1. Dustin Messina

    For Sale  Fj60 OEM AIr Cleaner Hose

    This was the original air cleaner hose on my 85 fj60. It’s in great condition with not tears or holes. I know city racer is selling the repros but this is original. $125 plus shipping.
  2. 2001LX470KEN

    Vapor Canister: replacement hose

    Could anyone help me with a Toyota part number for this hose (with faint yellow band) that’s in front of the vapor canister on a 01 LX470? I noticed there’s a large crack in mine. I live in the Bay Area and the stealerships in my area have no clue. I’ve also tried a bunch of online oem sites...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Fj80 93&94 air intake hose

    So Cal Very good condition, no cracks no splits, good rubber. This is a factory hose from a well taken care of 94. $50
  4. C

    Heater Hose cut and clamped

    Hi all, picked up a 60 series recently and only just noticed (what i think is) the heater hose has been cut and clamped shut. Why would someone cut it? The only thing I can think of is a faulty thermostat or similar so the heater is always on...? Would this cause any issues with cooling, engine...
  5. J

    Wanted  Smog pump hoses

    I’m trying to find replacements for the hoses coming off the smog pump including the one going to the air cleaner. It looks like they are no longer available from Toyota. They appear to be 7/8” and 1” hoses (I think). Has anyone had any luck finding correct application replacements? Thanks Jeff
  6. J

    FJ40 EGR to carb soft hose

    What type of hose should be used between EGR valve and carb(see yellow cap below)? Vacuum, fuel, etc. It appears to be around 5/8 diameter. Vehicle is 5/1977 FJ40. Original hose appears to be NLA. Thanks! Jeff
  7. J

    Hose Junction

    The following heater hose junction coming off the fitting located in head of my 1977 FJ40 seems to be unavailable from Toyota. Has anyone found a substitute or workaround for the hose junction? Thanks! Jeff
  8. F

    Coolant system leaks.

    Question : If you have a leak at the heater control valve/hose connection point under the hood, would it be normal that this would leak when you have the heat on but not leak when you have it off ? Background: Due to a loose water pump belt I replace the belts and tensioned to spec (yes...
  9. 1

    Need Help With Hose Connection

    Can someone please tell me what the other end of this hose connects to? My pics have failed me... It 79 FJ40 2F engine I'll give you extra points if you can provide a picture. Thanks
  10. D

    Extended brake hose.

    Would anyone know if the front and rear body to diff brake hoses are the same on a non abs fzj80? Found some for a good price on aussie ebay but they only have the rear listed at the moment and i need a front hose asap. Cheers Dale
  11. Redclayrob

    Coolant hose routing on fj80 4.5l

    I have a small hose under the rear of the lower intake toward the back half of the block. The hose is about 3/8... Anyone know what it connects to? Its already on a small port on the block. And its molded.
  12. Racer65

    Wanted  Oil Cooler Hose

    Looking for this hose that runs from the water pump to the oil cooler on '76 to '80 FJ40 with oil cooler. It's part 15777 in the diagram.
  13. EWiz

    What purpose does this hose serve?

    What purpose does this hose serve? I'm asking because I broke the plastic barb on the radiator and debating whether I need a new radiator or not. Thanks for the help!
  14. H

    A/C free-on hose leak

    yet another question, so my a/c coolant/free-on hose has a leak in it so when I charge my a/c she will run good for about 1-2 days and then will go back to blowing room temp air. I have tried the indicator and sealant which worked well for a couple of days but eventually failed me. I took it to...
  15. Randy88FJ62

    Verify Oil Cooler Hose P/N please?

    There is a horizontal hose that attaches to the Oil Cooler. I want to replace it and was hoping someone could verify I found the correct one. It's a straight hose, no fancy turns. OEM Hose for 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser|90445-18085 : Toyota Parts Online | Olathe Toyota Parts Center I realize the...
  16. 89GASHOG

    Fuel vent hose attachment broken

    The rear most of these on my rig has broken off at the nipple where it ties into the fuel vapor separator gizmo. Anyone have any clever ideas on how to remedy this, without replacing the entire assembly? I thought that perhaps I could cap it and find a place to secure it above tank level. I...
  17. wpns4l

    front caliper brake hose part #s (FJ80)

    Hello, Im trying to find the part numbers for a 92 FJ80 front caliper hoses. I tried searching the forums and see people mention part number, 90947-02A16, but they are talking about the FZJ80. Is this the same hose for the earlier models or do i need different ones? Thanks in advance.
  18. mattcheston

    Toyota p/n for 5.5mm ID vacuum hose?

    Does anybody know the P/N for 5.5mm ID vacuum hose from Toyota, assuming this isn't NLA? I've bought a bunch of the 3.5mm ID in 1 meter lengths through P/N 90999-92004. You can also get 2/3 meter lengths with part 90999-92003.
  19. BullElk

    Power steering hose replacement. ??

    Anyone ever replaced these hoses with regular hose to avoid relating evite system? If so, what size?
  20. Randy88FJ62

    A440F Trans Oil Cooler Inlet Hose Length?

    I forgot to grab the hose and I'm headed to a hose maker after work. Anyone have one handy? What length is the longer hose? It's the hose that leaves the transmission hardline and goes into the oil cooler in the bottom of the radiator.
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