1. skhochay

    Wanted  FJ60 bracket

  2. skhochay


    I do not care from fj60 of fj62 , looking for the VCV bracket, see picture my email:
  3. N

    Wanted  100 Series Interior Parts

    I need the mounting bracket for the 2nd row seats. It's the part goes between the seat and body of the LC. If you have the bolts as well, even better. I'm also looking for tan front seats in at least decent condition. Possibly 2nd row seats if they're in good condition. Plus the interior parts...
  4. Adagio

    Screw/Bolt type for the Stereo Bracket

    I have a 99 LX470, and during the install of a new aftermarket stereo, I lost the screws or bolts that connect the factory mounting brackets to the dash or vehicle chasis. I called the local Lexus dealership and they gave me the part number 9015350010, but since they are out of stock I cannot...
  5. F

    For Sale  SoCal 100 series oem fan bracket in good shape

    Replaced my timing belt/water pump this weekend. Also replaced the fan bracket but the old one is dirty but still in excellent shape. Brand new I paid over $200 from Toyota. If anyone needs it, $50 picked up from Norwalk 90650.
  6. Modular 80 Hood Bracket

    Modular 80 Hood Bracket

  7. Hood Bracket for Navilock 9004U

    Hood Bracket for Navilock 9004U

  8. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  Fj80 Factory battery hold down bracket

    So Cal Used but in very good condition. All of the threads are in good condition. Price including shipping is $40. PayPal is accepted. I will be gone from September 16th to 23rd. This part to the sold only to the first person who pays for it. I will not hold it. Shipping will be immediately...
  9. J

    Smog pump bracket

    Does anyone know the size of the smog pump bracket spacer? See circled spacer in picture below. This is located between the water pump and bracket on my 5/1977 FJ40. Thanks! Jeff
  10. Not A CJ

    For Sale  1978 FJ40 - Lower SMOG Pump Bracket

    1978 FJ40 - Lower SMOG Pump Bracket $30 free shipping Cleaning up the garage and making room for the next project.
  11. Not A CJ

    SOLD  1978 FJ40 Manual Steering box bracket

    1978 FJ40 Manual Steering box bracket $30 shipping included in the US Bracket for a manual steering box off a 1978 FJ40. I replaced my setup with power steering and have no use for the bracket
  12. marketShark

    Wanted  WANTED: Windshield Knob Bracket FJ40 1968-84 will fit

    WANTED: Windshield Knob Bracket as shown in image. Mine has screw threads stripped. Any help is appreciated! 1971 40 series, I know many other years from 68-84 are interchangeable. If shipping, destination is 78727 Thanks!
  13. I

    For Sale  FZJ80 Alternator upgrade parts

    Reference:Upgrading stock alternator to 130/150 amp I sold my 94 FZJ80. The new buyer wanted it Stock so I ended up with any mods I had done including the alternator upgrade I had done. Asking $150 + shipping. You get the Photoman bracket, Sequoia Alternator, 175 Amp fuse, connector plug. I ran...
  14. ReelBigFisch

    For Sale  FJ60 Man A Fre MAF Power Steering Bracket

    Man A Fre Power Steering Pump Bracket 1 by ReelBigFisch posted Jul 28, 2017 at 2:23 AM Man A Fre Power Steering Pump Bracket 2 by ReelBigFisch posted Jul 28, 2017 at 2:23 AM Man A Fre Power Steering Pump Bracket 3 by ReelBigFisch posted Jul 28, 2017 at 2:23 AM $50 OBO and plan for a few extra...
  15. K

    Wanted  Windshield to Dash Bracket needed 68-84 FJ40

    I need the u-shaped bracket that is spot welded to the dash and has the knob bolt that goes through it to hold the windshield back. It's part number 16 in this pic: Page 172 Land Cruiser 40 & 45 Series Dash Parts Please let me know if you have one you'd part with and what you'd like for it...
  16. DieselEd

    AHC Bracket to ARB Compressor Bracket Conversion

    I face so much creative and helpful content at this forum, so I thought I have to share my modifications on the AHC Reservoir Bracket to convert it to a ARB Compressor Bracket. Please keep in mind, that I deleted my AHC completely and wanted to use that spot for something usefull. Since I have...
  17. nitroid13

    P/S pump bracket gm to 74' fj40

    i made a p/s pump bracket for my 74 fj40. it has the orignal f engine with the early style air cleaner. i was able to replace the alternator bracket with a fj60 smog pump bracket and then build mine off of it.
  18. cwags12

    Wanted  Right Rear Shackle Spring Perch Bracket

    I need one for a frame for an '80 year. Does anyone have one that's in ok shape ? 48414-60020 or Toyota Spring Hanger and Perch
  19. FeralOne

    Wanted  1974 stock fuel filter mounting bracket

    I'm looking for the stock bracket that holds the lower fuel filter (between the tank and the fuel pump) to the chassis. My unit is a 1974 FJ40. Dave Dillon 619-929-1944
  20. E

    Wanted  Tool Bag Bracket for 1978+ FJ40s

    I am looking for the bracket that holds down the tool bag on later model year FJ40s (believe 1979+). It was located underneath the rear passenger side jump seat. If anyone has one for sale, please PM me. Thanks,
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