Loud Engine Fan

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Dec 21, 2019
Hey everyone,
So, my engine fan on my 1998 is loud... like a jet engine loud. Engine temps are normal and the ac is super cold. I’m in the mountains so it’s not hot out. There is plenty of coolant. The timing belt and water pump were replaced at 154,000 miles... there are 190,00 on the rig now. I don’t know if it matters but, the thermostat was replaced at around 180,000. When I turn the fan, there is play in it... like maybe 4 inches and then it stops (both directions) if that makes sense.?. I’ve been searching the forums here and have found one that mentions a sensor. I guess my question is should I start with the temperature sensor or does it sound like the fan clutch needs replaced?
The clutch is super easy to replace. The hard part is getting it out with the fan shroud and not destroying it. I destroyed my shroud and had a shop install the new one.

I did not replace the pump bearings but this past week my water pump started leaking and I had a shop do that and the timing belt. PO used a cheap water pump and this ships used Aisin so I know I’m good for a while
Fan clutch is easy to replace. Fan shroud and fan need to come out together. Watch the first 10 mins of this:
Bobcat... did you get a factory replacement? When you say you destroyed your fan shroud, was that from removing it? It looks like a pain in the arse to take off.
Bobcat... did you get a factory replacement? When you say you destroyed your fan shroud, was that from removing it? It looks like a pain in the arse to take off.
Yes I ordered one from Toyota. And yeah I couldn’t wrangle the fan out without destroying my shroud. Others say it is pretty easy I just couldn’t get them both out.
Yeah... I watched the video MJK posted. Mechanics make it look super easy but as we all know something always happens. But, I’m gonna give it a go. Thanks everyone. I’ll let you know how it goes... or doesn’t.
Loud fan clutch- engaged all the time - idle and highway speed? To check- when cold if you rotate the fan blades a few turns it should free up and be easier to turn. Then start engine- fan is loud for a few minutes then should subside and quiet down. Then when at operating temp at idle, does fan always stay fully engaged or cycle into and out of engagement? It takes a little time between heating/cooling cycles but you can hear it engage and disengage, you'll know this by the amount of air its moving or by the fan noise is loud and then subsides.

So to be honest replacing FC is not a “super easy” job because it takes some technique and patience but with the right process it's not too difficult. Your challenge points are bracing the fan so that you can remove the 4 nuts with out allowing it to spin( and also torquing on install), separating the fan clutch from the pulley ( usually fused to the pulley), Then wriggling the fan and clutch up and out between the hoses and fan shroud with out breaking it, or damaging the fins on your radiator.

OEM Toyota FC is made by Aisin and available from RA, Amazon or auto parts stores. There are different applications depending on model year. Buy some new mounting nuts at the same time.
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