1. DieselEd

    AHC Bracket to ARB Compressor Bracket Conversion

    I face so much creative and helpful content at this forum, so I thought I have to share my modifications on the AHC Reservoir Bracket to convert it to a ARB Compressor Bracket. Please keep in mind, that I deleted my AHC completely and wanted to use that spot for something usefull. Since I have...
  2. nitroid13

    P/S pump bracket gm to 74' fj40

    i made a p/s pump bracket for my 74 fj40. it has the orignal f engine with the early style air cleaner. i was able to replace the alternator bracket with a fj60 smog pump bracket and then build mine off of it.
  3. cwags12

    Wanted  Right Rear Shackle Spring Perch Bracket

    I need one for a frame for an '80 year. Does anyone have one that's in ok shape ? 48414-60020 or Toyota Spring Hanger and Perch
  4. FeralOne

    Wanted  1974 stock fuel filter mounting bracket

    I'm looking for the stock bracket that holds the lower fuel filter (between the tank and the fuel pump) to the chassis. My unit is a 1974 FJ40. Dave Dillon 619-929-1944
  5. E

    Wanted  Tool Bag Bracket for 1978+ FJ40s

    I am looking for the bracket that holds down the tool bag on later model year FJ40s (believe 1979+). It was located underneath the rear passenger side jump seat. If anyone has one for sale, please PM me. Thanks,
  6. E

    Wanted  Tool Bag Bracket for Later Year FJ40s

    I am looking for the bracket that holds down the tool bag on later model year FJ40s. It was located underneath the rear passenger side jump seat. If anyone has one for sale, PM me. Thanks,
  7. MDarius

    3rd row brackets, or "What's above your wheel well?"

    A lot of people are deleting the 3rd row, or even just one side of it. It's tempting to reuse Mr. T's sturdy seat bracket, but not always practical. Post up pictures of what you've put in this space and how you did it. What bracket did you use? Purchased or fabbed? How did you go about designing...
  8. A

    Wanted  WTB: 2F OEM Power Steering Pump and Bracket

    Keep missing these as they pop up for sale. If anyone has one lying around please let me know. Thanks!
  9. bparker

    Wanted  WTB Under Dash Speaker Bracket FJ40/45/55

    Looking for an under dash speaker housing/bracket. Im in Texas will pay a fair price + shipping Thanks!
  10. ATXLC1

    PASSENGERS SEAT BRACKET- 1978 40 Series. Rear 2 7/8 inch, tall type seat bracket

    Anyone got one of these who is willing to sell or trade for cool refreshments? Also can someone please take a photograph of the alignment of the passenger seat (behind seat) or with the upright part of the seat collapsed forward so you can see the brackets and seat rails. My passenger seat rails...
  11. Y

    For Sale  FJ40 FST windshield bracket

    Windshield bracket for a factory soft top FJ40. This is original and in great shape $125 plus shipping
  12. jvincig01

    For Sale  Early OEM Flasher and Bracket - Calif

    Pulled this off my '67 Fj40. Not sure what other years it fits. OEM part number 81980-20050 Asking $40 + the ride. PM me if interested. Thanks, Josh
  13. jvincig01

    For Sale  Power Steering Pump and Bracket - Calif.

    I literally know nothing about power steering pumps so please dont roast me on the price. It's literally a WAG. When I bought my F engine a few years back, the PO gave me a box of parts. He had this power steering pump mounted to his '69 F engine. I took it off the engine as my rig is mostly...
  14. IslandJ

    Where does this bracket go? Carb install

    Took me months to get back to putting the carb back in. Dont recall where this bracket goes? Any help is much appreciated.
  15. 89GASHOG

    fj62 fuel pump bracket interchangeability

    Anyone know if another Toyota bracket would work?
  16. 89GASHOG

    Wanted  fuel pump bracket Fj62

    I think Toyota part number is 23206a. It's the hard line piece that fuel pump attaches to. Used in serviceable condition is what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  17. CHCP

    Wanted  [ME] 4 Rear Body Mounting Bracket #1

    Wanted: Four Rear Body Mounting Brackets (#1) TEQ part number 51741-60010. New, NOS, Excellent to Very Good Used for summer restoration and installation of a Aqualu 3/4 aluminum tub this summer!
  18. F

    Wanted  Hardtop to windshield bracket for 1976 FJ40

    I am looking for the hardtop to windshield frame bracket for my 1976 FJ40. The PO had the top all apart and forgot to put this in the rig when I bought it. Now he is not interested in sending it to me so I need to find another one. Not exactly sure what years will fit an 1976 top.
  19. S

    Wanted  FJ60 2F Alternator Mounting Bracket & Adjuster (Wanted)

    I'm in search of the alternator mounting bracket that bolts to the motor on the passenger side (I think). I'm putting an FJ60 2F motor into my 66 FJ40. I'm also missing the adjuster arm/bracket and threaded bolt. If anyone has these let me know and how much your looking to get out of them...
  20. CenTXFJ60

    Wanted  12HT AC bracket (1 piece)

    I know this may be a stretch but needing the one bracket for the bottom outside edge of the compressor. It also connects to the alt bracket as well. The arrow is pointing to it in the attached pic. Not sure if this is compatible with the 2H or any other motors. Thanks, Jim
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