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  1. CalsCruisers

    For Sale 1979 BJ-40 Diesel 4-Spd For Sale

    Hi there, thank you Nick for recommending me to check out iH8Mud! Very impressed and excited with what I’ve seen on here so far. Hereby for sale in California: “Olivia” 1979 Land Cruiser BJ40 3 Liter Diesel w/ manual 4-speed OEM #653 Olive on Beige interior Second owner Out of my own...
  2. Sunnybrook

    BJ 40 Toyota Land Cruiser from Costa Rica? Good Idea?

    I've heard South American BJ 40's aren't very good. Is this true?
  3. jonah

    Wanted 70 searies costa rica

    Looking for a 70 in Costa Rica
  4. F

    I guess this is how they tow in Costa Rica

    Just returned from a trip down to Costa Rica and got to view a lot of LC. Lots of cool FJ40s, 60s, 70s and almost all of them diesel. This particular FJ40 was one of the coolest I saw while there. I had to share the image. Enjoy.
  5. yesmar

    Costa Rica BJ40

    Looking for a little advice. I have an 82 FJ40 and an 89 FJ62, so I am familar with Landcruisers. I went for a test drive in a 1977 BJ40 yesterday. I have been interested in a diesel for some time, but had never driven one. Could anyone give me some pointers on potential issues that I should...

    Where can I find this part? BJ40 from Costa Rica

    I am in seach of part number 8 on the picture. Please help!
  7. Fabricio

    BJ40 project from COSTA RICA

    Hi every one fist of all greetings from Costa Rica. Everything started earlier this year when I start loving the Fj's, Here in Costa Rica you can see many 40s in the streets and now are more common to see them. Some in Bad conditions, but still running and some other in good or perfect...
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