1. B

    Found a cruiser - looking for some feedback.

    Hi all, I think I may have found a bj60 that would be good for me. before I jump to having my family’s mechanic (who has owned 13 different cruisers) inspect it I thought I would check and see if anyone could give me a ballpark value on it. I wouldn’t anticipate selling (probably ever) but if...
  2. bmaster287

    Needed: H55F Transmission Mechanic in Long Island

    I am new to MUD but have an 85 FJ60 that needs to have a new rear seal and transfer case rebuild. While having that addressed, I figure I might as well put in the 5 speed transmission. My truck's current transmission has the spacer on it so it would be the easier swap. I wanted to see if...
  3. S

    SOLD  Sonoma,CA 1988 HZt-62 California registered diesel!

    Hello all! I offer for sale my 1988 HZt-62 here in lovely and scenic Sonoma, CA. This survivor started life as a plain ol 1988 FJ62 and lived most of it's life in the California desert. I purchased this truck as a non-running candidate for a diesel swap. Body is straight and has no rust...
  4. 1

    please help me identify my gearbox

    Greetings, I bought this gearbox from a local scrapyard along with the whole drivetrain, I need help to identify what gearbox and transfer case this is. Here is what i know. It was mated to a Toyota 2h engine. Looking forward to some help regards -nikunj
  5. DoubleNickels

    H55 Rebuild, Scratching my head here...

    In the process of buttoning back up my late 80's H55 and associated split case. In addition to swapping input shafts (thanks to help from Georg at Valley Hybrids), I opted to throw in new synchros and seals. I'm now hung up on what seems like excessive thrust/play of the counter shaft. I've...
  6. wngrog

    Builds  The Warthog v4.4

    About 2 years ago I got word that there was an abandoned FJ-55 in North Mississippi that had a low mileage 2F and drivetrain that needed to be rescued. At the time, my FJ-60 was running on 5 cylinders at best, but it was becoming my favorite Cruiser in the herd and it needed a motor. This...
  7. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  H55 Input Shaft and Bearing Retainer (Early Type) - Sold

    I have an H55 input shaft and corresponding bearing retainer, 3B/13BT type for the early style H55 transmission. This is used, pulled from an H55 that was converted to the F style input shaft. No weird noises on the transmission prior to disassembly. Asking $150 plus shipping from Cincinnati.
  8. bottombracket

    60 series 5 speed shift knob options

    I have a confession to make. The currently available OEM h55 shifter knob from Toyota is this gray rubber one with an embossed ring. Photo credit @ranma21 I hate it. It’s.....ugly. I know there are great options from other vendors that replicate the four-speed style knobs from the...
  9. S

    Where to find a H55

    So I’ve been working on my fj40 for about 2 years now, and bought a h42 off someone on Craigslist, and well... that didn’t really work so well. So now I’m back looking for a 5 speed, and a transfer case. I wasn’t sure where to really find one for a good price. I know they are pretty expensive...
  10. BreckenridgeCruiser

    For Sale  B series h55 and transfer case - great condition - 60/70 series top cover

    I cross posted here : For Sale - B Series h55 with 34mm Transfer Case [CA or CO] but thought that I should have posted here first. Tranny is in great shape and is in Colorado. Willing to ship. Can also pallet and have ready for a pickup or can drop off at fastenal if you take care of the...
  11. BiffS

    Trade  3B H55 nose cone/ bearing retainer for gasser H55 nose cone/ bearing retainer

    Howdy. In order to complete my swap, I need a gas version of the H55 input nose cone with the stubby sleeve and wide diameter flange ( around 1.5" OD). I've got a 3B version with the two oiling ports that i can trade. Straight across ( good deal for you as these are virtually impossible to...
  12. BreckenridgeCruiser

    For Sale  B Series h55 with 34mm Transfer Case [CA or CO]

    I have a B series H55 transmission/34mm transfer out of a 40 series. I pulled the top cover to use in another h55 setup so this one comes with a 60/70 series top cover. Transfer is manual shift front drive. This transmission drove beautifully and the shafts are all in good shape. I can get...
  13. HemiAlex

    H55F Swap Checklist: Post 85

    I'm getting ready to do this swap with my friend @FARMAN33 I've got a new H55F and rebuild split case from Georg. That will make most of this a direct swap into my 87. We will not be using anything from the old set up aside from the t case linkage. Here are the odds and ends that I've got...
  14. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  H55, Boise, Por favor

    Hoping the neutral, objective, benevolent forces of the MUD universe will smile upon me, seeing the dozens and dozens of quality cruiser parts I’ve given away or sold for pennies on the dollar in order to propagate and strengthen this cult, er, community... Hoping someone out there is like...
  15. RodrigzCrzr

    For Sale  H55 conversion parts!

    I have all the pieces to convert your FJ62 from Automatic to a H55 5speed. I have them posted individually on here and I decided to bundle it all so you can see what I have. Asking $300/plus shipping.
  16. MrCWineMan

    For Sale  Freshly rebuilt FJ60 in Colorado Springs: 2F, H55, Sliders, ARB bull bar, Heated Seats, and more!

    The time has come to sell my truck. This is a single family truck with my father having bought it new in 1985. We put over 375K trouble free miles on it. We then had the truck fully rebuilt at Safari Ltd in Grand Junction CO. The 2F is like new, we put in a new H55 5 speed, sliders, ARB bull...
  17. T

    For Sale  NC: 1988 FJ62 H55f 166k

    1988 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser 166k Miles Location: Charlotte, NC SOLD Craigslist browsing turned into owning an 80 series again. My wife wants a vehicle gone and unfortunately the 80 makes more sense as a DD/Family vehicle. Very reliable daily driver. No breakdowns or repairs during my...
  18. Gus

    For Sale  H55 & split transfer case from HJ60

    ***SOLD*** H55 and transfer case from a 87 Canadian spec HJ60, shifted smoothly prior to removal, been stored in doors. The transmission shift lever and some drive shaft parts (not in the pics) are included. this came out of a northeastern Cruiser so the transmission has surface rust, it's also...
  19. D

    H55f to h150 conversion

    Hey guys h55f gearbox in my 75 Ute 92 model is getting a bit how ya going, lined up a new gear box but it's a h150 out of a 80 series. I know I'll need to swap the transfers over. Anyone know what else is involved or if it's easily done? Thanks for any help
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