fuel tank

  1. F

    For Sale  Fj40 doors and fuel tank

    Doors off of 72 good shape all glass 1000 or best offer and a auxiliary gas tank approximately 10 gallons I had tank cleaned and coated also added return and pickup 350 it has a part number but I’m not sure who made . Pick up only located in San Diego
  2. RoninMetal

    Wanted  FJ60 Fuel Tank

    Just rescued a FJ60 that’s been sitting since 2012. It’s currently running with a jerry rigged plastic container in the engine bay :lol: In need of a rust free fuel tank, preferably in Southern California, unless shipping doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Ive heard about the recall but I need to...
  3. caladin

    1980 short bed 4wd 13.7 gallon fuel tank VS 1986 2dw shortbed 13.7 gallon fuel tank

    I'm looking at my a 1980 Toyota 4wd short bed pickup fuel tank, capacity 13.7 gallons, which is unobtanium new. I've been comparing it to the 1986, 2wd, short bed carburated fuel tank that's also 13.7 gallons, which is readily available. They look identical to me. I have been told the...
  4. C

    94 Land Cruiser gas capacity? Help

    Hey guys, so ive read most if not all land cruisers 80 series have a 25gal tank? Well my new to me 94 old records show a gas tank and pump replacement. My question is, were there any year land cruisers with a smaller gas tank? Underneath mine appears to look OEM. At the pump it accepts about...
  5. S

    80 series landcruiser

    Hi guys, I recently got a flat battery in my 80 srries and ever since then my sub tank will not activate and my main fuel tank gage won't work. Just wanting to know if there's an easy fix to this (fuse) or if its a big problem and if it can be easily fixed Cheers
  6. MDK

    Wanted  Charlottesville, VA 22901 - ISO: 1985 FJ60 FUEL TANK

    I have purchased a never-ending-headache of a 1985 Fj60.:bang: Currently dealing with a very rusty fuel tank and having trouble locating an aftermarket one thats not $1500. If anybody in VA has an extra tank (not rusted) they'd part out please let me know! Seeking VA residents mostly because I...
  7. Baja73

    Color of 1973 FJ40 Fuel Tank

    I had to buy a new fuel tank. I bought a new OEM tank. It came a flat black color and really looks like it needs to be painted. What is the correct color for a 1973 fuel tank? Thanks!
  8. M

    For Sale  Brand new in box fuel tank

    Brand new in box fuel tank for 72-78 FJ40 or FJ45. Will ship I bought it for my project and the barn burned down around her. The tank was in the house, so it survived $200
  9. S

    Wanted  FJ60 fuel tank

    Im in need of a tank for my 60. I can't afford $900 or $600 so if anyone has one cheap or any suggestions Im all ears.
  10. Kons

    Wanted  FJ60 fuel tank

    Looking for a FJ60 fuel tank. Hopefully close to Bend, OR. Thanks, Kons
  11. H

    For Sale  60 series long range tank S. NV

    60 series long range tank. This is the MANAFRE tank. New with install kit. $800 plus the shipping. Raw steel ready for paint or powder. I believe they sell for about $1400 now when avail.
  12. Docktormike

    Fuel Tank....replace or refurbish?

    I'm having fuel tank issues and I wondered if anyone had a line on aftermarket tanks, especially oversized ones. I guess I could remove and refurbish my existing one, but then I still have a 20 gallon tank, which is barely enough for some treks. Has anyone replaced their tank with an...
  13. wardharris


    OPEN BOX SPECIAL :bounce::bounce2: Early 100 Series LRA Replacement Main Tank 40 Gallons 1998 - 2002 $1,295 DELIVERED This tank business is an adventure.... it turns out the current LRA replacement tank will not work with later (2003+) 100 Series. We found this out the hard way :( SO..... we...
  14. wardharris


    LONG RANGE AUTOMOTIVE FUEL TANKS IN USA Since late 2017, Cruiser Brothers (Georg @orangefj45 and Ward @wardharris) has been exclusive US agent for LRA and their line of replacement and auxiliary fuel tanks. We stock popular models as best we can while keeping up with demand and order for stock...
  15. SaltcityTom

    fuel tank

    Ok I have a minor leak at the seam of my fuel tank, I know NAPA sells a repair kit for such things. My question is do I repair, replace with new or used?
  16. G

    SOLD  FJ40 Original Gas Tank (1976)

  17. AaKnight

    Wanted  Fuel Tank and filler neck ... anyone near oklahoma?

    I'm looking for a complete 80 series fuel tank and filler neck. Preferably within a days drive of Oklahoma. If you have one or the other, hmu
  18. wardharris


    YES, WE HAVE LONG RANGE TANKS IN NORTH AMERICA Cruiser Brothers is now exclusive distributor for Long Range Automotive of Lillydale, Victoria, offering a range of replacement and auxiliary tanks for offroad Toyotas and other marques. HISTORY Long Range Automotive has been building tanks for...
  19. SOAZtim

    For Sale  HZJ105 Aux Tank/Sub Tank $400

    SOLD This is a subtank from a 105 with straps which is related to the 80 series you could say. Can be used on an 80 series like George did. Here is some info on this model tank from his website: "The 105 subtank appears to be slightly larger. The 105 is advertised to be 65 liters (approx...
  20. K

    3fe Replacement gas tank option

    Looking for opinion or testimonial on a 3fe owner putting the manafre replacement long range fuel tank in their rig. I called manafre and they said it's a-ok, but the installation instructions says it's for 92-97s. When asked they said they weren't sure but no one ever complained, but didn't...
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