engine conversion

  1. samreilly

    1hz in fj73

    Alright so I’ve decided I’m putting in the 1hz turbo and getting rid of my 3f petrol but I want to keep the a440f transmission I’ve read a few people have done it but none have elaborated on how, so as much information as possible would be appreciated cheers
  2. AirheadNut

    SOLD  Complete, Low Mileage 2L-TE in NW Montana - Sale Pending

    SOLD I just pulled this running 2L-TE from my Prado at 70,536 miles. It is complete from the fan to the bell housing, and includes the ECU and all of the associated wiring plugs (would have to be reconnected). The bell housing will bolt directly to any pre-1995 V6 5-speed (post '95 will require...
  3. Dave61575

    Wanted  Out of Africa. Looking for an FJ40 in Boston... and some advice

    Hi, I must admit this is my first post on any kind of forum so I hope I got it in the right place. I recently moved to Cambridge, MA from Nairobi, Kenya where I'd lived for several years. In the process I had to say goodbye to my Land Rover Defender. A much loved G4 that had been on many...
  4. tyschiltz

    **HELP!!** 1997 80 in serious need of some engine help (possible swap or rebuild?!)

    So Friday night on my weekly trip home (a 350 mile journey that I've been doing for the past ~6 months and will continue to do until I can sell my house) I had just topped a large hill when I swear i heard a clunk (was listening to some talk radio via headphones so it's hard to say where it came...
  5. CruiserWeight

    Heart Transplant Help. (Take Out Parts For Sale)

    So after hashing things out at the DMV I can finally move forward with my build. I have a 1987 FJ60 with a tired 2f engine that needs replacing. I have been slowly acquiring the parts I plan on stuffing underneath the hood and have the usual head scratching moments that come with a project of...
  6. Ali M

    Can you install 97 LX 450 engine on 94 fzj80?

    Would like to learn about your experience if you had your LC engine replaced with similar engine from another donor car? I have LC 94 w/HG that's been sitting there for a while and I want to do engine replacement and saw a recked 97 LX with 180K engine for sale. Could this work and what gotchas...
  7. ryanwk628

    2014+ GM LV3 V6 - Looking for Info

    Trigger Warning: This is an engine swap question and while I am speaking hypothetically, it may offend purists. As I waiver between what I will or wont do to my FJ40, I keep running across the new LV3 engine. Unlike the LSx engines, GM actually made a Gen 5 V6. I know GM V6s have been very...
  8. ivandiaz

    Toyota FZ Engine - where to buy

    Any help on where to buy a new FZ engine is greatly appreciated! I am looking to exchange my actual 3F on an FJ80/1991. I'd like to see the FJ perform much better than the posible upgrades I did on the 3F, still feels heavy.
  9. Cob

    Bj73 engine conversion from hzj80r

    Hi, I'm transplanting a 1hz with h150 gearbox out of a 1996 hzj80r into a bj73 and I'm wondering what is the best solution with wiring up the engine and gearbox. Would it be best to grab a engine and gearbox loom from a hzj79 and the instrument cluster from the hzj79 as well. I have the gearbox...
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