1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Owners Manuals 1996 and 1994

    SoCal $29.64. including shipping. Please specify 1994 or 1996. 1996 has a visible crease on the cover. 1994 has a small tear on the cover. No other torn or missing pages - these are complete owners manuals. THESE ARE NOT FIELD SERVICE MANUALS.
  2. shmukster

    For Sale FJ60 owners manual and owners guide in PA

    Selling a very nice owners manual from an 86 FJ60. Included is the owners guide. Price $45 buyer pays shipping. Best to email me
  3. NLScooby

    Quick Service Guide for 200 Series (pdf included)

    I came across this handy quick service guide for our 200 series and thought I would post it here. It's a pretty handy diagram (in picture format - so make sure you are looking at the right thing and your model!) featuring capacities and torque specs for common service items. Enjoy!
  4. D

    DEV - Injection Pump Tuning Guide

    This thread is not intended to replace the Official tuning thread but rather I would like some feedback on my understanding and procedure before I post in there. A little bit of background info. I have an 80 series 1HD-FT with the A442F Automatic transmission with 333,333 klms on the clock. I...
  5. RFB


    I think with all the info collectively on this entire forum or what I call the offroad BIBLE, we need to start a how to keep your rig rolling thread. Ill start: ALWAYS keep your fluids clean and topped off. And always grease your U joints tie rods and other zerks Always carry spare belts,plugs...
  6. Beej

    97 fzj80 wont start; request help with FAQ quick guide

    Hey folks, I went out to the garage just now and the truck wont start. When I turn the key the engine is turning but or maybe just the starter motor is running. Its way more than just a click but seems less than the engine actually turning. The sound is as if the engine it turning but its...
  7. racevws

    Guide for better MPG?

    Ok, so a smog delete for a 91-92 apparently does wonders (cheaply) for MPG. Is there any such mods on an FZJ 80, particularly a 93 or 94 (Pre obd 2)? I have searched the forum for MPG and Milage, and can't really find any great answers. What kind of numbers have people seen for things like...
  8. CAW16

    Knock Sensor Re-wiring guide?

    Does anyone have a pictures or a how to for re-wiring a 3vze Knock sensor circuit? I'm thinking about doing this soon to turn Code 52 off. Thanks, Chad

    who puts carpet in a 4x4? AKA a guide for installing vinyl flooring.

    there's a bit more to replacing the floor coverings in these old trucks than one might think... After 30 years of mountain living and all the mud that gets tracked in with it; and after 5-10 years of a slowly dripping rain gutter or bad windshield gasket, our carpet began to sprout. Having...
  10. X

    Family of 4 will be in North Wilkesboro NC third week in April. Trail guide wanted.

    Hi There! Looking to find one or two responsible wheelers familiar with local trails within an hour or so of North Wilkesboro. Around Boone would be great! Found Hurricane rd. and Richland rd. info but open to others. Any families out there interested in a family friendly run? Looking forward...
  11. drjman

    98 LX Radio and Speaker Install

    On almost every vehicle I have owned I have replaced the radio head unit and all the speakers. Its an easy and inexpensive way to get a lot better sound than stock, especially on an 18 year old truck. I'm not an audiophile and if you are one, you might want to look away! I set out to first...
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