1. InTheFace

    For Sale  Twin Falls, ID Rear Seat

    Very nice rear seat. Brown out of an ‘84 FJ60. Free to a good home. Not willing to ship. Extra front seat covers in various states of wear come with it.
  2. Bulimba

    SOLD  70 Series Back Bench Seat

    Hi, have this extra back bench for 70 series. 200$ + Shipping from 33143
  3. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - FJ40/Troopy Forward Facing Rear Bench Seat and Mount Frame - Toyota 70 Series

    (Now Sold) MN - FJ40/Troopy Forward Facing Rear Bench Seat and Mount Frame - Toyota 70 Series Seat and frame are sold. Toyota 70 Series Bench Seat (very similar to the 60 Series bench) with heavy duty frame to mount to the tub (drill just four tub holes for your grade 8 hardware as the two...
  4. C

    For Sale  67/68 fj40 front bench seat

    up for sale are the front two piece bench seat out of a 67 or 68 fj40. They seats are in pretty good shape with exception of a couple tears/holes. I'm asking $600 obo. Also up for trades, let me know what u have. Welders, car parts, dirt bike, motorcycle, guns, misc stuff. Pm for more info. I...
  5. DTFJ45

    For Sale  Fj55 Rear Bench Seat

    fj55 rear bench seat for sale. From a 1975. See photos. Ideally this would be for pickup only.
  6. Krow

    For Sale  FJ55 rear bench seat

    I'm picking up some different seats and have no use for this bench anymore. It's in pretty decent shape overall, a little dirty but no tears or rips anywhere. I'm located in SoCal and am looking for local pickup only. I'm asking $250 or possible trade for other misc pig parts! -Tyler
  7. Krow

    Wanted  Factory Bench seat(s)

    Hey guys I'm on the hunt for a pair of pig bench seats. Preferably in decent condition, but I'll see what's out there. I'm located in SoCal! Thanks
  8. mrjordann

    When did the FJ40 trucks switch to bucket seats instead of bench seats?

    Hello! I am new to the forum, I hope I am posting in the right place. So I am looking at a 1973 FJ40 to buy. It has bucket seats, but I want to put bench seats in it. When did they switch to bucket seats style? Would they be original in a 1973 truck, or can I replace them with bench seats? (I...
  9. NYIronPig

    For Sale  60/40 Front Split Bench Seats FJ40

    I am selling a very nice set of 1972 FJ40 60/40 Front Split Bench Seats in great condition. This has the folding split passenger seat. They are truly gorgeous and is a must-have for the person doing a resto. No rust, upholstery in great shape (except for a small rip on the drive seat covered...
  10. skydog 71

    Wanted  fj40 seats

    the previous owner of my 71 fj40 replaced the front split bench with TJ seats on homemade (badly) brackets. looking for split bench with brackets or if not available low back buckets with brackets. I can pickup if reasonably close or would ask for them to be shipped to Amherst, VA 24521...
  11. joesfj40

    For Sale  FJ40 Long Jump Seats Pair

    Just like title says long jump seats pair for sale. 1973 FJ40 Asking 250 Seen a lot worse go for a lot more. Google link -Joe
  12. E

    For Sale  AZ: FJ60/62 third row bench seats (brown)

    As pictured below, $200. Local pickup in Phoenix, AZ.
  13. G-Cat

    For Sale  or trade: FJ-40 Rear Bench for OE Jump Seats FJ-40

    Years ago, when my kids were in car seats, I ditched the short jump seats in my 1977 FJ-40 for a Little Passenger front-facing bench seat. This seat is made as a 3rd row for various 2-row SUVs. It sits between the wheel wells on my 77 and bolts to the floor, through the floor supports. It...
  14. 1Fine40

    Any Pix of CCOT rear bench seat mounts??

    Working on a rear seat mount for the bestop bench unit...wondering if anyone has a pic of the CCOT mount that they sell with their version of this seat?? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I hear... Cheers!
  15. Swintell

    Bench seat in 74

    I found this bench seat in the back of my cruiser when I hauled It home today. I know it goes on the side but my question is can it have the roll bar with the bench seat
  16. theowiski

    Wanted  1977 fj40 rear bench seat

    looking for bench seat for my kids.
  17. fordyota

    SOLD  Fj40 rear jump seats (long)

    Need to clear the way for a "kid appropriate" rear bench seat...says Mom. These are recently recovered, rust free from my '70 fj40. Would repaint if you are going for absolutely classic restoration. Otherwise these are bolt in ready. Will provide 2 TEQ oem lapbelts in working condition. PREFER...
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