before. So a brought the truck sight...
  20. socaloffroad

    Wanted Iron Pig Wanted / FJ55

    I am on the hunt for a FJ55. I have a 40 and the 55 is more friendly for my family. I plan to use it for camping, hunting (yes we can still buy a hunting rifle in California), fishing (yes there is still water in California) If anyone is interested in selling one, your neighbor has one for sale...
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