dual batteries

  1. ChaserFJ60

    Dual battery charging idea?

    1984 FJ60 2FE Due to parts availability and my circumstances, I currently have two AGM battery's and two alternators. An fj60 and an fj62 alternator based off this FJ60 Dual Alternator - https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/fj60-dual-alternator.94294/ Things is, I don't want or need two...
  2. theRedMoose

    Dual Battery Kit for 95

    I'm looking to update my tjm ibs dual battery kit, does anyone know of a decent substitution kit or where I can find one within the US? Also if anyone has a good recommendation for new batteries with a good warranty please let me know. Thanks!
  3. JackAttack13

    Vendor  Dual Battery Wiring Kits - 100 Series (Feeler)

    Hey All, I wanted to reach out and get a feel for the need / want of pre-terminated dual battery kits. I know electrical is not for everyone, and want to bring my experience and trade into the LC world. I feel that certain crowds get all of the attention from vendors i.e Tacomas, Jeeps, etc...
  4. C

    2nd Battery electrical layout FJ60

    Yet another one of these, but I've been studying the other ones. Especially, this one: 2nd battery install question 87 FJ60, desmogged with plenty of room around the edges. I plan on the blue sea systems switches and ACR, and running 2 gauge. Here is a diagram I laid out, and wanted to put it...
  5. RFB

    Electrical grounding

    Good morning gents, I have dual batteries I have a bussman relay/fuse block I made and installed last year and a bussman grounding block as well. my question is is the bussman ground better off on the body or to the frame? Im asking because Im doing shocks and have access to it all again and Ive...
  6. gummycarbs

    Dumb Dual Battery Question: "Start-Only Battery" Wiring

    I've read a bunch of threads on dual battery installations and I've seen many people talk about having a "start-only" battery. I'm just wondering whether people wire it so that it's truly only used for starting, with the fusible links rerouted to the secondary battery, or if they mean "start...
  7. Ghostrider I

    Clarification and a few questions.

    I have an HDJ 80 with the 4.2 I6 turbodiesel 1HDT with a five speed. It is my understanding that this engine uses both batteries for start then reverts back to one for the rest of the electrical, correct? Here are my questions.... How does the second battery remained charged, is the...
  8. geocruiser

    For Sale  Built 2000 LC. Rusty, but runs great

    I've owned this truck for the last 7 1/2 years. She runs great, but may need some body rust taken care of, depending on where you live. Unfortunately I need a truck that can haul some heavier loads, and I need to let this one go. $4,000 OBO ~145k miles Pittsburgh Lots of upgrades: Steel...
  9. RFB

    Solar Panels hooked to dual batteries thru Anderson Connector

    Ive got a renorgy folding panel with the control fastened to the folding panel itself, what I aim to do is hook up a pos/neg line straight to my aux battery to a flush mounted anderson connector mounted somewhere on the rig. my question is will the solar panle charging the aux battery damage the...
  10. RFB


    Let me ask a sealed optima is ok to install in rear of truck correct? Im going to put a battery in the rear so the solar can run straight to it and keep all the wiring short st8 to the battery and invertor. am I on it here??
  11. RFB

    Routing wire issue.

    I dont want to clutter up the engine bay, Is it possible to run the 1 guage or 4 guage wires under the rig? or is that a big bad idea?, I cant figure a way to get from AUX battery thru firewall on passenger side so......
  12. RFB


  13. RFB


  14. brizzle

    Dual Battery Install

    I am usually over on the 100 series forum but helped a friend install an off-grid engineering dual battery kit. It took a little longer to install than expected since we made a couple enhancements to the install to avoid potential issues in the long run. It is a pricey kit but my buddy didn't...
  15. MrCWineMan

    Dual battery help!

    So here's the deal, I've been reading for like three days straight about varied dual battery set ups on 200's, and other cars, on Mud, expedition portal, anywhere really, and like I used to say in the coaching world, I'm suffering from paralysis by analysis. So here is my particular set of...
  16. RFB

    Electrical setup and Dual batteries

    I currently(no pun) have a dual battery set up(IBS) and Im installing a 48L fridge next week as well as 2 new rigids lights in addition to the aux fan and on top of it Im going to install a 1000watt power inverter in the rear. What else do I require other than the blue sea fuse block Im putting...
  17. DanMedeiros

    Blue Seas ACR failure?

    Hi everyone, I have been in touch with blue seas customer service but I thought I would also try here and see if anyone has encountered this issue. I have a blue seas ACR on my dual battery system. It's the big 500amp version with the remote switch part # 7622). ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay...
  18. nielsbusser

    Triple and quadruple battery system

    hi everyone, i have an landcruiser HJ60, and it already has an dual battery system, but this is not enough for me. i know fitting an battery in the trunk would be the easiest, but i need the trunk for my mini camper thing. this is how it looks now, it's still far from finished, but i need...
  19. thewadejack

    Giving a Battery Jump

    Ok here's the deal. I'm not going to break this s*** doing this so I'm going to ask so I dont. It feels like a dumb question, but I'll be damned if I break anything trying to jump my friends car. I have a dual battery setup. If I want to jump my friends car, does it matter which battery I...
  20. Taco2Cruiser

    Lead acid dual batteries have their days numbered.

    A little while ago, I decided I wouldn't waste money on a lead acid dual battery set up. A 35 group AGM has 60 amps of total power, but they don't like to be discharge below 30-40%. Plus they drop voltage as they discharge making 12v accessories like fridges not able to use all the power. So...
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