1. Bleizbreizh

    HZJ75 seats into a BJ73- will they fit?

    I need a new drivers seat for my old BJ73. It has been repaired a few times and back support is pretty poor and the thing is quite uncomfortable. The roadworthiness test failed it and I don't think they will accept aftermarket seats. The only seats local to me are from an HJZ75 in good...
  2. 350HJ75

    can i get oil pressure from here? BJ73 3B

    I have been looking at 3B threads regarding where to tap oil pressure/oil feed from for a turbo. at the moment all i want is a second oil pressure gauge and future oil feed. a lot of threads are for 40 series where access is available to the factory blanked plugs forward of the stock oil...
  3. HDJ73

    1HD-FTE IN A BJ73

    Hi first time poster here! I'm Brendan from the Gold Coast Queensland Australia. I've owned a 1989 BJ73 with the series 2 3b engine and aftermarket turbo since 2001 and last year decided to put the mighty 1HD-FTE into it. It was I must say the easiest conversion ever. Its been going great...
  4. sevewone

    Wanted  LHD bj70 / bj73 in canada-west

    Hey, Looking to get reunited with a bj70/73. NO rhd's. Even if its a rusty canadian spec one I would be interested. hopefully somewhere in western Canada/usa. Budget is around 10,000. Thanks
  5. Bleizbreizh

    FRP top question

    I have just discovered that the FRP top on my BJ73 is missing nearly all the bolts that secure the rear of it to the sides of the vehicle. I think there are 4 per side and there is only one on the right and none on the left! My question is: should there be a rubber strip between the FRP top...
  6. 350HJ75

    BJ73 AC compressor wire

    I Purchased by BJ73 with no AC compressor, sourced one today and installed it but was a bit baffled because there was no where to plug it in... the single wire to the clutch to activate it. Looking at the wiring diagram below this is what i am looking for, i think. I believe i have the VSV...
  7. JTarnow

    BJ73 timing mark

    I've searched like crazy and not found anything useful. The timing mark on the crank pulley... The engine manual (RM132E) only talks about one mark on the pulley. There are three on mine. Two about 1cm apart, and another maybe 5cm away. Which of these is TDC? Thanks for the help all. I'm...
  8. david lacle

    Bj73 want to upgrade the steering system any tips?

    Im having problem with the steering box with a lot of play got a 33 inch tire
  9. 350HJ75

    BJ73 leaking diesel

    Can anyone tell me why diesel leaks from my filler cap after it has been filled right up? With a full tank and normal driving around it always seems to have some leaking for about 100km or so. Would it splashing around in the tank be enough to come back out of the filler?
  10. justdifferentials


    Nitro Gear BJ73 BJ74 Turbo Diesel Land Cruiser - Coilovers, 37's, beadlocks, custom axles, roll cage, and more, LHD
  11. peterb

    For Sale  Custom Roof Rack for MWB 70 Series, OR, USA

    Custom aluminum roof rack for a mid-wheel base 70 series. The previous owner of this truck built it for a roof top tent. It could have other uses. Weight is distributed over the rear and side rain gutters. It is located south of Portland, Oregon in Newberg. Please PM or email (peblaw at...
  12. Cob

    Bj73 engine conversion from hzj80r

    Hi, I'm transplanting a 1hz with h150 gearbox out of a 1996 hzj80r into a bj73 and I'm wondering what is the best solution with wiring up the engine and gearbox. Would it be best to grab a engine and gearbox loom from a hzj79 and the instrument cluster from the hzj79 as well. I have the gearbox...
  13. E

    Wanted  FRP top BJ73

    Looking for a line on a fair to good condition, whole, FRP top for my MWB 70 series truck.

    For Sale  1990 BJ75 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Model: BJ75 Engine: 3B Mileage: 156,220 VIN: JT1V0BJ7509003835 $23,500 0B0 This is a great example of a Toyota Troopy. You will be hard pressed to find one in this good of shape at an affordable price. This vehicle was purchased in Italy, where it was taken care of by a true Toyota 4x4...
  15. Cob

    BJ73 radiator part number

    Hi, I am looking to replace the radiator on my BJ73 with 3b motor and can't seem to get right part number or find the right radiator the one I always find has the inlet and outlet on the wrong side they both need to be on the left and no radiator cap either.
  16. Cob

    BJ73 import 13bt conversion

    Hi, I'm about to do a 13bt import conversion to my 1990 bj73 and I was wondering if any one had done this conversion on a RHD bj73 that could give me some guidance like do's and don'ts parts ill need to order really any info from experience would be great. Cheers, Cob
  17. LSDbrand

    Wanted  FJ70 rear Full Float Axle with or without lockers

    Hello, im loking for a Toyota FF rear axle for my Toyota FJ73, I currently have the Semi float and want the full for a Locker conversion. thank you!
  18. J

    Bj73 wont start/crank

    Hey guys long time lurker, first time poster! Searched the forums but no avail, hoping this is in the right section! I recently installed a new alternator in my 3b Land Cruiser after it sat for a couple of months, jump started her and moved to the driveway, turned it off and thought to myself...
  19. K

    Builds  1987 BJ73 Restore Build

    Greetings all. I've been reading along with the forum for years now and finally decided I have something post. I have a small restoration shop that primarily focus on restoring the Land Rover 90/110 series Defender, however, I have loved the Land Cruiser since I purchased my first vehicle, a...
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