1. GuillermoLC01

    craigslist  Miami, FL: '71 FJ40 4BT Cummins
  2. blynky

    For Sale  San Francisco, 1984, FJ60

    It’s time to down size, much to my wife and kid’s disappointment. I am selling a 1984 FJ60 with a 4BTA Cummins in it, the conversion was done by Proffitt’s cruisers in 2007. It has a 700r4 tranny. They swapped the engine and tranny only, no body work. (I called them last month to check the...
  3. ArthurFJ

    Builds  My R2.8 Cummins FJ40 (RJ40) daily driver build

    I just purchased a 1975 FJ40 roller. I'm building it into a daily driver primarily. I have zero experience but I'm working with a guy who has a ton of restoration experience with older 2WD cars. Plan right now is a R2.8 Cummins with an NV4500 tranny.
  4. ArthurFJ


  5. Nichostiles

    Anyone ever try to swap a Cummins B3.9-145E (2001)

    Anyone have any info on this engine? Found one cheap online - considering rebuilding it but haven’t heard much about this model. (Maybe that means i should not try to rebuild it.) Need a project! Tanks in advance.
  6. BrianDotcom

    Radiator Question

    Hey everyone, the radiator in my FJ60 has developed a small crack at the top neck. I've been searching for replacements but I've noticed I don't have the normal radiator setup. I have a 6AT Cummins in my truck and the inlet and outlet are on opposite sides of where they normally would be. My...
  7. PAToyota

    Cummins R2.8 15% Tax Time Discount

    For those considering the R2.8 for diesel swaps and builds. That brings it down to $7650. Click the image above for more details.
  8. island45

    For Sale  '88 Cummins 6at , 120 hp inline six 3.4 turbo diesel

    Is on a run stand. Runs perfectly. Came out of a UPS truck. These are a direct replacement for a chevy six. They have been successful in cruisers. Parts available fom cummins. Were built originally for onan generators, but cummins built the automotive version primaily fo fleet service in the...
  9. Will Van

    Questions: FJ60 6BT Cummins NV4500

    Hey Mud! Although I'm new to the forum, I'm a longtime lurker and Toyota truck enthusiast! I've been cruising the Classifieds, Craigslist, Autotrader, etc. for a rust-free FJ60 to do a 6BT/NV4500 swap into. I just have a couple of questions. 1. Is a SOA required to fit the 6BT? - All of the...
  10. Beastiethe70

    Is a Land Cruiser still a Cruiser if it doesn't have a Toyota heart?

    I first fell in love in a dune tan FJ40 listed on Craigslist. Upon discovering this wonderful thing called a Land Cruiser I did what I always do, research it. In my research and subsequent Craigslist searches to feed my growing addiction I kept finding 40s with Chevy swaps. Every time I saw...
  11. O

    For Sale  Cummins 4BT with Chevy auto + accessories

    Hi everybody, First off, I would like to let you know that even though this is showing as my first post, “it isn’t”. I have been away from here for a long time. I think my original username was YVFJs, but I’m not sure. I tried to log several times with that username and it didn’t work. Maybe...
  12. NMC_EXP

    Cummins 6BT Powered FJ60

    I was at Classic Cruisers in Salida yesterday. Micah was putting the finishing touches on an FJ60 6BT Cummins conversion. I got to ride along during a short road test. All I can say is WOW. Acceleration G-forces pinning me into the seat is something new in a Cruiser. Micah just got back...
  13. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    Princess the BTJ62 is coming home

    Hey Everyone! Through a strange chain of events, Friday I pick up Princess, the Proffitt built BTJ62. She's in rough shape and need some love. I may never get her back to her former show ready glory, but she's in good hands and will be loved. I'll put together a build thread of her revival...
  14. dustyrhodes

    Anyone Considering a Cummins R2.8 w/ HF55 Swap?

    Hi guys, Long time reader, first time poster. :) I'm currently shopping for an FJ62 and I'm curious if anyone has been thinking about using that new R2.8 diesel from cummins in a conversion? I've been shopping for super original, very low mile examples, but if I was planning on the engine...
  15. GaryN

    For Sale  SOLD - 94 FJZ80 Cummins 4bta

    SOLD With two Landcruisers in the driveway, its time for the diesel to find a new home. I’ve been the owner for 5 years and 17,000 miles - taken trips to the snow, Rubicon, Swamp Lake, Death Valley, Utah, and Nevada. It’s been a reliable vehicle and I’ve enjoyed building it up and maintaining...
  16. mudbludger

    6.7L Cummins and Allison auto into 80 series

    Hello all, I have seen a few 6bt conversions into the 80, but has anyone tried the 6.7 ISB? Would it even fit by it self or with the Allison gearbox....
  17. Cruiser Jimmy

    Cummins to Offer Create Engines to Market

    Copied from the 80 Section. Give Cummins a push Link and voting here for a 6cyl or 4cyl Cummins Repower Survey - Cummins Engines
  18. peterbozeman

    Give Cummins a push

    Do me a favor, take this survey and tell Cummins you want a kit for their new crate 4 cylinder swap for the FZJ80. High fives for everyone who does this.
  19. FJake60

    Cummins 5.0L V8 - Thoughts from the diesel swap gurus

    Hey all, I'm new to mud, and my '87 FJ60 that I bought back in May '16. I've only put about 2k miles on since I trailered it back from Bend, OR to Burlington, WA and have only done the basic "new owner" fixes (fluids, leaks, etc) since the purchase. That being said, I've got big dreams for...
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