heater control

  1. J

    Another overheating thread, cab heater tap??

    I have had an overheating issue in my 1990 hj60 since I bought it 12 months ago. I have replaced the entire cooling system under the bonnet with the exception of the radiator which was taken apart and rodded and it just about spotless. After extensive research I have heard occasionally mentioned...
  2. kilmarkid

    heater control valve blew at 263k miles(EHCV)

    Blew the heater valve.at 263k miles. It was not just brittle, it was toast. Zero integrity. Thought it was the PHH but that turned out to be fine. Replaced the pesky part since most of the fluid was already drained on my driveway. PHH took about 2 hours between cold ones and mucho forearm skin...
  3. fj40toycruiser

    Heater control valve Servo Motor

    New to the family 1993 fzj80. I am in the process of diagnosing why I have no front heat. I have a solid temp reading on the dash. With the cable disconnected at the firewall the valve feels to move freely. When I removed the radio and disconnected the cable at the servo motor the cable moves...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Heater Air Conditioning Control Module for Dashboard $75 FJ80

    So Cal Complete in-dash control modules I have all three to choose from, 91-92, 93-94, 95-97. All are from working FJ80s. $75 each + shipping (Approx $12) Paypal OK. Ready to ship
  5. schradec

    97 Collectors Edt Climate Control Woes

    UPDATE 1/22/15** ISSUE RESOLVED FOR NOW. SOLUTION ON PAGE 2 Figured I should start my own thread here regarding the issue I am having vs continuing to hijack old threads. Little back story. Recently picked up a new to me 97 CE. Upon driving it originally AC worked great as well as heater...
  6. bvissers

    1991 HDJ 81 Climate control issue,

    I recently had a dash fire that burnt out ,most of the center dash ( Radio, AC box, heater box ducting and all wiring running to the center dash) . Luckily I had parted out an HDJ 81 last summer and John from Rad cruiser sold me all the plastic I had thrown out!!.. After having wired in all...
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