1. wbrad99


    My 80 was making a loud clunk noise from the driver side wheel during sharper turns and this morning when I went into reverse the same wheel locked up. I parked uphill and went into neutral and when I rolled back, same thing. The wheel would lock up, then you could hear it pop, then roll back...
  2. scoobiedubes

    Wanted  FJ25 (and early FJ40?) Differential parts

    I'm looking for this little gear that goes behind the carrier bearings. I'm not sure what they're called exactly, but we need two of them for the FJ28 restoration. EDIT: @pardion looked this up in the 1958 manual and they're called a "Nut, differential adjusting. PN RS 41312". Looks like this...
  3. K

    Recommendations for Gear Oil Transfer Pump for Transfer Case and Differentials?

    I am about to attempt to change my Transfer Case and Differential Oils. And I have already purchased 7 Liters bottles of Mobile 1 synthetic 75w 90 GL5 gear oil. My new plugs and crush washers from Wit's End are supposed to be here today. I wanted to know if anyone had a recommendations for...
  4. R

    Plastic cone fell inside front diff

    I was almost done with my front diff fluid flush when the black plastic tip from the Mobile 1 75-90 quart fell into the front diff fluid hole. Has this happened to anybody on here before? I saw a thread about a tip in the t-case, but didn’t find one on the front diff. Will the tip get chewed up...
  5. J

    69 FJ40 Rear Carrier Swap

    Hello All, Thank you in advance for any help with this!! I have a 1969 FJ40. I believe it was built in July of 69. I'm doing a full restoration on it. I'm currently rebuilding the front and rear axles. When I pulled the rear axle carrier assy out one of the bearings just fell off. I tried a...
  6. CitationVDriver

    Eaton LSD Gurus Needed

    I am in the middle of a rear disk brake conversion.... I finished putting the axles back in and was cleaning out the bottom of the diff when I found this! I believe that it is a shim for the small gear that the large pin is inserted through. Is it possible that it fell out while I was pulling...
  7. Trist

    Wanted  Atlanta/St. Louis: 2000-2002 Land Cruiser 100 Series Front Differential

    I just blew the front diff in my 01 100 series. Looking for a working carrier with 4.30 gears from an 00-02 100 series. The most convenient locations for me would be Atlanta, St. Louis or Birmingham, but if you are in the southeast or midwest that could also work. I do not check MUD often so it...
  8. M

    Rear differential rebuild

    Looking for someone that can rebuild my rear differential. It’s a 78’ FJ 40. I live in Chicago... Thanks!
  9. John Beauvais

    For Sale  80 Series CDL switches 95-97

    I have several used CDL switches; $75 shipped in the 48 states. Other areas please contact me first to determine shipping. I also have a couple hazard switches as well; $20+ shipping
  10. dudenhoeffer

    Yukon Grizzly 3rd member bearing fail / replacement

    Purchased a Yukon Zip Locker 3rd member from Marlin in Dec 2017 - Installed it and all was great for a while. I don't drive the my cruiser very much... and recently, with less than 5k miles on the 3rd member, a howling started to emit from the rear end and got worse very rapidly. I jacked it up...
  11. BigBlackCruiser

    Differential ratios Fj vs Bj

    Hi, so I now own an ‘84 FJ40 (from Brunei) and an ‘82 BJ42 (from France). The French car is being used as a donor vehicle. I was just wondering what the ratios are on the front axle? I’m hoping they’re the same so I can swap them. Cheers guys
  12. BendLC

    Wanted  2004 LC Front Diff

    My local shop says the front diff needs replaced. It’s making a pretty loud clunk (horse trotting) sound at slow speeds that eventually gets quiet at higher speeds. Looking for a used front differential. Any suggestions where I can fine one?
  13. BendLC

    2004 100 Series LC - Front Diff

    My local shop says the front diff needs replaced. It’s making a pretty loud clunk (horse trotting) sound at slow speeds that eventually gets quiet at higher speeds. Looking for a used front differential. Any suggestions where I can fine one?
  14. D


    This rear axle is out of a 1994 LandCruiser with factory diff lockers (locker not included). Differential housing has the cut-outs for the factory locker. Unfortunately though, the axle housing is bent. Everything else is fine. Doesn’t come with rotors and calipers. $450 OBO. Toyota...
  15. Bambusiero

    Front Differential Oil Capacity

    FYI - Documenting what I couldn't exactly find a number for. Just changed the front diff oil after 6 1/2 years and 35k miles of mostly low stress road use. Measured the drain out - right at 4 quarts of nice thick dark gray/green iridescent diff soup. I'd say it was about like a melted...
  16. L

    Front Differential Issues

    The diff on my 100 series (2003) is making noise - a serious whining noise. I'm trying to evaluate if I should rebuild it or just find a junk yard replacement. The truck has 148K miles on it.
  17. eagleeyes170

    What is this whining/whirring noise? (YouTube link)

    1999 LX470 I was driving on the highway one Sunday evening and this noise suddenly came about Recent work: - replaced both front CV axles - greased all the axle/shaft fittings. - replaced both front wheel bearings - drivers side CV axle seal was also replaced - the front diff was also...
  18. Surf n Turf

    Leak out of rear diff head

    Hey guys on my last outing to the sand dunes here in NZ i noticed a noise reversing up a slight inclination in the sand, had a check under the truck and sure enough the rear diff has a leak at the head where the shaft goes in, will add pictures in hopes that may show what i'm trying to explain...
  19. B1oodyBuzzard

    Wanted  REAR 10x37 Third Member

    I'm in need of a third member for my 1980 FJ40. My current gear is 10x37. below is the thread from the 40 page I made. I am located in south Mississippi but I have friends all over so I may be able to arrange local pick up otherwise I will need to ship. I would also love an inspection cover...
  20. jchoop

    It can be done. Differential seal replace - w/o pulling axles

    This is in relation to my previous post https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/did-something-stupid.1066529/#post-11767030 where I had a front diff leak and was worried about water intrusion. Anyway, I eventually determined no water in the differential, but did confirm the leak was the differential to...
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