1. J

    Wanted  Air Cleaner Bracket

    Looking for front OEM air cleaner bracket for my 1977 FJ40. See picture below. Thanks! Jeff
  2. Rimmeh

    Bracket Function

    Wrapping up a clutch replacement and wondering the purpose of a really stout triangular sheet metal bracket between the transmission and the exhaust pipe. The transmission side picks up the two large drivers side bolts attaching transmission to the block and the exhaust pipe end picks up a clamp...
  3. Luke111


    LX470 HID RETROFIT PROJECTOR BRACKETS ARE AVAILABLE HID MINI H1 BRACKET AND PROJECTOR INSTALL GUIDE In my quest to simplify the retrofit process in my LX470 I decided to have a bracket made...
  4. savirc

    Rear lower control arm bracket protection

    Good morning mudders, Went to Hidden Falls for some wheeling, I didn't wheel my rig but was a rider, when one of the hundys was climbing I got off to look at the weak points on the hundy when climbing. I noticed almost at every steep step it repeatedly took brunt hits to the rear upper control...
  5. Indygbd

    For Sale  Sold...Fj40 license plate bracket

    FJ40 license plate bracket. No rot. Surface rust areas. Area under light covers is solid. $50.00 Plus ride.
  6. J

    Wanted  Fj60 power steering bracket

    Need the bracket that bolts to the left side of the block and holds the pump
  7. 1

    Need Photos of the Tail Pipe Bracket & Cushion

    I’m trying to restore a 79 FJ40 and could use some photos of a correct tail pipe bracket & cushion (right rear corner after the muffler) and what the assembly should look like when installed on a cruiser. If what I read on the internet is correct I believe the 79, 80, 81 and perhaps 82 & 83...
  8. seventysixers

    For Sale  (Ut)fj bj 40 battery bracket and holder

    SOLD I have a battery bracket and holder from a bj42 that has been powder coated etc.text if interested all prices are plus shipping. Battery bracket 50$ Battery tray 50$
  9. Indygbd

    For Sale  Replica oem Power Steering Brackets

    I am getting ready to make some replica power steering pump brackets for the FJ40 Land Cruiser. They will be based off of the original bracket and looks very similar. I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in them. The bracket will be for the 1979 and newer FJ40's that mount to the...
  10. J

    FZJ80 Driver's seat bracket made by Planted

    Has anyone used this brand before? How is the fitment?
  11. gil12

    Fan bracket / clutch replacement - worth doing while radiator is out?

    I have my radiator out, and was wondering if it is much of a hassle to replace the fan bracket and fan clutch. Another option is let a mechanic do it when I have the timing belt serviced in a few months. But if it isn't too much trouble, I might do it myself and learn something and save a...
  12. ERNRAM

    Wanted  3B AC bracket and idler

    In search AC bracket and idler(pulley)/bracket assembly for a 3B future project. Please PM / post pictures. Thanks Ernie
  13. curtislow

    Wanted  jack bracket that mounts under fj40 drivers seat

    Looking for a jack holder bracket that mounts under drivers seat,also jack rod holders that mount under jumpseat.
  14. Chris FJ80

    Custom Mounting Bracket for Backup Camera on Slee Rear Bumper

    For a few years now I have had my backup camera mounted inside the CB antenna bracket on my Slee rear bumper. While it has been a secure location, I've had two major issues. First, the right side of the video frame has been dominated by the bumper catch handle (not a showstopper, but it takes...
  15. wngrog

    Wanted  Overflow Bottle Bracket

    I need the metal bracket that holds this type overflow bottle.
  16. KUJO85

    For Sale  Compressed air tank bracket (interior mount)

    $40 PayPal FF + shipping.
  17. P

    Nut size? - carb cooling fan ground wire to temp sensor bracket

    Can't seem to find this in any partslist online, so hoping someone knows the answer off-hand (before I start trial and error). Anyone know the size and type of nut that fits on the bolt where the carb cooling fan grounding wire is attached to the temp sensor bracket? '83 FJ60 if it matters...
  18. TNpig

    Wanted  FJ55 Minitruck PS gearbox mounting bracket

    I am doing a minitruck PS conversion on my pig and am looking for a bracket to mount the gearbox.
  19. MisipLC

    Bolt Sizes - A/C Compressor Bracket

    Anyone know the size, thread and length of 4 bolts that mount the compressor bracket to the side of ending, the one bolt that goes in the front, and bolts mounting compressor to bracket?
  20. Markuson

    Fire Extinguisher Mounted

    Thought I'd post another "Wheelchair Mod..." -This one for quick access to an extinguisher: If you have short & tall drivers...this might restrict how far forward you can slide your seat (though you can take the extinguisher off if you absolutely MUST slide it way forward. It uses the mounts...
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