1. Jiffy

    For Sale 1989 BJ73 LHD

    Hi I am posting this for a friend, it is in NS, Canada, he is asking $8000, and can be contacted through kijiji if needed.
  2. AC BJ73

    BJ73 3b to 1HZ conversion

    Im getting conflicting info from different sources if this conversion would help me get up hills without slowing down. Currently with a 3B and thinking to make the upgrade. Some say definitely, some say not so much. Wondering if the extra cost will be worth it. Thoughts? The 3B has a blown out...
  3. Bleizbreizh

    5 speed into a Troopy questions

    I have been reading up on fitting a five speed gearbox into the BJ45 Troopy for a while but think I have confused myself. It seems to be straight forward in the late vehicles, 1984 or so but the earlier ones I have seen from around 1982 still have the gearbox parking brake and I recall reading...
  4. JoostJacobs

    BJ73 Pinion bearing

    Hi guys, Does anybody can tell me the Size of the inner and outer pinion bearing and oil seal of a bj73 fullfloater rear diff? Thnx a lot for your help! Grz from holland
  5. Captain Sanuk

    For Sale 1989 LJ73 Turbo Diesel - Northern California

    DEPOSIT RECEIVED, PENDING SALE...1989 LJ73 with removable top and fold-down windshield. This truck has some rust and needs a little work but is a serious head-turner. The LJ73 has the 2LT turbo charged diesel, 5 speed transmission and the front coil springs. Regular left-hand drive, power...
  6. Bleizbreizh

    Lucky LandCruiser, fire passes by my BJ73

    A week ago a wildfire swept through my land in Portugal causing a lot of damage. Miraculously the 'Cruiser survived much to the surprise of everyone. My caravan wasn't so lucky
  7. J

    For Sale 1992 Diesel Toyota Land Cruiser LJ71, 2 Door Prado, Diff Lock

    1992 Diesel Toyota Land Cruiser LX5 LJ71, 2 Door SWB, Low Miles! 4wd with Diff Lock JDM No Rust, body in very good original condition, see photos! Right Hand Drive RHD, Rare 2 door, LJ71 Prado model Body, interior, and under the hood all in good condition, solid frame, no rust, 22 mpg Toyota...
  8. B

    Builds LS1 5.7L BJ73 6 MONTH BUILD

    Hello Guys, new to the forum and thought would be a great place to get some feed back and ideas about the build. CURRENT VEHICLE: 1985 BJ73 LANDCRUISER CURRENT MODS: LS1 5.7L ENGINE CONVERSION CONVERSION DONE USING MARKS 4WD ADAPTORS 2" BODY LIFT 2" SUSPENSION LIFT 33" MUD TIRES ARB BUILT IN...
  9. amaurer

    For Sale 1985 BJ73 RHD Colorado

    This truck is practically a 'mud celebrity at this point... for sale is our beloved BJ73, "Moose." Asking $10,000. I bought Moose from Ratpuke back before I had a wife, a house, or a child... now that I have all three my transportation priorities have changed and he needs to move on...
  10. chrisspaulding

    For Sale Parting out 1988 LHD BJ73

    Parting out a 1988 BJ73. 3B motor and H55F transmission with 352,100KMS (218,784 miles). Rear doors had tops cut off by previous owner.
  11. J

    Wanted Soft top and frame for BJ73

    Looking for a complete soft top for a BJ73. Thanks, Jeff
  12. K

    Wanted Bj73 factory Air Intake Cleaner Box

    Hi.. I'm looking for the Air Intake Box (like the one in the pictures) and 2 Attachment hoses for a bj73 w/3b Airbox from a Bj70/71 or 74 would work as well Any Leads would be Great! Please contact me @ Or call/text 818.355.1569 Thank You Carlos Located in SoCal 91710
  13. tstepp920

    craigslist 1988 BJ73

    Not mine rare 1988 BJ73 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER
  14. P

    BJ73 clutch booster - removing.

    Has anyone deleted the clutch booster from a BJ73? If so, what master cylinder works? Reasons why I want to do this: -Turbo clearance. -The booster is stuffed and NLA; currently just acting as a long connecting rod between my pedal and master cyl.
  15. Bleizbreizh

    HZJ75 seats into a BJ73- will they fit?

    I need a new drivers seat for my old BJ73. It has been repaired a few times and back support is pretty poor and the thing is quite uncomfortable. The roadworthiness test failed it and I don't think they will accept aftermarket seats. The only seats local to me are from an HJZ75 in good...
  16. 350HJ75

    can i get oil pressure from here? BJ73 3B

    I have been looking at 3B threads regarding where to tap oil pressure/oil feed from for a turbo. at the moment all i want is a second oil pressure gauge and future oil feed. a lot of threads are for 40 series where access is available to the factory blanked plugs forward of the stock oil...
  17. HDJ73

    1HD-FTE IN A BJ73

    Hi first time poster here! I'm Brendan from the Gold Coast Queensland Australia. I've owned a 1989 BJ73 with the series 2 3b engine and aftermarket turbo since 2001 and last year decided to put the mighty 1HD-FTE into it. It was I must say the easiest conversion ever. Its been going great...
  18. sevewone

    Wanted LHD bj70 / bj73 in canada-west

    Hey, Looking to get reunited with a bj70/73. NO rhd's. Even if its a rusty canadian spec one I would be interested. hopefully somewhere in western Canada/usa. Budget is around 10,000. Thanks
  19. Bleizbreizh

    FRP top question

    I have just discovered that the FRP top on my BJ73 is missing nearly all the bolts that secure the rear of it to the sides of the vehicle. I think there are 4 per side and there is only one on the right and none on the left! My question is: should there be a rubber strip between the FRP top...
  20. 350HJ75

    BJ73 AC compressor wire

    I Purchased by BJ73 with no AC compressor, sourced one today and installed it but was a bit baffled because there was no where to plug it in... the single wire to the clutch to activate it. Looking at the wiring diagram below this is what i am looking for, i think. I believe i have the VSV...
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