1. CloudCity

    HVAC evaporator cleaner, which drains to use?

    So after mistakenly posting in the 80-series forum and getting myself even more confused I have some quick questions for you all on doing the HVAC foaming cleaner. I have read that there is a drain tube coming from the firewall and I have located this. I understand there is a second drain tube...
  2. K

    Electrical issues!!

    Hey everyone I have run into something I can't solve. Here are the issues: 1st the dash lights do not work. 2nd the HVAC system does not work anymore. 3rd the tail lights do not work. 4th the doors unlock when I press the brake pedal. Checked all the fuses they are fine. And checked the brake...
  3. I

    A/C Air Recirculation

    A solution to keep recirculation on by pushing a button even when the defrost mode is on. In other words, a wire to override the defrosters so recirculation can be on in any mode. I thought about closing the diverter and disconnecting power to that air inlet servo however i prefer a electrical...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale All AC parts for FJ80 AND HEATERS

    SoCal I have parts for all different years of FJ80 1991, 1993, 1994m, 1996, 1997 from several part out cars including: Compressor, Idler Pulleys AC lines AC amplifiers coils Condensors AC control units etc. Heater control valves NO HEATER CORES PLEASE CONTACT WITH YOUR YEAR LANDCRUISER...
  5. VirginiaSlim

    HVAC Fan Problem 2004 LX470

    I've been searching the forums for a week or two, but can't seem to figure out this little issue. I have several issues with the HVAC system (2004 LX Levinson Nav Head Unit). First issue which started 2 weeks ago: My front HVAC fan does not come on at all. Rear climate control still works...
  6. Riviera

    HVAC Control Head & Blower Motor

    1998 Lexus LX470 with factory radio (pre-nav) and digital readout/automatic climate control. So, about 3 weeks ago, I started my car to let it warm up as it was -10 and let it run for about 15 minutes. When I climbed in to go to work, I realized the fan wasn't blowing. I played with the fan...
  7. ridgeback rig

    Rear heater problem

    The rear heater on my '93 is not blowing. If I stick my fingers in the vent I feel heat and the fuse looks fine. What do I need to do to fix this?
  8. ridgeback rig

    Blend door stuck

    The blend door on my 93 is apparently stuck open. There is no heat when you turn the heater on and there is cold air that comes in thru the vents during any drive in cold weather. No water on floor, no overheating. Heater valve has been replaced, just in case and appears to be functioning. Took...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Air Conditioning Parts - almost everything

    SoCal PARTS FOR 93-94, Parts for 95-97 I do not have the AC amplifier for 95 - 97. I do have systems from 1993 to 1997, R134 Compressors $85 with clutch Condensors Hoses, AC lines, etc. Dashboard Control Modules
  10. BullElk

    HVAC controls do not work...then will....then wont??

    I have had the A/C problem where a couple fan speeds work and couple don't..Then I replaced amplifier above accelerator pedal after drilling holes in it so water can drain out if need be. That fixed the problem at the time, two years ago. So I have experienced that type of problem. This is...
  11. pillguy

    HVAC woes....

    Yet another thread on home HVAC issues.... House built in 1999 Main R410a HVAC (outside unit) replaced in 2010 and Evap coil replace in 2012 and supposedly still under warranty Spent $600 last year on R410a to refill system in August. Turned on this year and no cold air. Told I have a leak, not...
  12. G

    HVAC Automatic Climate Control is Either Hot or Cold

    The automatic climate control system in my 97 40th Anniversary LC can be set to full heat or full cold only ...nothing in between (like warm) ...when in automatic or manual setting. So my only adjustments are Hot, Cold and fan speed. Any explanations or suggestions ? Thanks !
  13. T4RBoarder

    A/C Amp or Control Unit

    Good Morning everyone, hopefully I didn't miss a thread about this in my search. I currently do not have A/C in my recently acquired 40th and would like to hopefully rectify the issue before the weather gets too warm. Symptoms are the engine idles up as I feel like it should when I push the A/C...
  14. J

    plastic HVAC controls

    I want to replace my hvac controls. Some of the sliders are very hard to get moving. Also one of the plastic levers is broken. I found what I think is the correct part number. The folks at JP CarParts say it has been discontinued and the controls for a 1990-2004 model can be used. Among other...
  15. Ricktor

    HVAC blower works intermittently hj-60

    Any ideas on why my HVAC blower would work when the weather is warm and not when it's cold? Heat and AC work fine it's just the blower. 89 HJ-60
  16. S

    LX450 Automatic HVAC Issue

    Recently purchased an LX450. It has the automatic climate control. All of the fan control options and air location seems to work, but no matter where I set the slider it's blowing max hot air, unless I set it to the lowest setting, in which case it blows max cold air. I downloaded FSM and...
  17. apeterson

    Hvac lights

    Very new to this section. 97 lx. Driving to work in the dark. The heat controls are very dark. Do I have some bulbs burnt out? How easy to replace? Part numbers? Best place to buy?
  18. NMC_EXP

    Removal of HVAC Control Panel

    ref: '85 FJ60 A scanner was installed in the ash tray slot. I need to remove that plus see why the fresh/recirculate lever won't move full stroke. The HVAC controls, ash try and some switches are in a panel in the center of the dash. Question: Can that panel be pulled without removing the...
  19. 40thSagePearl

    Climate Control Recirculation Stuck on fresh air

    I'm in the process of replacing a ton of center console and dash bulbs on my lexus lx450 (1996 locked with 172k) I recently noticed that there is always air blowing through my air vents and that the air recirculation feature is not working. I have pressed the button andnthe light changes over on...
  20. LXColorado

    HVAC Troubleshooting

    Mudders, I've had a few ask, so I think it warrants its own post - I assume more might have had/have this issue. Maybe this could end up in the FAQ, if enough people post solutions to HVAC problems (with pictures!). PROBLEM: Temperature control for HVAC does not work. Cold is cold, 65 and...
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