LJ79 with a 3UZFE Swap - Looking for past experiences and issues regarding reliability

Mar 20, 2021
Hello mates!

It's me again, I have decided not to tinker with my 3L-turbo that's giving me some small issues which I find annoying. Plus, rebuilding it costs quite a bomb here (Malaysia) - probably less than what I am going to embark on but still don't think it's worth it.

So, I have found someone who has a 3uzfe 6speed on a J90 series prado who wants to sell both the engine and gearbox to upgrade to a VD. I was wondering if anybody has experience with the 3uz fitted on the LJ7X series.

The guy has done all of the tuning that is needed for onroad and offroad capabilities. I am just wondering if there are any other things to look at. First thing off my mind would be axles and differentials. Will there be any work that I need to put into it?

Dec 22, 2015
Whitefish/Bozeman, MT
There's a company in New Zealand that did an LJ78/3UZ-FE/A650 swap, it looks like a really well done job. You may be able to get in touch with them to find out some more details about the swap.

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