SOLD '97 FZJ80 40th Collectors Edition, Lockers - Eau Clare, WI

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
United States
1997 Land Cruiser - 40th Anniversary Edition - Loaded - Third Row Seats

Purchased in 2013. Lot of mechanical work done over the years - I am attaching a list I created from the invoices saved. Original front bumper available.

Pics limited on site. More pics available.

152,707 miles

Rocker panels have rust - needs repair or replacement. It is a common rust spot, I believe. Rust spot lower rear window.

Love this vehicle. Family loves this vehicle. Not a lot of off road, and what there was, occurred on woods and field roads. This was my fall "hunt truck". Had all my gear in there and could head out when I had time.

$14,000. Sold As Is.

Cruiser Left Side.jpeg
Cruiser Front.jpeg
Cruiser Rear.jpeg
Cruiser Dash.jpeg
Nice! For your info as a seller, yours is a Collector’s Edition which differs in cosmetics from the 40th Anniversary trucks.
Could you post some undercarriage shots and more detailed shots of the rust? Happy to send you a pm with my email if that's easier to correspond

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