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  1. J

    LX470 drop in high beam bulb upgrade?

    Did the HID retrofit by @Luke111 - had a lot of fun working on it. But now my Low Beam is considerably more powerful than my High Beam. I wouldn't want to do an intense install for the High Beam like the HID retrofit, but has anyone found an direct replacement bulb for the High Beam that has...
  2. marsh

    Very Special FJ60 headlights woes

    Here is one for all the sparkies! The situation is I currently have no low beams on either side (0 volts at connector), and high beams rights side only (~5 volts left, ~11 volts right). When high beams are selected the high beam indicator does not turn on. Combination switch contacts are...
  3. AU FJ40

    Need turn / high beam indicator wiring diagram

    I bought a replacement indicator and they're not exactly the same. Does any have the picture of the wiring and description off what each does? I can't seem locate it. The last lic is the newer one and it has 2 extra wires that are confusing me . Thanks
  4. workingdog

    Question about high beam indicator

    My '66 FJ40 hasn't had a high beam indicator in the dash for a long time. When I was working on the light switch recently, I realized that someone had run both the RY and RW wires to the headlight terminal on the switch. Looking at the writing diagram, it looks like RW should be hooked up, but...
  5. cruiserkreutz

    IH8WIRING: Passenger Side High Beam No Worky

    I have no power at the red/yellow stripe wire at the head light connection (highbeam I believe) on the passenger (right) side. I've traced the wire into the harness that is, I believe, still factory taped. From there I get lost... According to this wiring diagram, it connects with the red/yellow...
  6. FranceJohnson

    LX470 AUX Light with High Beam Cutoff

    I am in the process of wiring in a LED lightbar to my wife's 2000 LX470. I have the switch wired in, the relay, and I am currently trying to solve the issue of the relay +12v trigger wire. I want this tied to the high beams, so I don't need to scramble to find multiple switches to kill the...
  7. bubfuji

    For Sale FJ62 Hella H4 and H1 Head lights

    Hello, I have 2 H4 and 2 H1 Hella head light assemblies from my Fj62 for sale. Asking $100.00 OBO for the set plus shipping 2 H4 driving lights 2 H1 highbeam lights 4 lights total There are light bulbs in the lights as well.
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