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  1. Onur

    3B/13B-T Fan Clutch and Fan Upgrade

    I have been quite unhappy with the cooling performance of the tiny 3B/13B-T fan clutch and fan for quite some time. As such, I did some research. I picked up a 1HZ/1HD-T fan clutch as well as the appropriate fan assembly. This fan clutch is the black-base FC. As you can see, it...
  2. jmstu76

    FJ62 Fan Clutch (Fluid Coupler) availability

    Hey guys n gals, I am updating my cooling system. My '89 62 heats up when idling with the AC blasting and also heats up when flogging it on the hwy. NO redline overheating but it would most likely go there if I wasn't paying attention and just walked away. The cooling system has always...
  3. F

    FJ60 fan clutch installation

    What is the best way to bolt the cooling fan/clutch assembly back onto the water pump pulley ? I had removed the radiator, fan & shroud, all the belts and coolant hoses in an effort to clean and tighten up some things on the front of my 2F engine. I had put all the belts on (alt/PS, AC...
  4. Peru Darrell

    New Head Gasket, 2 new problems, Overheating and Low Power *Update* Radiator Pics*

    I need some advice. After my mechanic installed the new head gasket, the truck is now overheating and has very low power. This is everything that was done: Installed new head gasket, planed and rebuilt the head, installed new timing chain tensioner, guide and follower, all new head bolts I...
  5. miamibrando

    SOLD  Fan Clutch Blue 1997 Landcruiser FZJ80 --USED--

    USED Fan Clutch Blue 1997 Landcruiser FZJ80 --USED-- $20 plus shipping
  6. Vavrinyuk

    AISIN parts any good?

    I want to replace my aftermarket Autozone fan clutch to a OEM but I heard that AISIN makes a lot of the parts for factory Land Cruisers? 16210-61160 AISIN Fan Clutch Radiator Cooling New for Toyota Land FCT-049 | eBay Thanks
  7. Dieselmahnic

    For Sale  New Fan clutch

    Fan clutch brand new oemToyota Make me an offer
  8. dr_dobro

    For Sale  94 80 series fan clutch

    Feels great, ran without issues. Asking $22 shipped conus
  9. SpamEggsandRice

    Blue Hub Fan Clutch

    I bought an Aisin FCT-004 from Amazon and what I receive was the one on the right. Everything bolted up except when it was time to mount it on the water pump. The one on the left is what I purchased from which is the correct one.
  10. ewillis

    Water Pump Stud Double Nut Method...What Went Wrong?

    So...finishing up the water pump and have these studs to the clutch that came uninstalled. Common Toyota pump with the logo dremeled off and the Aisin sticker applied that's going around. results suggested double nutting the studs to get them on snug. I used the method, but the...
  11. ewillis

    SOLD  SOLD SOLD Super Sexy OEM Aisin Blue Hub Fan Clutch 80 Series

    Brand new OEM Blue hub here...straight from Japan! Get ready for summer! Fits 93-97 cruisers. $90 shipped CONUS PP F/F.
  12. Bama4door

    Temp Sender Reading High

    A little background first. I have recently flushed and changed coolant in my 62 and all has been well for the past couple months. Recently I have noticed the temp gauge reading high. Usually it was when I was stuck in traffic or going slow it would creep up to just past half way and once I would...
  13. cruiseroutfit

    Fan Blade & Clutch Tech for BJ7x with 3B/13BT (A440F & H55F Models)

    We've been upping our fan clutch and fan blade offerings the last few years and recently I've been getting a few calls about the 7x variants. I've not spend a TON of time laying out all the year/model applications for all market 70's as it gets a bit cloudy but for the common Canadian spec and...
  14. HardyDanger

    Bad fan clutch?

    Adding this to the " i read it on MUD last night, now i have that problem too bucket." This is why I don't let my wife ever read WDmed....NOTE: i am ignoring a HG threads!!! Assuming I have Fan clutch-itis. Engine off, continues to spin for 2-3 seconds. With key out, and in my pocket it also...
  15. RiFF RaFF

    Wanted  96 80 Series Fan Clutch

    Anyone have an old OEM fan clutch laying around, or are willing to sell for a rock bottom price? I'm looking for one to try out the clutch fan mod so I don't have to use the one in my Land Cruiser. Thanks, Doug
  16. LongDuck

    Fan Clutch Replacement: FZJ80 @ 211k Miles (writeup w/pics)

    Replaced the fan clutch with Factory New Toyota part after noticing a strange, engine-speed dependent 'knocking' noise coming from the front end that didn't go away after an oil change - thinking it was valve noise. After looking at everything under the hood closely last weekend, I noticed that...
  17. roostabunny

    Fan clutch test? FJ80/3FE

    I'm in the middle of an overdue cooling system refresh (I'll post a pic thread for posterity when I'm done), and I was ready to do something with my green hub fan clutch (probably the rebuild with 10K CST that several folks have described). Picture is only slightly related. Here's my...
  18. cruiserdan

    LANDTANK fan clutch for S/C 1FZ

    Rick and I go back a long way and I have always admired his "gadgets". He has come up with a way to run a stock fan on a supercharged 1FZ without using spacers or creating other clearance issues. He takes a diesel clutch that has a "stem" that is ~8mm taller than stock and machines out the...
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