1. Tyboge

    Clicking noise post lift

    Hi, I’ve done a bit of searching but nothing definitive has popped up other than check loose nuts etc. I put on new front oem Toyota struts in the front the other night and test drove, it was great. Then last night I put on ome 2860 rear springs with new oem Toyota struts in rear and cranked...
  2. WesSiler

    For Sale  MT: Like New OE Suspension and Body Parts off 4k mile 2020 200 series

    I just did the Tundra-parts long travel suspension thing to my wife's new 200, and had ARB bumpers fitted, so have a bunch of virtually new parts we don't need anymore. I'm going to individually list the suspension parts below with prices (figure a reasonable formula is half what these list for...
  3. Northlandmatt

    Time for a new CV?

    Hey Mud, I finally had some time today to get under the truck and think I have pinpointed my "clunk" caused by going over small bumps and cracks. After poking and prodding around I discovered that there is a substantial amount of "in and out" lateral movement where my passenger side axle meets...
  4. js47

    Has anyone seen a CV boot leaking like this?

    I went to check out a 1999 LX470 this afternoon and it was looking ok until I got to the front end — the passenger side CV boot had all kinds of grease around it, including slung on the inside of the wheel and tire and the rear of the fender. The owner said he just had this boot replaced. Maybe...
  5. AllLC

    looking for Best cv joint source or upgrade options

    1999 land cruiser. 2.5" OME lift and slee diff drop. I beat on her quite a bit- i think she likes it :devil: Just spent a lot of time reading some great old write ups. Is there any new sources for well built, maybe even improved Cv joints? Experience appreciated over speculation;) Thanks in...
  6. V

    Looking at two options, any advice?

    Hey guys, long time lurker and hopefully a future owner! Just looking for any advice here, recently 2 different GX470's popped up near me. One is a 2006 with 117k miles, clean carfax, two owner. The other is a 2008, clean carfax, one owner, at 75k miles. The 2006 has had all the major...
  7. sunrk

    Spacers for body of Aisin part-time hub when using later (longer) CV's aka Birfields

    Dunno if anyone's done this, but when you fit later CV's (the longer ones) [what you guys call 'Birfields'] on a part-time 4wd 80 with Aisin hubs the shafts of the CV's take up all the space inside the back of the hub (once new snap-ring grooves have been cut to correct the CV position) and I've...
  8. DailyTLC

    Wanted  FZJ80 Birfields, etc PORTLAND, OR

    Newbie FZJ80 owner gearing up for a Birfield job. If you've got any bearing race drivers, seal pullers, extra OEM birfields, or other extras you don't need any more, let me know. I recognize this stuff is standard maintenance equipment that committed FJ owners keep on hand....just throwing out...
  9. incudie

    CVs - What did I do wrong?

    Alright so I'm being a little emotional because I just rebooted these damn things 6 months ago. Tonight I happened to crawl under there to check something else and noticed both CVs have ripped in the same place on both sides. I have a set of 1.5" OMEs in the front and back. My guess is the lift...
  10. Honor

    Diff Drop Kit for OME Light/Stock Springs/Shocks?

    2.5 years ago I installed a OME stock/light suspension kit on the front and a medium kit on the rear. Thinking that the stock/light kit up front wasn't increasing the angle on the CV joints I omitted doing the diff drop as well. 5 months after my build I replaced both front CV axles. 23k miles...
  11. H

    For Sale  80 Series CV/Birfield

    Have 1 CV off a 1991 80 series (not a pair). Seems to be in good working order. I'm not sure how many miles are on it. I just needed the axle shaft this was attached to since I ordered new CV's. Message me if interested.
  12. Rolocado

    CV Joint HELP

    I have been diagnosing a seriously annoying pop in my steering wheel for the past couple of weeks. I only feel it when I am going over uneven surfaces slowly. I crawled under the truck today and was trying to wiggle different components to see if they would move and sure enough both of my CVs...
  13. reznunt

    Real time help CV reboot

    Anyone with a 98 have this in their tulip? Must be aftermarket? Also, there's no large snap ring. The inboard axle with tulip slid right off.
  14. O

    222k miles, blown cv boots. Replace driveshafts?

    In going over my new to me 2000 LC with 222k miles, I found both CV boots blown. One recently as it has fresh grease around it, but the other...has no grease around it, and I do not know how long it has been that way. I have not started disassembly to repair and replace yet, as I am doing...
  15. TexAZ

    For Sale  2008 200 series CV axles, complete $90 each

    Upsized the front end of my 2008 landcruiser with Tundra components, so now I have left over stock cv axles with approx 140K. Boots are good, no cracks, tears or leaks. would be good for a spare, or if you don't want to mess with replacing a torn boot. located just south of Phoenix, Az...
  16. L

    Failed Front Diff, CV joint, steering rack?

    Got the LC stuck today, after getting pulled out some strange clunking noises came from the front end. It went away in neutral and we were able to coast down the mountain into cell coverage to call a tow truck. When in gear it's a very violent shudder and clunk when and steering input is...
  17. hidesertwheelin

    CV boot question

    So I took my Lx470 to the Toyota dealership to have the Cv boots changed on on of my axles. I bought the Cv boot kit from another Toyota dealer and then decided to have the dealer near me do the repair. They just called and said the boots don't fit and that I have a after market Cv shaft. Does...
  18. S

    CV axle question

    My son just called after having his oil changed saying that the "cv axle has a gap," apparently before it sets into the hub. I am clueless when it comes to this stuff but have learned a lot from this forum. Does anyone have suggestions on what causes this or if it is dangerous or needs to be...
  19. B

    Effects of large tires on front end components in daily driving

    Hi everyone! It's been almost 1 year since I've been away, working a lot, but boy do I miss being back. I am getting ready now to get some larger timer on my LX470. I am aiming for 285/75R18. This way I get the 35 inch high tire, without the added weight of a wide 315. I do very mild off...
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