1. kpecks

    Replacing rectangle dash lights w LEDs

    Since I couldn't find a good thread on how to change the micro rectangle dash bulbs, I figured I would do a quick write up. Hopefully the pics will do most of the talking for me. Carefully pry the brown lights from the control panels. The tabs on the board are pretty strong but they will bend...
  2. V

    Oil Change on the Pig

    I have a 1972 Fj55 and am going to do my own oil change. Wondering if anyone could recommend what type of oil I should use! Thank you!!
  3. Icicle

    Ignition Tumbler (cylinder) change

    Anyone point me either to a thread, or an FSM scan of the right page for getting the ignition tumbler swapped out? Mine is toast. Either I cannot search worth a damn, or this doesn't happen often to our rigs. I've only owned this thing for 2 months trying to get it road ready, so I've never...
  4. Southbound

    how often to change oil if I'm replacing a bunch already?

    Kind of a random question, but here goes. I drive my cruiser very little lately, maybe 1000-2000 miles a year max, just camping adventures and the like. I have a pretty bad oil leak - I have to put in a quart every 1000 miles or so. So question is, given these parameters, how often should I...
  5. Mixelplix

    ATF WS Fluid Change near Philly

    I had an appointment to get my WS fluid changed in my 07 LX470 at a nearby lexus dealership who assured me they could do it without issue (after speaking to another dealership who informed me that WS fluid wasn't intended to be changed, and wouldn't do it). Unfortunately they just called and...
  6. sailor95

    Diff Fluid Change

    So I just recently got my bearings redone on the hundy and feel that a diff fluid change is a smart next move as I haven't done it in a very long time. What fluid is the best fluid to go back with and does anyone have any suggestions to make this easier? I know its pretty straightforward already...
  7. volinky

    Change timing belt (with pics)?

    Three pics here, showing a little cracking in the timing belt. Is there some life left here? Or time to change?
  8. coldtaco

    color change

    Greetings, I did something last night while on mud and I can't tell how to change it back. When viewing mud the pages where normal/dark/default? Now the pages are white/bright. It is like this no matter what device I use so I must have changed something on my actual profile? How do I get...
  9. J

    BJ74 AC/ALT/PS Belt Change Tips

    G'day everyone! I got hold of a BJ74 a few months back for a relatively good price here in Australia. I sent it in to have a checkup and to see what needs attention and one of the things was "drive belts". I have now purchased the necessary belts and they're sat here waiting to go on. I was just...
  10. mattressking

    For those shopping for gear fluids...

    After checking gear fluids in the truck, I realized it was a paramount concern to replace. Like everyone else, I decided to think about my options for fluids and after a trip to a few local places, I was shot down in my efforts to find GL4 for the trans/transfercase. Now I get it, the manual...
  11. mtweller

    Specks in the filter - 2nd oil change :o

    I'm a bit concerned, but we'll see what it looks like next time as well.
  12. N

    TRD Supercharger oil change

    Can't find any procedures to change the oil in a series 1 TRD supercharger for the 4.7 uz. Any help would be appreciated or recommendations on a good Tundra forum that might have the info I need. Thank you

    400k mile RCA bushing change

    Backstory: My 1992 cruiser was pretty smooth on my first set of Kenda Klevers MTs that were installed around 360k miles, but when they warrantied that set last at 374k miles March the ride quality deteriorated. We had a set put on and then headed out for Moab a day later, and it was shaking...
  14. martymart

    Instrument Cluster Change Ammeter

    I purchased a new non-US 60180 kilometer instrument cluster to install in my stock 1971 FJ40 US model. Can I replace the 50 ammeter with an older 30 ammeter inside the cluster?
  15. Senorx

    FJ62 Oil Change

    I hope this thread doesn't open up a can of worms. I did a search and I could only find a thread about this subject from 2012. What oil are y'all using during your oil changes? Any old oil filter good to go? Should I use a "high mileage" oil? My FJ62 only has 163K miles. I say "only" because I...
  16. D

    DIY 2000 LC Timing Belt Change

    Hey guys, I've started to change the timing belt on my 2000 LC myself this week and am running into a few issues with it, so I'm wondering if there are any others on here that have done this job that can give me some advice? I've done a few T-belts on various cars but this is the first time on...
  17. Mike6158

    Oil change mistake

    Well... I just added the last quart of oil to the LC... except it was Mobil 1 transmission fluid :bang: I didn't even know I had a quart of Mobil 1 transmission fluid but that's what it says on the container... expletives deleted... crap... whatever... I know i have to drain my brand new oil...
  18. Brad6260

    80 Series Fluid change & inspection priorities. Where to start ?

    So I guess this is where I come clean as to just how much of a novice I am at this but so be it. After falling into a "you won't believe it deal" on a 93 80 series last year that was & is running and sounding great I decided before starting to dump non required preventative and accessory...
  19. STICKP

    1991 3FE running rough/instant change

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I have posted something already covered. I could not find exactly the same scenarios as my troubles. I was driving down the highway at 65mph, when instantly I lost power. From that point forward, it sputtered and ran horribly. I could hear...
  20. MScruiser

    My Video: Changing the Engine Oil in my 200 Series

    Again, there are no 200 Series specific videos on YouTube, so I decided to make my own.
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