1. CIR

    Toyotas from the Canary Islands Spain

    I want to introduce myself to the forum. I operate a exotic vehicle consultancy based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain specializing in classic 4x4 Toyotas. Low milage, minimal oxidation, left hand drive, manual diesels - 40s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 4runners and hilux. We source and ship parts also...
  2. G

    Insuring a grey market vehicle.

    Fellow Cruiserheads, Ok, a bit of a backstory. I came across a '91 HDJ-80 on Craig's List, and was very intrigued. Interestingly enough, it was advertised by a member on here, Chris Spaulding. I saw and drove the truck, made the deal, and had the truck transported down to Charlotte. I...
  3. C

    PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not try to register a non-USDM diesel in CA

    This is a warning, and is based on my own experiences as well as conversations with CARB, CA DMV, CA BAR, the EPA, several JDM importers, and a reading of sections 44202 and 44210 of the California Health and Safety Code. I am not a lawyer. The out-of-state title exemption apparently no longer...
  4. yemany


    Hi guy I would like to kn5if any one knows about importing from brasil
  5. BanjoSC

    Daily Driver HJ75 imported vehicle

    Does anyone drive an HJ75 troopy or double cab truck on the daily? If so, what year and is this the only vehicle that you own? Any downsides to this being your sole vehicle?
  6. L

    No Spark, a few questions

    I just picked up another fj70. It was running when I purchased it but a few days later I cant get it to run again. I have checked plugs, wires, cap and rotor all in good condition. I took off the coil from my other FJ70, a flamethrower, and still it doesnt seem to produce spark. Im fairly...
  7. H

    Import to Alberta questions.

    Hey, I posted this in the import forum, but you guys in this clubhouse might be able to help me more. I'm from Calgary, and working in California until October. I would like to drive up a FJ60 when I leave. I have a couple questions regarding importing: From what I understand, because the...
  8. H

    USA -> CAN. Going the other way. Questions.

    This topic comes up often, but a lot of cruisers make there way down from Canada instead of going up. Long story shot, I'm a Canadian working in California until October. Seeing so many rust-free cruisers down here has definitely accelerated my love for them, specifically FJ60s. I don't have one...
  9. C

    FJ vs. BJ value in United States?

    Quick question to anyone who has an opinion. I am looking at importing a couple of BJ43s from Europe. Everything else equal - do the Diesel BJs have the same value in the U.S. as an FJ? Or, do they for some reason carry a discount or premium. Many thanks in advance.
  10. SoCalDesertCruiser

    The Latest Fight Over Car Importing

    For anyone thinking about importing an old cruiser, here is an EPA battle worth keeping an eye on: Cliff Notes version: If a vehicle older than 25 years is brought to the US but has an engine swap, it can be denied...
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