1. C

    Fuel gauge calibration: Advice please.

    Hi guys, Some help please. My 1988 FJ62 had temperature problems for a while, and I cleaned the points on the fuel gauge side as recommended. However, in the end we diagnosed a leaking top gasket. I was recommended by local knowledge to the supposed Cruiser experts, and an engine overhaul...
  2. Output Shaft

    Temperature Gauge Calibration - How To

    TempGauge 101 Attached to this thread (temperature-calibration.pdf) is some information about testing and calibrating the stock FJ60/62 temperature gauge and sender. The method described is fairly well known and can be found elsewhere on the Internet if you search around. I'm not breaking any...
  3. IxEquilibrium

    Compass/ altimeter calibration.

    Sorry if this is a repost guys. I have tried searching it but all I find is people selling compass set ups. I have a 1991 HDJ81 and was informed that somewhere on here there is an explanation on how to set the compass so it will actually work in north america ( Japanese model) If anyone could...
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