1. L

    Wanted to buy: 4 pinion front diff.

    Looking to purchase, thanks!
  2. pmccraney

    For Sale  ***SOLD****[Jackson, MS - USA] Differential (third) with ARB Locker

    Up for Sale is an ARB-locked third. This came to me in a parts pile that I recently acquired. I've never used it, but I've bench tested it and it appears to be in solid working order (see vid below). As you an see in the below pics, the gear ring has an engraving of LC/488 (shown in pics)...
  3. S

    fj40 differential ID

    I just bought an FJ40 in Chile. I'm in the process of trying figure out just exactly I bought. I decided to change the differential fluid and came across something I thought was interesting. I think this rear diff is a DANA 35, but the cover appears to be attached with with screws instead of...
  4. L

    Failed Front Diff, CV joint, steering rack?

    Got the LC stuck today, after getting pulled out some strange clunking noises came from the front end. It went away in neutral and we were able to coast down the mountain into cell coverage to call a tow truck. When in gear it's a very violent shudder and clunk when and steering input is...

    Pinion flange

    Anybody knows if the pinion flanges on an 80 series are interchangeable? I do know the rear diff is 9" and the front is 8" and the DS bolt pattern is different too, but will the rear pinion flange bolt up to the front differential ? TIA
  6. Smaddox

    95 FZJ80 Ring & Pinion Swap to 5.29

    Hey all - Looking to swap out my ring an pinion from stock to 5.29. Around town driving on 35's is killing me. Had a few questions I was looking for advice on. Is 5.29 really going to top me out at around 65mph/3000rpm? I don't do a ton of interstate driving, but trips to trails will be a bit...
  7. M

    Center Differential Actuator gone

    so I just bought a 2002 Land Cruiser with about 250k miles on it. realized after a day that the Center Differential lock switch didn't seem to work - at least the indicator light for it didn't go on when I pressed the button. took the car to Toyota and was told the Center Differential Actuator...
  8. shocktower

    Water in my rear differential WTH

    So my FJ80 was making new noises, so I popped the filler plug and saw this grey soup ( water and oil mix), I have good seals, vent tube good. I do not do deep water crossings, so I changed the oil and it still vibrates and does not sound right, so I am thinking new seal and bearings, when I...
  9. F

    Ront Differential Venting and Leaking Gear Oiler

    Just a heads up. I have had differential oil leaking out of the birdfields for many years. I recently read where removing the vent valve from the front differential might help. I removed the valve and ran 1/4 fuel hose from the original vent location up to the brake master cylinder and voila...
  10. Evilone

    SOLD  CJK Offroad Electric Locking Differential Harness with switch

    I have a new never used CJK Offroad Electric Locking Differential Harness with High Pinion plugs. I can give you a front or rear locker switch (I have one of each). The harness is 12' long. Price is $100 + shipping/PayPal fee. From CJK: No more cutting and splicing into the frame harness for...
  11. RedJed78

    Differential and T-case oil

    Other than synthetic, what is the optimal weight for temperature range of 10*f to 95*f Is it OK to use gear oil intended for limited slip differential or traction modifiers for a differential that's open or in the transfer case?
  12. Al Grain

    Rear Suspension Question: Does a lift result in an offset rear axle?

    We've been replacing rear-end components damaged by a former owner to get the truck straight and level. After replacing a bent trailing arm and a leaking KDSS cylinder ($$$) the alignment tech noticed the rear axle is offset 1" to the side. Factory spec allows for 1/2" with stock...
  13. OptimusPrime

    Help Please - 'Broke' 4-High During Extraction from Snow Bank

    Hi all. I'm looking for best guesses here and also hoping someone can suggest a reputable LC shop in the SLC area... This morning in attempting to free my 1999 100 Series from a 1-foot-deep snowy/icy street parking spot, I appear to have 'broken' 4-High. In my first attempt at plowing through...
  14. C

    Any reveiws on Raven Industries, Tempe, Az?

    Hello Mud, Raven Industries in Tempe, AZ has a pretty decent deal on Gears / ARB Lockers installed for about $3300 F&R (90 day warranty on labor). Google searching is very sparse - only a half dozen positive reviews on any site I find (such a low number suggests employee and friend posts)...
  15. Bodda

    100 Series Rear Diff on an 80?

    So long story short, I destroyed my rear diff while wheeling last weekend. It leaked all its oil, and the rear wheels wouldn't spin at all. I couldn't move the truck in 2WD, and had to engage 4WD, essentially running on the front wheels only. This is because I have a part-time 4WD system from...
  16. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  Boise: 1975 FJ55 Axles, Parts or Complete

    I recently parted ways with the body and frame of my parts car (1975 FJ55), and now have these complete axles left over. Willing to sell them complete or in pieces, just let me know what you're after. Uber-reasonable pricing. I'd prefer not to scrap them if people need parts! Buyer to pay...
  17. DJCloz

    1st Gen tundra Front Diff Assembly Same as 100 Series?

    Since I broke my inner front diff axel this past weekend I have been searching options for repair. I found a guy parting out a 06 4WD tundra and will sell me the whole assembly for a great price of $250. I need to remove it myself, no biggie. Is this a suitable replacement for my 99? At the...
  18. 4xsteve

    Setting up your own gears on an 8" diff

    I've been setting up my own gears for a long time now (infrequently) and just ran into a few industry changes that caught me off guard (specifically Yukon Gear, but others are likely the same). Hopefully I can save "the next guy" some trouble by putting this out for anyone that doesn't already...
  19. imhighlander

    SSTs needs for regearing?

    Hey gang, My pinion seal finally crapped out completely so I'm using the opportunity to regear as I service both the diffs. In reviewing the FSM I saw a pantload of SSTs listed for the removal and installation of various bits. How many of these are absolutely essential and how many can be...
  20. BMThiker

    Diff Skids

    Who still makes rear diff skids for the FJC? I visited BudBuilt and they don't seem to market one for the FJC anymore, although they still have one listed for the '03-'09 4R (same axle/diff housing). The fact that he doesn't make them for current models of the 4R or list them on the FJC page...
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