1. 1

    Need Help With Hose Connection

    Can someone please tell me what the other end of this hose connects to? My pics have failed me... It 79 FJ40 2F engine I'll give you extra points if you can provide a picture. Thanks
  2. Michael B

    Fuel tank connection size?

    On the older fuel tank (72' and older) what size is the supply connection? I'm having trouble determining the diameter and thread pitch. I also don't want to get robbed buy SOR. I'm sorry but $45.00 for 2 pieces of brass plus their shipping and handling charges are not acceptable!
  3. Ndar

    Hzj76 prewired spotlight connection

    Hey all, I am new to this forum and am excited to discover new things about what you guys are doing to your trucks. I live in Senegal west Africa, I drive an hzj76 and if I ever want anything done to my truck I have to do it myself. I'm interested in knowing from those who have a 76 if these...
  4. mcgaskins

    Ground connection for roof mounted accessories

    I'm installing several scene lights on the sides of my roof rack as well as a reverse light and light bar up front. I have a switch/power panel that goes under the hood and has positive leads running from the box to go to each accessory, but I'll need to run grounds from accessory on my own...
  5. muelbeedle

    What's this vacuum port go to?

    My truck is running like a top, idling smoothly at ~650 rpm, but after doing the 'lean drop' method I've got the idle mixture screw turned nearly all the way out. Doesn't seem right. I have to believe this open vacuum port on the intake manifold, next to the brake booster line, is to blame...
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