1. J

    Wanted  Florida: 100 series long tube headers

    Hey guys, Just recently scored a brand new in the box TRD supercharger from Australia for the 4.7 2UZ-FE. Going to install it on my dad's 98 LC. More air in=More air out. And I was wondering if anyone's got any long tube headers for the 4.7. The only options I can seem to find are the Doug...
  2. AllLC

    Wanted  1999 Doug Thorley Headers NIB

    Anybody got a set of these they want to sell? I would prefer they are new. Doesn't really need to be in the box. Not in a huge hurry but if you are we can make it happen. Im in kalamazoo mi (49006) so though im willing to pay shipping i dont know how heavy these are... Thanks
  3. Radford Spivey

    Wanted  Header for 77 fj40

    Is there a source for headers for 2f engine 1977 fj40? I have a hole the size of a quarter in mine.
  4. Rvrswft

    Headers and back exhaust 1991 fj80 3FE

    91 fj80 3FE 269K and going Having trouble finding manifolds or headers that bolt on (after market). Not sure if they even exist. Found some headers with down pipe from cxracing, but not for 3FE... at this point I’d even entertain a used setup. Found front and rear manifold on eBay and...
  5. BMThiker

    80 Series Headers/Exhaust

    The guys at ACC Garage are working on new header-to-resonator replacement exhaust kit. Here are some teaser pics of the first install. I neglected to get a pic of the muffler, but it is nicely sized and surprisingly quiet. What I know about it at the moment: Maintains EGR port at rear of head...
  6. C

    Wanted  Downey Headers (California)

    If any of you have some old California legal Downey headers laying around or know someone else who does, and wouldn't mind making a few extra bucks, I'm in the market. And by that I mean I really need some, since apparently a machine shop can't resurface exhaust headers because of the no. 1 and...
  7. Copenhagen1

    SOLD  [TX] Doug Thorley Headers 100 series

    I bought these in June 2011. I am pretty sure it was in the second group buy. They are new in the box and have been in my garage or storage since I got them in 2011. I sold my 2001 100 series a year or so ago so I have no need for these headers. Would prefer not to ship but I will if necessary...
  8. julio71fj40

    For Sale  6TO1 Headers

    Never had an exhaust leak with them. $50 plus shipping.
  9. chubbybunny

    Wanted  1F FJ40 Headers

    Looking for headers for the FJ40, (1970). Shoot me a PM if youve got a set laying around. They don't have to be pretty!
  10. upp17

    Wanted  3fe headers

    s as the title says chasing some headers to suit 3fe engine and if possible a price including shipping to Australia? Cannot find these over here being such a rare model. And help is much appreciated! Thanks
  11. J

    Thorley shorty headers on a pre-05?

    Question here: has anyone installed a set of Thorley Shory headers (562-ss-c) on a pre 05 model? If so, has it been a success? Bought them by accident believing them to be a proper fit! Thanks in advance!
  12. JVZii

    For Sale  [GA] FJ40 2F Headers

    As part of a restoration, I am going back to an OEM setup. There are a couple of pin holes and a bit of rust. $75 plus the ride.
  13. UNCFj40

    Current FJ40 Header options

    Current best header options for 77 fj40? Im looking to upgrade to a header on my 77 fj40 and wanted some tips on the best option out there and what i may need to consider as i head down this path. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  14. C

    For Sale  NEW100 Series DT Headers free shipping

    New in box Doug Thorley Headers. $710 new. These are in pristine condition, includes gaskets. Box has storage wear. Purchased to replace cracked right manifold, took easy way out and went stock. $550 free shipping in lower 48.
  15. G

    GX470 headers 06+

    Has anyone done a testfit on the 06+ gx using the 4.7 4runner headers from doug thorley? Stainless Steel Shortie Headers, 2005-09 Toyota 4Runner, 4.7L Im contemplating a purchase, heard its a bear to work on these exhaust manifolds. I have the dreaded ticking sound and its kinda driving me...
  16. L

    For Sale  Headers 80 Series 1FZ-FE Stainless Steel Ceramic Coated

    Up for sale are my 1FZ-FE shorty headers. These are custom made, one of a kind, stainless steel,and professionally ceramic coated. They are tuned to the firing order of the engine. They also dump in the exact location of the OEM manifolds so the stock exhaust can be used with these. These were...
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