1. WoodyCreature

    ARB Awning on Factory Roof Rack/Bars (100 and 200 Series)

    Posting this in both 100 and 200 forums as this is a solution that works with both rigs. ARB 2500 Awning. Yakima Mighty Mounts.
  2. yonah

    TJM Polished Alloy Nudge Bar - any experience?

    I've got a set of IPF 930 driving lights that want to mount on my '11. I don't want to deal with added weight of a full bullbar at this point, so after surveying the market for simple driving lamp provisions it looks like a nudge bar is my best bet. I really like the look of the TJM Polished...
  3. sammybones

    Suggestions for load bars

    I'm going to replace my factory roof rack. I don't need a rack or basket just load bars for my canoe. So far all I can find are the ones from Rhino Rack. Ideally I'd like them to sit up a little higher than the Rhino Rack load bars do. Any suggestion would be most appreciated.:)
  4. BRob2756

    For Sale  Weathertech Mats, hitch, Yakima bars, and more

    Selling a full set of Weather tech mats (front, rear, and cargo) for a 100 series - grey. Bought in Dec of 16, pulled in April of 17. $275 Tow hitch for a 100 series - bolts to frame. $50 Yakima bars (older) and gutter mounts - $50. These have been used but are functional After market head...
  5. CruiserCoLittleRock

    Torsion Bars finally arrived, so if anyone wants to piggy back some ARB stuff.

    Let me know. I got Mark and Josh's torsion bars ready to ship out with a roof rack and a suspension system so if you want something from ARB let me know in this thread by tomorrow or miss out on saving big bucks on shipping and my discount
  6. harrydunn

    Wanted  FZJ80 Factory Roof Rack Cross Bars

    Need two OEM crossbars to fit my '93 LC. Doing some tinkering and need a couple extra. Thanks.
  7. Indygbd

    Wanted  Oem Fst Bars. Ton of new oem parts to trade or Cash

    I am searching for a set of oem fst bars from my 1972 frame off project. I will purchase them out right with cash, or trade some clean parts for it. I have early bug catcher windows, early fj40 complete clean doors, 1979-83 rust free Ca. ambulance doors, 1975-83 rust free Ca. front doors, and...
  8. emaxabundance

    Wanted  82 FJ60 front and rear sway bars and brackets

    I am looking for front and rear sway bars for my 1982 FJ60 including the mounting brackets to attach to the frame.
  9. torqueluvr

    For Sale  FJ80 axles, driveshafts, sway bars etc- Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Here's what I have left from an FJ80 I am parting out. Pics coming soon. Specs: 1992 FJ80, no locker, light brown exterior, 250km, SF rear axle. Still for sale: Front axle, no locker, hub to hub with fully loaded disc brakes. $450 Rear axle, no locker, drum to drum. $450 Front and rear...
  10. sdwtchlvr

    Wanted  LC Torsion Bars (SoCal)

    Looking for a set of LC torsion bars or comparable aftermarket set that will fit my 01 LX. Prefer SoCal for local pick up but willing to pay for shipping if price is right. Thanks
  11. DirtDawg

    Wanted  100 Series Torsion Bars

    Looking for a cheap set of used torsion bars. LMK what you have.
  12. drowssap

    Question about light bars on trailers

    Hoping someone could answer this for me....I have a 14' enclosed trailer and I would love to install at least a 12" led light bar on the back. I already have a small light with switch and I am assuming it's just a 12 volt connection. Can I just remove the old incandescent light and install the...
  13. D

    Wanted  OEM Torsion Bars (100 Series) - Located in CO

    If you have any laying around from your OME upgrade, please let me know! Thanks, David
  14. 5

    Wanted  DELETE TREAD I found all the 55 jack bars !!!!, Thanks guys 1972 FJ55 jack handels and bars ?

    looking for all the jack hardware handles and the big bar for cranking over the engine PM me ? Thanks I do have the Jack ! Update only looking for the jack crank bar , I found all the others
  15. landcruiserjunky

    For Sale  FJ60 + FJ80 Passenger "Oh sh!t" Bars

    I have two grab bars: 1) Brown FJ60 bar, complete with mounting gaskets/pads and screws. $100 2)Grey FJ80 (early years, pre95), complete with washers. $70
  16. F

    For Sale  Misc AHC parts

    I swapped out the AHC suspension on my LX for an OME setup. I have the coils, torsion bars and AHC reservoir. $200 obo - make an offer for local pick up in the Richmond VA area. Thanks
  17. Pahizzl

    Wanted  100 Series Front Torsion Bars

    Looking for torsion bars from a 100 series Land Cruiser. Please PM me if you have a set. Located in 20653. Thanks.
  18. cc93cruiser

    advice/input on aftermarket Torsion bars w/stock suspension components

    Ok, I searched........Still not sure what route I wanna go... I really don't care for a lift on my 1999 100 series. But I am starting to think that after some weight added to the front, I need stiffer springs and don't want to mess with cranking the oem bars.. I have a arb front bumper and I...
  19. chilli

    Need help torsion bars attachment

    Hi, Today I´ve notice that were to mount the torsion bar on the axle not are 90degre. Im doing a RHD/LHD conversion and I have to fabricate a new attachment on the other side but I want to make sure that I´m doing it right. Does anyone know ?
  20. viol8r44

    I am new to 80's looking for nerf bars

    I have searched High and low online and cant seem to find any cheap nerf bars/steps. Now I have realized that the consensus here is to get sliders. I like the sliders but they are a bit pricey right now. I just purchased my 1996 LC and I have a lot of work to do on it, but in the mean time I...
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