1. Brian McDermott

    Bad Ground/exterior lighting issues?

    My 97 FJ80 continues to blow the fuses for the turn signals, running lights, and brake lights. Head lights and flashers work. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? I’m assuming it’s a bad Ground and was wondering what/where the most likely culprit could be. Thanks for the help.
  2. Shes Mad

    Orphan ground wire

    i have this ground wire on the bottom outside of the wiper motor. Not sure if it was added for an accessory, or if it belongs somewhere. This is on a an 87 Anybody have the same wire?
  3. J

    ground problem?

    I a beginning to think my electrical problems are related to a bad ground wire or situation. I don't think two separate relays would go bad and Buzz at the same time. 1) There is a ground from the starter to the frame: it is like 0 or 00 size. 2) There is the factory ground from the negative...
  4. TroutFJ

    Mystery ground wire

    Hey folks. I'm getting Babe all out back together and things are going pretty well overall! Last night while installing the new carb I noticed this wire at the back of the engine bay coming off a screw to the firewall. It's black with a yellow stripe and from what I can see it's a ground. The...
  5. mcgaskins

    Ground connection for roof mounted accessories

    I'm installing several scene lights on the sides of my roof rack as well as a reverse light and light bar up front. I have a switch/power panel that goes under the hood and has positive leads running from the box to go to each accessory, but I'll need to run grounds from accessory on my own...
  6. stoshzack

    1970 FJ40 Ground Questions

    Hi All - I had some electrical gremlins with my FJ40. Cleaned the fuse block and that cleared up a lot of issues. Two remaining questions: 1) My dash blinkers will not work. Is this just a matter of cleaning the blinker housings to get a solid ground connection to the metal dash? 2). Only one...
  7. 6

    Turning on lights kills engine, and hot taillight relay?

    Guys - hope all's well. Trying to ferret out a wiring issue on my new '87 60 project, where my tail, brake, and license plate lights won't turn on. As background, I bought the 60 "not running" a week ago, but with a new battery, oil change, and some manhandling of the gas pedal, it fired right...
  8. P

    Nut size? - carb cooling fan ground wire to temp sensor bracket

    Can't seem to find this in any partslist online, so hoping someone knows the answer off-hand (before I start trial and error). Anyone know the size and type of nut that fits on the bolt where the carb cooling fan grounding wire is attached to the temp sensor bracket? '83 FJ60 if it matters...
  9. csd1982

    What's your ground to fame height? SOA with 37s?

    commemt on the distance between the ground and the bottom of your frame if you run SOA and 37's. Also comment if have extended your wheel base and what axles you are using.
  10. 69LC

    Where does this ground strap go?

    So as I search for electrical gremlins I found this ground strap loose. Where is it supposed to attach?

    Ground Gremlins Growing

    So a few months ago my battery light came on. I whipped into a parts store and tossed a 100Amp alternator on it. 3 days later the light came back so I went to the parts store. They tested both the battery and alternator. Both checked out OK. Verified elsewhere. Getting steady 13.6-14...
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