1. B

    HJ75 rear hub stud ALL SHEARED OFF

    Hey guys, new to the Mud so just posting this here for some help. I have a HJ75 ute .2 days ago while driving all the studs on the right rear hub sheared off , luckily didn't lose the shaft, wheel or anything else that would've wanted to come off then. I cannot figure out why it sheared off...
  2. Lotarp100

    Wanted DS Front Hub Assembly LC100/LX470 - 4350369015 (Florida)

    Does Anyone have one of these laying around before I order one? Thanks in advance.
  3. bigredmachine

    For Sale 100 series/lx470 front hub and bearing

    I have a used set of front hub and bearings that a customer wanted to have replaced. hubs and bearings have 200k miles on them, there were no issues with the wheel bearings when they were removed. hubs are in good condition as is the abs ring. p/n is 43503-69035 asking 100 for both, they are...
  4. 9

    Brakes/hub help

    I began the process of installing new pads and rotors on my 94’ fzj80 today(not manual locking hubs). I am unclear on the torque specs and order on installing hub components and the hub itself(rookie mistake on my part) and my haynes manual isnt giving me the info i need. When reinstalling my...
  5. G

    91 FJ-80 Birf wear - how much is too much?

    Hi guys, In the middle of my Birf//hub/diff rebuild & wondering how much is too much wear. Images show typical wear on star. Ball & housing look good... What do you think? Money is tight so I was thinking to swap sides but don't want to be stupid since I came this far... Also, axle seals were...
  6. T

    For Sale 10mm Wheel Spacers - 100 Series

    New in box, never mounted, Motorsport Tech wheel spacers for 100 series front hubs. 10mm thick 5x150 bolt pattern in ALUMINUM. Commonly used to allow fitment of rock warrior or similar aftermarket wheels. I bought for this reason, but have since sold the wheels. I paid $95 with shipping and...
  7. Napoleon047

    For Sale Coarse spline hubs and birfields

    Coarse spline birfields Coarse spline Warn hub Coarse spline Selecrtro hub Hubs unlock and lock by hand but have not been gone through. $50 shipped CONUS
  8. G

    Trustworthy service in Jacksonville, FL area

    Hello all, I am looking for a trustworthy service shop in the Jacksonville, Florida area. My vehicle is a 2006 LX 470, and I want to have the front hubs, CV, brakes (rotors, pads, fluid) fully serviced. I typically do this stuff myself, but just don't have the time right now. I am going to...
  9. LazyEye

    Thrust Washer importance level

    Well, this may seem like a stupid question to many and I have a good idea as to the correct answer but I guess I'm just looking for some general agreement or disagreement with my thoughts. I'm putting my drivers side hub back together after new bearings, new ceramic pads and freshly resurfaced...
  10. Kamran Khan

    LX450 front axle hub stud with cross threaded nut.

    Hello every one! Few months ago I replaced the bearings on front axle hub, recently it started making kind of humming noise. So I decided to check the grease in the bearings and also tighten up the hub adjusting nut. But two of the studs that hold the flange has cross threaded nuts and it's...
  11. Geneyus

    "How-to" for inspecting bearings/hub/axle?

    Is there a YouTube Video or write-up on how to take apart the hub and inspect the bearings? I found one video where the guy already has the hub taken apart. I'm not even sure how to get to that point. In the picture below, the nuts labeled "A" and "B" that I un-tighten are just spinning freely...
  12. PbnFJ

    SOLD Electric Locking Hub Adapters for 70 series - Norcal

    SOLD Locking Hub Adapters these allow you to replace your Toyota Electric Locking Hubs on a 70 series with Aisin or other manual hubs. The adapters are brand new and were never used and include gaskets, etc. SOLD
  13. SpamEggsandRice

    Blue Hub Fan Clutch

    I bought an Aisin FCT-004 from Amazon and what I receive was the one on the right. Everything bolted up except when it was time to mount it on the water pump. The one on the left is what I purchased from which is the correct one.
  14. riffman12

    Front hub flange torque confusion

    Hi guys I'm about to get in and tighten down my front wheel bearings. I'm finding mixed info on torque specs for the 6 nuts that hold on the flange and cone washers on the outside of the hub. The ones you see when you first take the center caps off the wheels. Can someone confirm the torque...
  15. josh87

    Seperating rotors from hub assembly

    Quick question: I ordered some new rotors for my 1998 HZJ75. I am currently at the stage that I have removed everything, but I have no clue how to separate the current disc from the hub. I have the 6 lug nut version and there are no additional bolts or threaded holes foreseen in my current set...
  16. KY Longhunter

    For Sale 3-Speed Clutch Fork, Pivot ball and Hub

    3-Speed Clutch Fork, Pivot ball and Hub $60 + shipping
  17. Super77

    locking hub removal and replacement - help!

    I removed one of my locking hubs - just the outermost part containing the rotating gold switch and the black ring - and forgot to note the position it was in before removal. How important is this? In putting it back, it seems that it can only go back in one of two orientations. The inner teeth...
  18. medtro

    Wanted 100 series used axle hub flanges

    Looking for a set of 2 used axle hub flanges for 100 series. Worn flanges are fine.
  19. cruiseroutfit

    YWST: AISIN Hubs & Hub Parts

    Yeah, we stock that! Are you in need of some new AISIN hubs for your Land Cruiser or Truck/4Runner? We've got the cure! We stock more AISIN hubs than anybody, pallet loads. Chances are we not only have exactly what you need but in a color of your choice too! Fits 8/99+ 76/78/79 Series - w/5...
  20. P

    KZJ-78 Front Brakes & Swivel Hub Seals

    Hi All, Was just wanting to do my KZJ78 swivel hubs and brakes and was looking for an online manual or images on how to pull everything apart. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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