Buying a 1997 LX450 - Need advice most humbly

    All, I am new to the forum, but have followed it for years. I am finally in the position and state to buy a LX450. I love old LCs, and the 80 series has always been a favorite of mine. I am a fan of the LX as it offers a smidgen more creature comforts, and wears a L badge :). The one I am...
  2. C

    Question about Supercharger on LX450 For Sale

    Hello everyone, I'm new here! I don't have an 80 yet, but looking to possibly buy one soon. This is not quite a 100% tech topic and not quite a 100% buying/inspection topic... I'm considering buying a black (unlocked) '96 LX450 from a friend/co-worker, who seems to have taken great care of the...
  3. Nichostiles

    Advice for new member.

    Hi all - I should start by saying, I know very little about cruisers. I've made the decision to sell my 08 tacoma and get into a fj62 because of my enjoyment of everything old. I've been starting to browse, but am unsure of major red flags to keep an eye out for. I'm looking for a fj62...
  4. vegas

    things to check when buying a '81 BJ40

    Hi all, For those of you playing along at home, I found an '81 BJ40 in great shape and everything I'm looking for. I'm new to these trucks and I'd like to ask for advice on what I should look for when inspecting it. I plan to take it to a Toyota Dealer/Mechanic and have it inspected...
  5. Knox_Overland

    Thinking about buying another Hundy

    1999 lx470, 3 owner, 142k, always serviced at Lexus. AHC seems good. This rig has spent its life in northern Florida & Tennessee. Has a small dent in door.
  6. H

    60 or 80 or other buying advice

    hi all, i originally posted in the 80 series forum and got some great advice. i am still trying to dial in what i should be shooting for. would anyone mind giving this post a look and providing advice? i'm having a devil of a time settling on a vehicle. below is a copy of the post in the 80...
  7. H

    FZJ80 (or other) buying advice please?

    hi all, i am looking to buy a used land cruiser and would have purchased one previously but my toyota mechanic and - well really all mechanics i talk to end up convincing me not to buy one due to reliability issues. what i am hoping for is some direction on a specific make and model that will...
  8. half k cruiser

    What to look for when buying ?

    Well, not to sound like a total noob, but here goes. The wife and I are thinking about switching her out of her 80 series and upgrading her into a 2003-2005 GX. I have lots of experience with the 80's, know all there is to know about them in fact. The guy who designed the 80 has me on his xmas...
  9. S

    Lets talk lack of maintenence records and buying

    everything youve ever been taught has been to look for impeccable maintenance records. And while its a clear metric towards how likely the owner took car of it its not set in stone. Example, ive done all my work on all my cars so there are almost no maintenance records on any vehicle ive ever...
  10. S

    Best source for buying a new OEM front bumper?

    Price wise, what is the best place to buy a new OEM front bumper for an 80?
  11. 1ststatecruiser

    Advice on buying a 60 with a V8 swapped engine

    ok I tried reading on the 60 FAQ but I don't see much info on a v8 swapped 60. Seeking advice cos I'm looking at this one pics below . Wanted to know the good and bad of it and how can you tell if it's done right . This one is a 1984-85 year model. Thanks
  12. H

    Latest find from my recent LX450 purchase that was "always serviced at the dealership"...haha

    While changing pads and rotors, this is what I find....3 nuts, 10 and 12mm, and 3 BOLTS!! At least all the cone inserts were there!! Never assume when buying used. All new ordered, coming in Tuesday.
  13. K

    Possibly buying my first 100 and need a little help with body rust...

    I am new to Yota 4x4's. I have had Chevy's and I have a '75 Scout II. I found a '98 Cruiser (going to be family adventure wagon - wife /2 kids/dog) that was originally titled in New Jersey... I know salt belt...I had the owner send some undercarriage photos. I am having trouble distinguishing...
  14. swampfoxSC

    Buying a GX470 what to look out for?

    So I am looking at these for the wife/myself. Trying get away from the POS Grand Cherokee. I'm a 80 guy but the wife likes these better. The motors appear to be great. In my search I have seen two with over 500,000 miles. A lot pushing 300k. What do I need to look out for? Are there any known...
  15. jasheehan

    buying parts

    With CDan and Onur out of the parts business, where have you been going for parts? I had a dismal experience yesterday at the Stealership. I ordered a lower heater hose. I fought traffic getting there to find out they ordered the upper hose and spent another 20 minutes explaining that it was...
  16. E

    Looking for Buying Advice

    Hi All: I've been leaning on the advice of people in the forums lately as I continue my search. Everyone's been a big help and I thank you all. I've got two ways I could go. Keep the daily driver I have and find a cheap 80 series to use for the adventure/camping rig. Or, private sale the DD...
  17. B

    Help ASAP! I may be buying an 05 LC but the Diff light is stuck on!

    I'm looking at a 2005 LC that i may be purchasing but the diff lock light is on.. I am not able to go and check out the vehicle before I purchase it so here I am asking all of you before i make this purchase. I am trying to figure out the scenarios and possible solutions for this diff lock...
  18. T

    98 LX470 Buying Advice

    Hey Mudders, For the past six months i've been looking for 2001-2007 Land Cruisers/LX470. I've been ignoring 98-00 models since they don't have traction control and child seat anchors. Fast forward to last night, found a local 98 LX470, 110k miles, 1 owner, no accidents, silver, no roof rack...
  19. N

    New to this... I'm buying my first LC.

    In about a week I'm buying either a 99 ( with some rust underneath) or a 2000. I'm not going to make this rig a super rock crawler or anything like that. I'm looking to make it quite off road capable, but its also going to be my daily driver. So I'm not trying to lift it real high or get...
  20. jatree

    What are the current thoughts on buying pre- or post-major work for used 80s

    In 2017, low mileage for FZJ80's is considered under 200,000 miles. It's more common to find them in the 215-230,000 mile range. What are the big things that start to come up around the 20-year, 200k mile mark? And with that in mind, would you rather buy one that has had the major work due...
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