1. M

    SOLD  Northern Virginia 1984 FJ60 plus a rust free frame

    Price Reduced. $7999.00 I've got an '84 FJ60 for sale in northern Virginia. Same story, some rust issues. I was looking to swap the frame out. Rust free donor frame sitting in the back yard shipped from Texas. 2" OME lift and ARB front bumper. Desmogged by previous owner. You can have it all...
  2. I


  3. Whiphub

    Wanted  Double Cardan front driveshaft for 94 FZJ

    Put on Icon lift now getting some vibration at speed. I’m in the Denver area, would also pay shipping if not local.
  4. hamishpotter

    Landcruiser Heaven (Maryland shop)

    Hello All, I'd like to tout fellow 'Mud member @FloridaFJ80 's *somewhat* local business to the Gotham group. Landcruiser Heaven (Land Cruiser Heaven) is in Hagerstown, MD, about 45 min north of DC. I've been looking for a close enough resource for Cruiser work, people who know our trucks...
  5. morganism

    How to install the Brushes of a DC Motor : Basic Steps

    just found this, cuz i opened the wiper motor. good info, and not gentle either.... edit: Never mind, NONE of the brushes in the 60's have the groove or slot. Tried binding em with a wire out the back slots, and didn't work either. Can you loop in thru the back, and catch the wire on top ...
  6. Hokierig

    New to the DC Area

    Hi All, My name is Matthew and I recently moved to the DC area after graduating from Virginia Tech. I'm hoping to join some of the event here and explore the area. I daily drive my 1988 FJ62 (when it works) and I'm coming from the Olde North State Cruiser territory in NC. I'll be here at least...
  7. weejub

    Best of 12V DC Stuff

    This is an ongoing list of some of the best 12V DC items we can find. Comments behind linked items are ours (not mine). Fridges: ARB from FAT: arb fridge and freezer | fat.parts Work directly with Phil and Adam on these at Fred Anderson for your best deal Engel on Amazon Portable...
  8. M

    Odyssey Batteries - How to Charge? Diode or DC DC Charger?

    The Odyssey batteries require alternator output of 14.0 to 14.7V to charge correctly (and comply with warranty conditions). The LC200 has an output of approx 13.8V when cool dropped to 13.3V when warm. I installed an Odyssey battery about 9 mths ago with the stock setup on my URJ202R and the...
  9. 3

    For Sale  60 series DC front driveshaft....MT

    early 60 series front driveshaft in good condition, ball swivels nice and smooth. $235 shipped in the lower 48
  10. ontopofm

    FS: DC Tacoma driveshaft $400

    I bought this for my truck but it doesnt solve my slight vibration. The axle end has new Toyota u-joint. The xcase end u-joints move smoothly. The driveshaft is balanced. I'll take some pictures when I get home today. I'm located in Santa Ana by 5 fwy and Irvine Ave.
  11. B

    270amp Alternator Install

    I posted a sneak peek on Monday of a DC Power Inc 270 amp alternator I ended up purchasing for the Cruiser. I got around to installing it, along with the wiring kit I had user @Fourrunner make yesterday. Wanted to give everyone the low down on the install. First of all, my reasoning for...
  12. LandCruiserPhil

    DC connectors - nice with lots of options

    Link picked up off Mud banner:clap: - looks like a nice product lots of options and good pricing Automotive DC Connectors - Connectors from Allied Electronics
  13. glovas807

    FJ40 For Sale in DC

    Don't know if any of you saw this little gem listed for sale recently. Used 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 for Sale in Washington D.C. MD 20016 Classic Motors of Washington D.C. Quite the asking price!
  14. Markuson

    Strongest INVERTER in 2-Batt System?

    looked around, but not much on this. Have any of you hard-wired a powerful inverter? I was looking at a 2000W unit, and wondering if there is any problem running this with my dual battery system going in on Monday. Upper limit? Car Running only or no? Any thoughts? It would be nice to be...
  15. NetJunky

    For Sale  91 Toyota Land Cruiser - Cali Diesel registered

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