1. Moki

    SOLD  VA Beach - Front Flare Hardware Kit 95-97 80 series

    Bought wrong pack. I have a 1993. Save me the return and restocking fee at Cruiserparts. $30 and I’ll cover USPS. All the hardware you need to replace a front flare on a 95-97 80 series, except the gasket. Pic of their site description attached. All the parts are there.
  2. Fuentesfranko

    Giving away an Overland Metric hardware kit

    Hey guys, I teamed up with Overland Metric to have a giveaway on Instagram! We're giving away a Yellow Zinc Plated JIS full kit with over 1,000 pieces. If you're interested, please go to our Instagram post to see the rules and to enter. Thanks and good luck! Instagram: LandCruiserDiaries...
  3. pete1rayce

    Wanted  Bestop Soft Top bows, hardware & Frame

    I am looking for hardware to mount a bestop denim top on a standard 40 tub. Bows , winshield mount & mounts for the top of the tub ( basically a complete hardware kit if possible ) Thanks, Mike
  4. tstepp920

    For Sale  OEM Tailgate hardware

    $250.00 plus shipping missing the 2 hooks. and the bolt that the chain hooks to.
  5. liko

    For Sale  71 fj40 liftgate hardware in hawaii_Sold!

    1971 fj40 on big island hardware from liftgate handle is broken, lock cylinder included (no key) still has rustproof coating but some parts have surface rust 40 $ plus shipping usps priority flat rate +/- 20$
  6. benjrblant

    Trail Hardware

    As a relative newcomer to the 80 offroading world, I've been researching (extensively) what constitutes a "trail spare" and when its a good idea to carry them. Read: some links below. (Many omitted because I don't want to write an essay.) Trail spare's must have's ? What's in the 80 for Rubicon...
  7. C

    For Sale  Vancouver, Canada: Lexus branded sunroof deflector with hardware

    For sale. 80 series LX450. Lexus branded sunroof deflector with hardware. Good condition. No drilling involved. 20 dollars Will not ship (yet). https://goo.gl/photos/N19ZeR99HvHLwctJ9 https://goo.gl/photos/LH4L5icQ3wxTs6b26 I'm in the East Van area near 1st Ave and Renfrew.
  8. kunzma

    Wanted  Windshield screens and crank hardware

    USPS lost my screens and crank hardware. Needing to replace these items if anyone has an extra set.
  9. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4Runner 5 Passenger Seat Belts Complete Set Front & Back W/ All Mounting Hardware Bolts

    - This is a 1 single / same vehicle matching set of 1985 Toyota 4Runner 5 Passenger Seat Belts sets Complete Set Front & Back W/ All Mounting Hardware Bolts - Toyota Interior Trim Code #1 Grey / 1/79- Later FJ40 Trim code #1 - The 1985 Grey Color Fabric Belt Webbing & All Grey Plastic...
  10. cppilot

    Trade  Early PTO trap door with hardware

    I have an early Factory PTO shift lever trap door. I am still looking for an Aisan blue plate for my Aisan SD40 carburetor. Open to offers.
  11. swelltimes

    JIS / flange bolt hardware

    My old man was working on his '03 4 Runner, broke a bolt, and came across this site: Hex Flange Bolts | Hex Flange Nuts | Hex Flange Screws Anybody use them before? I know there are some guys that make great JIS fastener kits, but this looks like another decent option.
  12. Baja73

    Wanted  Looking for FJ40 visor hardware

    I am looking for FJ40 visor hardware for both sides. I have a 1973 FJ40. Thanks
  13. CaptainAussum

    Factory Soft Top Rear Hardware Dimensions???

    I need some help with the location of the FST rear bow hardware found on some FJ40's. I don't have the holes to mount the bracket on the bottom, so if anyone can give me the dimensions on the following pic would be great. Basically, from the centre of the bracket to the edge of the wheel well...
  14. 4Cruisers

    Toyota Hardware Database

    I've been trying to make sense of the nomenclature Toyota uses for bolt designations, and thought I had a pretty good handle on it. Others here on MUD have posted some helpful information on the topic (e.g., nomenclature used on bolts to designate a single captive split washer - 91611-XYYZZ...
  15. davework

    Mud SALE - Overland Metric - Cruiser Hardware

    Now that the store is fully stocked and everything will ship immediately, I wanted to offer one of the biggest sales we will offer: 20% OFF Everything to Mud. USE Discount CODE: MUDBOLTS20 when checking out. Our store offers Stainless, Yellow Zinc, and Gold CAD JIS Hardware and Kits. Check it...
  16. hamishpotter

    Rain gutter and roof hardware touch up paint?

    Have used search and Beno is on vacatio . Does anyone have a link or resource for the (matte) black roof hardware paint? I say matte because mine seems pretty matte, but OEM may not be. Thanks in advance, and sorry if I've missed a previously covered thread. J
  17. jcrandall

    Dumb shock question

    No luck on searching, here or on the rest of the interwebs. How many washers and bushings go on the top of traditional shocks? For this purpose I'm pretty sure OME and OEM are the same. The other question is are all four corners the same? From the top, 1. Upper Nut 2. Flat Washer 3...
  18. J

    1991 FJ80 Fender Flare hardware

    I'm looking for hardware to re-attach the 4 rear fender flares to my machine (91 FJ). The old hardware had rusted out completely so most of the bolts just broke while taking them off. Anyone have any experience with this? Will any old cage nut/bolt combination do the job? I'm having difficulty...
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