1. LCReunion

    Best non-winter-only tire for my LC in Utah

    So I bought my LC while living in Arkansas. Had Michelin LTX M/S2's on it. Picked up an extra set of wheels and put some Falken WildPeak MT's on them for the muddy/Rocky terrain in Arkansas. Now I'm in SLC area...have to think of winter tires. I know those Michelins will be ok in the snow, and...
  2. vegas

    Best place to restore an '81 BJ42?

    Hi everybody, I live in Vegas and just bought a 1981 BJ42. It's a truck that was manufactured for the Canadian market and I'll be importing and shipping it back to Vegas in a few weeks. I'm looking to restore it and was looking for advice on the best place to have it restored. I'm not...
  3. vegas

    bj40 best option for forward facing rear seat

    I'm looking at my options for removing the side facing rear seats and installing a forward facing rear seat. What are the best options available? I've got small-ish children that want I want to take on my adventures and I'd like a safer/more comfortable seating option for them. Thanks, Vegas
  4. weejub

    Best of 12V DC Stuff

    This is an ongoing list of some of the best 12V DC items we can find. Comments behind linked items are ours (not mine). Fridges: ARB from FAT: arb fridge and freezer | Work directly with Phil and Adam on these at Fred Anderson for your best deal Engel on Amazon Portable...

    Best places to go mudding and off-roading in Ga.

    I went on my first ever time off-roading today ever, and my first time off roading in my new Fj cruiser. I live in Canton ga. Today we went to a place called Pine log in white ga. It was a totally awesome experience and I'd love any suggestions on great places to take my cruiser on some new...
  6. H

    Best tires for a 93 FJ 80

    I've searched on this site for tire evaluations but the search option just brings up unrelated crap. I love my Michelin 275-70-16 but no longer available. We use this car in rain and highway snow and off road minor trips but not serious mudding. I most want traction in rain. The only problem...
  7. M

    Best Cable Route for Dual Battery

    I am planning my install for a new auxiliary battery on the RH side. What is the best route to install the cables to connect the batteries? Around the front of the radiator? Or around the back firewall but this will add an extra few feet of cabling? How do you remove the black plastic clips...
  8. COLandCrusher

    For Sale  (see Pix) Factory Tundra Rims - Great condition. Best Offer!

    (see Pix) Factory Tundra Rims - Great condition. Best Offer! When I first purchased my '08 LC200 it had these factory Tundra rims on it. I opted to do the XD black rims, and have no use for keeping these OEM Tundra rims. Best offer, I'm south of Denver. They are in really good shape. See...
  9. Thor Svendsen

    Best option for diesel engine upgrade 1980 BJ44

    I live in Myanmar and drive a 1980 BJ44. Some of the places I go are quite challenging with real bad or no roads, driving on shallow river beds and pretty steep climbs. I sometimes feel that I could do with more engine power. My car is a 1980 BJ44 with original 1B diesel engine. I have upgraded...
  10. S

    What is the best way to check control arm bushing health?

    I just picked up a 2000 lx with 160k miles on it and am loving it. Going in i had planned on a mountain of PM work all up front so i dont have to think about it again for a while since im likely only putting 5k per year max on this vehicle. So one of the things on the list is a suspension...
  11. S

    Best Country to find and Import FJ40 from?

    I'm a long time Yota guy. Lots of pickups and early 4Runners over the years. I'm nearing 50 and finally looking for a clean FJ40 for a restoration project. Must run and drive along the way - I am looking for something without major rust issues requiring repairs. I am also embarking on a 10...
  12. 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine

    Best location for louvers in hood for heat egress (w/pics)

    I've kind of got a bee in the bonnet--no pun intended--about adding louvers to the Ugly Duckling 1970 FJ40 we are building for heat egress. Might get louvers punched locally, but more likely will add louver panels. Something like the attached photo--just not so huge! Maybe two panels of 7 or 11...
  13. rustybucket

    List the best priced body shop or shops in your state

    Want to see which shop offers the best rates. I live south of Seattle...not a region of the country for low cost of living or low priced body shops. Go...
  14. S

    Best source for buying a new OEM front bumper?

    Price wise, what is the best place to buy a new OEM front bumper for an 80?
  15. Randy88FJ62

    Galvanic Corrosion on battery posts. Best preventative?

    Installed a second marine battery in my cruiser and did all the battery cables myself with a hydraulic crimper. The terminal for the 1/0 AWG winch cable is copper and the 2 AWG wires for the dual battery system are tin plated copper. I am already noticing small amounts of white oxide due to...
  16. S

    Best quality starter that lasts for 1991 HDJ81

    my family bought a 1991 Toyota's land cruiser hdj81 4.2 TD ( right-hand drive) and after a month or two the starter quit and we bought a new one on for about 400 dollars CAD. 6-8 months later its in our garage clicking and not cranking and we found ou the starter went bad and we need a...
  17. graham5david

    Best place to purchase a new alternator

    my alternator on my 69 fj40 died. I have been looking online for a replacement but everything I find is $250. I found some on amazon for half that price but I am not 100% positive that they are correct. Anyways, I figured somebody on here could point me in the right direction of a good replacement.
  18. D

    From OME 2.5" to OEM + Spacers - best solution for DD?

    I purchased a 03 LX 470 a couple months back to be my DD. One of the items pointed out when I had my mechanic take a look at it was the leaking shocks and likely issues with the AHC system, so I went into knowing I would need to do something about the suspension/shocks/tires. In light of...
  19. Rustic76

    For Sale  Bestop half doors, best price I've seen

    While searching the web for a set of half doors for my 45, I found this deal. $184 for the pair. Basically $100 cheaper that anywhere else. Ordered a set and after about a week I got the notification that they shipped and are on the way. Just wanted to pass the deal on to my fellow FJ45...
  20. LittleRedWgon

    Best Tie Rod End --Kits

    Hey Gang, Just looking for a few suggestions on were the best tie rod end kits are?? SOR? Man-a-Fre? Cruiser Corps?? any suggestions would be sweet! Thanks
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