1. Darkwing58

    Wanted  Set FJ40 third members 3.7 gears found

    I’m am looking to for a set of FJ40 3rd members with 3.7 gears. Will be going in a 1972 FJ40.
  2. DailyDrive_FJ45

    Wanted  WTB P/N 15600-60010 Early Oil Filter Canister + Mounting clamp

    Looking for an early style oil filter canister like the one pictured (doesn't need to be that nice, but should be functional) also need mounting clamp. Anyone have one?
  3. JCruse

    Found a 5" crack on underside of solar panel... Problem?

    I can just barely catch a fingernail on it and it doesn't appear to cut through any of the black "traces" - it runs mostly between two cells - but it's so hard to tell. I'm wondering what those more learned than I think I should do about this. I don't know how long it's been there and I...
  4. 2001LC

    Anyone recognize this gasket, found in e-brake drum area of rotor??

    I found this inside rear rotor e-brake drum area. What is it from/for???? Seem thick for the area, if axle pulled!
  5. TexAZ

    Found on the side of the road

    On the road between casa grande and Maricopa. Anyone in the club? Need help or a tow? Beauty of a truck.
  6. vegas

    Wanted  '79-'84 BJ42 3B, A/C, Power Steering Unicorn

    I am looking to purchase a '79-'84 BJ42 unicorn. I want one with a 3B, A/C, and power steering. I would love to find a US spec one, but any BJ will do as long as it can be/has been imported to the US. I will be restoring it but it won't sit in a garage the rest of its life; I intend to drive...
  7. MaineiacMoose

    I Think I Finaly Found My First 100

    Hey all, SO I have been looking for a while now for a 03 and up 100. I live in heart of the rust belt in Maine and I believe that rust will kill my 4runner before I ever will. I have found a 2000 lx with 155k with records on lexus owners website until 100k or so and the current owner has a...
  8. crawlin cruiser

    Another lpb found in the jungle of bc

    Took a small detour after a family Easter weekend to scoop another 45 for the farm. Not beauty by any means but that box is fantastic!!! The factory toyota fenders were a treat to find aswell. My boys first 45 :)
  9. rking

    Oil leak found

    Need help figuring out this leak. Back side of the engine.... how big of an issue is this?
  10. R

    Dealer  Found this 1988 FJ62 $5,995 Michigan

    Hi there my first post on this forum. During the search of FJ60 I came across this 62 @ Page Honda Bloomfield. I apologize if this is a repost. Page Honda Bloomfied
  11. ncavi10

    Found a yellow hose connector

    Was giving my 100 a bath today and found what I think is a yellow hose connector above my skid plate? The arrow is pointing to where I found it. Caught me off guard and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary? Anyone have some insight? or suggestions?
  12. bdruff

    Found at salvage yard

    Found an 85 land cruiser at pick in pull in Fresno, California 3230 E Jensen Ave, Fresno, CA 93706 Motor looked pretty complete...lots of parts. I have pictures if anyone is interested
  13. T

    Found a BJ74

    Can anyone tell me anything about this 70 series. I know some are built to different standards than others, but I don't know how to tell what ones are the heavy duty ones. 1988 BJ74 Toyota Land Cruiser for Sale. | used cars & trucks | Edmonton | Kijiji Thanks Terry
  14. E

    Found A Wholesale 100...

    Hi All, hoping to get some input on my questions here. I found a 2000 LC for $3500 near me. Going to look at it after work, so I'll know some more by then. Might be able to get a CARFAX report out of the wholesaler. Right now I can simply see that it has 56 records--could be good! So far the...
  15. L

    found a nice 91 should i hold out for a later model

    is the new 4.5 better than the 4.0. is the new trans A442F better than the old A440F? and no disc brakes in the rear and no abs. some opinions. thanks
  16. PDoyle

    Found a real nice expensive 92 in VT for sale

    Somebody buy this thing! It's not mine and I don't know who owns it,but after reading the thread "If I had to do it over again" this one would be a pretty good choice if you can get the price down. 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser
  17. Marine7

    Help on a fuseable link

    Please don't condemn me... I searched! My 91 Land Cruiser needs, in my opinion, new fuseable links. However, I can't get oem ones until wed.! My question is..... I have 3 FL's, 2 with ring terminals that bolt together inside the small black box, the other one has a plastic "snap connector"...
  18. shawn35405

    Found a Virgin 2002! Time to break her in.

    Just bought a 1 owner 2002 with 150,000 miles. I know the original owner and finally talked him into letting it go! It's a non-nav, auto climate control model. Serviced every 5k religiously. It's so nice I hated to mess with it but that's no fun. Took it straight to the shop after talking...
  19. T

    Wanted  15"oem steel rims (4)1976

    i am looking for 4 15"oem steel rims for 1976 with front disc or used in good condition .Thanks,Tommy
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