1. LC4LIFE

    HuddExpo add a fuse block kit - thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, I have had many requests to roll out a simple kit to add a fuse block to the main battery for the guys that prefer not to deal with the dual battery setup or that just want to get some more power into the cab. Here is the beginning. I will be offering a 3/8" thick HDPE panel cut...
  2. Bardiya

    Blowing GAUGE Fuse when engaging L4

    I noticed that all my gauges were dead after pulling another car out of the sand in low range. (Part-time 4WD model) After checking the interior fuse box I found that the gauge fuse was blown, Replacing the fuse fixed the gauges but Engaging L4 will cause it to blow again. I don't know where to...
  3. CHS78FJ40

    Running Lights - beyond the fuse.....

    Running lights went out yesterday - no big deal, right..... grab a new fuse and swap it out. Wrong - fuse was blown - 15A glass fuse - replaced it no problem. Still no lights. (Headlights and brake lights still work - just no front or rear running lights) New owner of my '78 FJ40 - bought from...
  4. LC4LIFE

    Dual Battery Kit Interest POLL

    Hi Everyone, I will be announcing my new website relatively soon over in the Small Business Storefront, but I wanted some input on a package I am putting together. I am a huge fan of BlueSea Systems and have been running their 7610 ACR, fuses, fuse blocks and circuit breakers for some time in...
  5. Big4Jerm3


    I'm on my third battery in less than one year of owning my 2000 LX470. I've done quite a bit of research and landed on parasitic draw as the culprit. I've used my multimeter to test and have found a few issues. 1. With the vehicle turned off and all doors closed I get around 900 Ma draw...
  6. T

    HDJ81: 24v to 12v starter conversion

    I'm trying to convert from 24v starter to 12v using @FlyAddiction 's 1HDT 24v to 12v conversion step by step He says to connect the passengers side positive through the 5511e and a fuse to the aux fuse box. His diagram indicates its on the right hand side of the engine bay I'm trying to...
  7. J100Joseph

    Mission critical fuses/relays

    Are there mission critical fuses or relays that, if they blow, will leave you stranded? Had the big pink (ABS TRC 89633-24010) relay blow on me yesterday, and instantly lost power windows, locks, seat, sunroof, and steering wheel power. Annoying, but not critical. That got me wondering if I...
  8. zonker

    Winch Circuit Breaker

    I installed a Comeup Seal 9.5rs last year. Don't know where my mind was at as I come from somewhat of an electrical background. With that said.. I like a dumb a** did not fuse or install a circuit breaker in the positive from the battery to the winch. Going back to rectify this situation.. I...
  9. I

    For Sale FZJ80 Alternator upgrade parts

    Reference:Upgrading stock alternator to 130/150 amp I sold my 94 FZJ80. The new buyer wanted it Stock so I ended up with any mods I had done including the alternator upgrade I had done. Asking $150 + shipping. You get the Photoman bracket, Sequoia Alternator, 175 Amp fuse, connector plug. I ran...
  10. LCHardriver_02

    Gauge Fuse - IMPORTANT!

    So, I'm back in my 100 series, as my wife took my daughter and headed to the mountains in my 200 series LX:cheers:. This last week, I was troubleshooting the wiring on a small two-wheel trailer and accidently shorted 12V to ground....:doh: This took out my Gauge Fuse, located in the driver's...
  11. Randy88FJ62

    Blown fuse, passenger (RH) headlight. Need help troubleshooting.

    I upgraded to slcFJ62's wiring harness and all was well for a few years. Then recently I noticed that the center two hi beams on my 62 had blown a fuse in his custom fuse box. Trouble shooting wasn't going well so I pulled the entire custom harness out. Before directing my attention to his...
  12. Luke84

    Advice on tying second fuse panel to ignition

    Hi- Today I essentially completed the majority of the wiring of a Blue Sea auxillary fuse box. Months ago, I installed two 12v outlets and ran the wires to the driver's seat. I ran 4ga cables from the battery to the box, but I'd like to also insert some form of relay to tie it into the...
  13. shmukster

    For Sale Gray FJ60 fuse cover and glovebox door in PA

    Selling a nice gray fusebox cover from an 86 FJ60 price $18. Also have the glovebox door from the same truck it has a dent but is otherwise nice includes the stopper arm price $20. Buyer pays shipping. Best to email me shmukter@pa.metrocast.net
  14. jerryb

    tail light fuse blowing after HID install. STUCK

    Went to leave for florida and got pulled over, no tail lights. Fuse blown and replaced with new, it pops instantly with headlight switch activation. I removed all six rear bulbs, and fuse still blows at switch activation. I thought at first it was me working on the back hatch as I was wet...
  15. brakasha

    Tail Fuse Repeatedly Blowing

    Hi gang, I know there are several posts on here about things connected to the tail fuse that commonly cause it to blow, but I'm having trouble finding them now that I need them. I'll just post a few details. 1996 fzj80, tail fuse repeatedly blows. I have a Slee illuminated switch tapped into...
  16. M

    Daylight Running Lights Fuse for 1999 TLC

    My daylight running lights are out on my 99 TLC. Anyone know which fuse to look for? Just haven't peeked inside the fuse box yet...Thanks
  17. boozewz

    Blue Sea Fuse Block Mounting Location

    Can we see some pics of where you guys have mounted these inside the wagon? Most of the images are in the "what have you done this week" thread, so the search wasn't too helpful. I am debating to put mine in the cargo hold above the bottle jack storage. Can either insert it flat horizontally...
  18. Romer

    Which fuse is the Illumination fuse for the lower right dash switches?

    I searched the manual and can't find it. I was wiring in my aux white switch and I think I blew the fuse I tried other functions on the fuse that seemed like it might be it but no joy
  19. A

    Wanted FJ62 Fuse cover-Brown

    My 4 year old stepped on my fuse cover while we were doing some troubleshooting. I have brown interior. shipped to 94960 thanks Jonathan
  20. Mattyboy

    Wanted 1995 tan fuse cover

    I am looking for a tan fuse cover right under the steering wheel. Shipped to VT. Thanks Matt.
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